This is a curated sisterhood of like-minded, spiritually sassy, successful and ambitious women who desire to increase their manifesting ability, participate in magic rituals, experience deep healing through a powerful community and receive laser coaching for their life's most pressing challenges. 



Sisterhood heals.

Magic transforms.

There is increased power when 2 or more are gathered for a specific purpose. 





It has been a dream of mine to create an inner circle like this for years! Finally, there is sacred space for all of us to enter a into with the same mindset, goals and values that connect us on a deeper level. My intention is that this is an active and exciting forum for women to expand their abundance and enjoy playful exploration of the magic we are always surrounded by.  May this safe space be your conduit for continued success, joy, connection, meaning and growth.



In this space, I will be virtually leading women's circle, magic moon rituals, transformative workshops and dance parties!

Every monthly call will have a different theme or topic while honoring the new moon phase and provide you with powerful ways to manifest your dreams.

Private Facebook forum to connect consistently, go deeper, share resources, celebrate and receive/ask for additional support.

All calls will be via conference line and will be recorded for your added benefit. These recordings act as a time capsule and auditory journal for you to reference, re-live and revel in the magic created by all of us during once in a lifetime astrological occurrences - SO priceless!


I ask that the energy exchange be in how you help me spread the word through your testimony, email forwarding, social sharing and word of mouth.