I’m honored to invite you to The Power of the Feminine Luxury Retreat.  Here's a little video love note from me to you:



Come with us on a very unique and invigorating experience into Sonoma, California 


This will be a weekend of all-inclusive pampering for the mind, body and spirit. You will be treated and taken care of like a Queen! Expect massages, wine, movement, rituals and sacred sisterhood -  all focusing on feminine power principles.

You will be pampered with delicious food, frolic through nature, feeling the joyful magic of spring in California Wine Country.

Most importantly, you will get to experience pure luxurygenuine connection and empowering education.


This even has shifted and we are no longer staying at the Renaissance Resort, but will be moving over to a luxury private villa instead! (Way better and more intimate)

This will allow for a significant price decrease so we can make it affordable and available for those are really feel called to come. 


If you are craving a different kind of vacation, to escape in a sophisticated yet powerful way, this is for you. If you know your life needs a makeover, let it start with this retreat! 

WHY should you come?

Because you deserve it. Because I know you are overworked and underplayed, so it’s time you say YES to yourself in a new way. Because you’ve read this far, so I KNOW you are interested! It's time to follow your heart.

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I created this retreat because…

I was tired of vacations that never ended up the way I needed them to. Either it was go-go-go (just like life) or it didn’t meet my leisurely expectations which left me anxious and spending my precious time trying to control the itinerary.

Overzealous plans and expensive rendezvous left me drained instead of refreshed. 

Over this past year, I’ve had the pleasure of attending several retreats based on personal development, sisterhood and spiritual growth. What I realized is that to feel FULLY refreshed, we need dive into our whole selves. Instead of just focusing on the culture or the beach or spa. I created my new signature all-encompassing approach to travel by choosing to delight all aspects of myself: socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. The result was incredible. What happens when you invest in yourself this way is almost too amazing for words.

This retreat was born out of all my experiences at these different adventures. It’s my curated plan for sophisticated enjoyment.

I believe we are worthy of experiencing it ALL and discovering more of our true essence as a woman while having some serious fun! This is why I’m on a mission to re-calibrate vacations and get-a-ways.

Only when we immerse ourselves in what we desire most will things start to shift for the better. 


We need real rejuvenation. 

We need to feel electric at the same time as relaxed.

We need to feel powerful at the same time as feminine.

We need to feel luxuriously free


You’ll be supported by me and the other extraordinary women like you. My goal is to create a safe container of love and acceptance for you and I ask you to bring all of yourself. It’s the only way to savor the magic and uncover who you intrinsically are.


Every day we will gather together in
sacred circle…

• To learn rituals and mindset practices that embody ease and flow, our natural power as a woman.

• To cultivate a deeper connection with our bodies that will improve our daily life and success.

• To experience the warm, healing effects of sisterhood that can’t be explained, only felt.

• To witness how the balance of masculine and feminine principles lead to a meaningful life.

This is your chance to….

• Totally immerse yourself in a higher level of rejuvenation. 

• Completely relax while being fully taken care of.

• Connect more deeply to your body, spirit, intentions and desires than ever before.

• Raise your energy & vibration to attract all the things you want in life

Join us.

Are you ready to be inspired, adored and honored?

Are you ready to stop wasting your travel time through superficial means?

Are you ready to become MORE of yourself?


What better way to step out of your comfort zone than in a luxury spa resort?

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This weekend is all about discovering what it means to actually refresh yourself with new energy so you can truly be seen and fulfill your desire for lasting success.


I promise you that your quality of life will completely shift for the better after this retreat. Once you know how it can be, you can’t go back! I will guide you through self-discovery, self empowerment, safe expansion and playful presence. 



I’m inviting you to experience this on Mothers Day weekend.
This is intended for you and your mother, daughter sister or friend. Please extend the invitation to them, as we need at least 6 women for this to happen.

Do you feel called to come?

If so, will you accept the invitation? 

Click the button and we'll chat to see if this is right for you and set everything up to move forward.

You are welcome to extend this invitation, however, you are also welcome to come by yourself. Contact me for more details.

>> Listen to the tele-class I led last week where I shared my top feminine power principles HERE!

Meet your Travel Expert: Pamala Reiter

I am working with my own mother, a 10 yr Luxury Travel Advisor at Celebration Escapes. She is orchestrating all our travel & touring elements, and you'll meet her at the retreat!
If you desire to explore working with her individually, click here to schedule a complimentary creative planning session.


• 3 full days: May 8-10, 2015 (depart on the 11th)
ALL-INCLUSIVE: Food & wine, luxury accomodations, excursions, massage, ceremony and surprise gifts!
FUN: Excursions include winery tours & tastings, nature walks, light movement, shopping and culinary delights.
LEARNING: Sacred Sister Circles every day with ancient feminine power principles, connection exercises + more
• Investment has shifted and will depend on the amount of participants. Please inquire!



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