The Queen's Journey: a VIP Experience  


This is for a select few who are all in, want premium level life support and are ready to gain the ultimate result: to be fully expressed and embodied in your sacred feminine!

Get ready to completely transform your life into a whole new level of existence with an all-encompassing program dedicated to cultivating, strengthening and embodying the Queen archetype in you!  Through this program, you will reach your highest potential of authentic expression and abundance. It's designed to halt any procrastination, eliminate fear and open up a new way of thinking and living that is phenomenally luxurious. True freedom comes when we are fully integrated in our masculine and feminine energies through this archetype.

This package will involve strategic mentorship, coaching, luxury group retreat, pampering services and dedicated attention + accountability to elevate all areas of your life, starting with yourself.

My "Better Than a Best Friend" approach and Energy Alignment System will make you feel like the Queen you truly are. I guarantee you will take a grand leap into that luxurious life you crave! Utilizing the same structure as the Metamorphosis program, but with in-person support where ALL the magic happens. You can expect a total makeover of your head, heart & home (literally!)

This level of service has a special place in my heart

This program stems from my own experience as a VIP client. I was initiated as a Queen and studied archetypes, priestesses and goddesses for two years. It was beyond anything I could have expected, and I'm ready to bring this wisdom to you. When I started my own journey back in 2008, my dream was honestly to have it all, live in luxury and love every area of my life. Hey, I'm a capricorn, we aim high ;)

At the time, I was miserable, completely broke, on the verge of divorce, submersed in unfulfilling and toxic relationships and living in a home that I hated. To top it off, I almost died in a car accident as I was flipped upside down. This made me crave a huge, unidentifiable and desperate leap into a life that deep down I knew existed. I became committed to personal development and authentic abundance, which meant a complete overhaul on my life. I moved into a new apartment, went to counseling, hired a life coach, began learning Feng Shui and started my own business. This experience along with my many years of intensive personal development work, 5 years as a Professional Organizer, Life Coach + Feng Shui certification and 4 high end transformative live retreats, allows me to guide others through that level of pain into the highest level of joy. I share this to connect to your own journey, to show you know that I can relate and to confidently tell you how capable I am to lead you to your destiny as a woman. I believe that this is sacred and priceless work. The energy exchange shared here will automatically up level your life, as I myself have experienced in my own life. We are showing up for each other in a profound and exciting way that increases the flow of the universe - and I want you to know that I commit to you 100%. I will show up and expertly guide you the way you need to be led in a way that feels right for you. 

What You Get

  • Thirteen 90 minute 1:1 Sessions over the course of 7 months
  • Unlimited virtual support through email, text, video, how-to's, action plans, resources, referrals & surprises.
  • Consistent practical resources + referrals that help you achieve and implement your dreams, desires + goals.
  • One half-day VIP Intensive with me focused on creating momentum where you need it most in 4 power packed hours (with Organizing, Feng Shui, Design or Coaching) (travel/accommodations not included)
  • ***All-Access pass to the all-inclusive 3-day Private Luxury Retreat weekend with me.
  • Special surprise gifts throughout the entire program!
    • "How to Make Your Space Sparkle with your Personality" mini guidebook 
    • "7 Blocks to Being Organized" mini-ebook
    • Feng Shui Cheat Sheet with the Ba'Gua Map 
    • Blessing Bundle 
    • Abundance & Alchemy: A Soulful Guide to Manifesting Money NOW with Your Feminine Power 
    • Elemental Alchemy Playshop: The embodiment of Feng Shui (audio recording) 

Past Client Experience

“When I said yes to this retreat, I was at place of feeling a bit like an imposter, “Is it really me that gets to do this?” I thought it was for other people . NOW, I am feeling completely settled in and {feel like} “yes! this IS for me! and of course I can do this and experience and deserve a weekend with Michelle in a luxurious place!”

