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Self Care Challenge (FREE online event)

THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to join the new self care revolution through the #SelfCareChallenge, starting February 1st. Consider this your first step into your new normal of ease, abundance and efficiency!

We can’t take care of others until we take care of ourselves, and I know how much you care about others. 

It really is possible to take care yourself and actually FIT it into your busy schedule. You gotta come first, sista! 

Valentines day is almost upon us, so what a perfect time to get into the swing of being in communion with ourselves. We gotta get cozy with ourselves before we can get cozy with someone else. It’s only when we are FULL that we can experience pleasure and intimacy. 

If we are bringing our empty cup to the table, we set ourselves up for being drained and incapable of actually giving our greatest self expression, unique gifts and one-of-a-kind love to anyone else.