Virtual Feng Shui Session

Virtual Feng Shui Session


A private Feng Shui consultation starts with a deep evaluation of your life's coordinates now and what path you are desiring to go down. We will talk about what's already working, what's not, what has stopped you from getting what you want in the past and about anything you want to call in more of or improve. This initial step is crucial to understanding what Feng Shui elements and techniques are needing to be implemented.

Once we have a clear situation and goal, there will be a walk through with specific suggestions for each area that is of importance. This is where you will receive the ancient teachings and wisdom from this beautiful 4000+ year tradition.

The session ends with a sage+mantra blessing performed in ancient Sanskrit to elevate the energetic components and secure the new intentions for the space.

Every session includes a 20 minute follow-up call to discuss how this new shift has affected you, to see if any other adjustments need to be made and generally set you up with how to maintain your space so it continues to support you.

We will spend around 2-3 hours together making sure we cover all bases so your space can feel and look magical! You will also receive a special Ba'gua Map, simplified "Michelle Style" to keep for reference.

As a newly added bonus, you will also receive a Feng Shui Tips Sheet and Ritual!

I am certified in Tibetan Black Hat Feng Shui, a flexible western style on the ancient tradition.  Feng Shui can be implemented anywhere: home, office, car, events, computer, phone and mind!

Investment: $297

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