I feel alive, I feel excited, I feel exuberant and ecstatic that I said yes to this weekend. I see myself differently. I’m stepping into the power that I’ve always had, that I didn’t know I had, that Michelle helped me to discover. I’m playing with possibility and stepping into abundance. 

As I describe my experience with Michelle, I find myself with a bit of a loss for words. It is something I’ve never really experienced, to have a weekend just for me, being really pampered and cared for and not needing to think about the details has been exceptionally freeing for me. I have very quickly stepped into being pampered and I love the playfulness that we had together… shopping going for lunch, having beautiful meals together, swimming, just really enjoying every minute. I love the balance between rest and relaxation and also stimulation and rejuvenation. I’ve counted on Michelle to hold the container and really go deep, and I haven’t been disappointed. Michelle has created ceremony ritual, self care, and also invitation to share while on her journey as well from her vulnerability and her power. Its been almost beyond words, I’m not sure even how to describe it, and all I know is I want MORE!
-Marjorie, Canada”

How we will connect & make magic together

  • We will meet twice a month for 90 minutes each over the course of 7 months using my signature Energy Alignment System to create clarity, solutions and momentum for you. This will give you the spaciousness to unfold, process and strategize your new life consciously and potently with me by your side the entire time.
  • As we move through sessions, you'll be held in a strong container of support through unlimited communication, consistent resources that pertain to your path, surprise gifts and tactical action guides with expert + ancient wisdom. 
  • During the 7 months of our journey, we will schedule our VIP day experience where you will get 4 hours of power packed, concentrated support where you need it most in the areas of organizing + energizing your space, Instilling Feng Shui, mastering your schedule and relationship to time or designing your life with your new feminine approach.
  • You have FULL access to my annual all-inclusive luxury group retreat immersion weekend for the purpose of completely integrating and embodying the Queen. I will show you what's possible from this space, how to navigate your newfound energy + wisdom and shower you with love while you are pampered from all angles at the location of your choice. There is nothing like in-person retreats. The ONLY way to become a Queen is through retreat immersion. Expect gourmet meals, spa services, sacred circle, rituals, local excursions, embodiment exercises and complete rejuvenation that will leave you vibing at your highest & manifesting like magic! This is the icing on the cake and an integral part of my work. It's is an honor to deeply witness you through this process. It brings me as much joys as it will bring you. This is how you start embodying your Electric Feminine by seeing how it feels to be held, supremely supported, free, luxurious, powerful, connected and balanced. Expect some quantum style leaping after this experience. 

What I Need From You

  • Commitment to the max.  No excuses and no refunds means it's time to step up your game and invest in yourself like you never have before. This leap will yield unimaginable rewards!
  • Keep your heart + mind open. New perspectives, techniques and strategies will likely get you out of your comfort zone. You are safe + respected and never have to do anything you truly do not want to do.
  • Trust that I have your back. Trust the system. Trust the timing. Plus, every tool I suggest has a major track record of success. 
  • Be willing to be guided and ask for the support you need.

This is my Premium Program for those that are the best fit to work with me, are all in and want the highest level support. 

I invite you right now in this moment to close your eyes and check in with yourself. If your body is feeling ANY type of a resonance, a fluttery feeling, an expansive yet nauseous feeling or a scary/uncomfy feeling that you know you deserve this, say yes now by clicking the button below to schedule our Inspiration Session. DO NOT worry about the how or the money. I will absolutely work with you and payment plans are available. If this is your destiny, your body will tell you and you deserve this! I encourage you to listen to her, for what's on the other side of this feeling is immense joy and incredible prosperity. I have taken this leap myself and I know what's next for you. 

Ready to get started? We need to chat first to see if we're a good fit for each other. I call it an Inspiration Session. Click the button to schedule a time for us to connect. You can also email me at or call/text 650-557-3011.


Sessions are typically through phone, Skype or Zoom. In-person sessions are available for women interested in coming to San Mateo, CA.