Join me for monthly Sacred Sister Circles

starting Feb 6, 2016! at 1:00pm



I'm a huge believer in Sisterhood.

Sacred Sister Circle is simply a time and place for women to come together in community to share, listen and most of all just be with each other. This free event allows women to be seen, heard and supported on their terms. It's a safe container of love, guidance and healing that can't really be explained, only felt.

I know there are a lot of meet ups around here, which can sometimes gives us an aversion to go because of how much energy is used and creates exhaustion afterwards. You may or may not feel this too, but one of my favorite things about circle is that it does the opposite. This is a place where you will be FILLED UP, re-energized and inspired! You are free to release whatever you want and be yourself fully, as all of you is welcome here. 

It is our birthright to commune with our sisters. I know that when we are immersed in each others energies, magic happens. When we share our soul freely and openly, our capacity to receive and express grows.


I have held about 7 circles now, and each time, my belief in sisterhood rises. This is what is missing in our society, so I feel compelled to continue to lead these circles, with faith that the power of our sacred feminine is what will heal the world. I believe that women who rise up with courage will transform themselves and therefore up-level the quality of life on this planet. These circles are nourishment for our soul. 

I can promise you that you will absolutely enjoy yourself. This is for EVERY kind of woman. 

Is this for you?

  • This is for you if you are feeling the pull right now. 
  • This is for you if you are feeling disconnected, drained or out of touch.
  • This is for you if you are ready to be seen, heard and honored for who you are.
  • This is for you if you have no idea what I'm talking about but it sparks curiosity within you (that means its true for you).
  • This is for your if you can commit to coming, even in the midst of a busy schedule, hectic life and many to do's. If you are feeling this, you need this, and take this as a sign to make the time, love.

We will gather at 1pm and mingle for a few minutes with yummy food and beverages. Please bring a little snack for all of us to nosh on. We will then sit in circle (on the floor, comfortably) and share what's real for each of us. I will guide you through grounding, connecting and support so you don't have to worry or think about anything but being your true self in the moment. We are all one in circle. This should last about an hour or so and then we can mingle and have girly time afterwards.


All in all, about 2 hours of your Saturday that gives you a piece of freedom and connection to continue the rest of your day/week/month with focus, passion, motivation, love and authentic expression. 


The next gathering I'll be hosting will be on Saturday February 6th from 2:00 - 4:00(ish)pm in San Mateo at my home.


Do you feel called to come? Here's what to do

  • Please RSVP by emailing me so I can create space for your presence and energetic expansion. You are absolutely welcome to bring another women, as long as you let me know. We will have room for 10 or so women maximum. Spread the word, invite women even if you can’t make it! I will email my address personally after you RSVP, so please do not give that out. 
  • Bring a small snack for all of us to nibble on.
  • Optional: bring anything you want to place on the alter to be charged by our beautiful energies. It can be anything from jewelry to a special trinket to a crystal…whatever you are around a lot that is special to you. You also don’t have to do this- it's up to you.



Note: Refreshments will be provided. There will plush seating, pillows and blankets, but feel free to bring anything that will make you more comfortable, as we may sit on the floor.


Love, light and magic,