Are you...

  • Living a seemingly great life but secretly trapped in un-fulfillment?
  • Sacrificing your energy or success for other people's needs?
  • Overwhelmed with your environment that is battleground of stress and anxiety?
  • Trying to control as many things as you can but inevitably feel out of control?
  • Having trouble making (big) decisions?
  • Sick of feeling unmotivated, uninspired or stuck?
  • Done with feeling completely disconnected from your true self and essence?

I'm guessing you're a busy, smart, sassy and totally together lady, but you just can't seem to get past the plateau of the daily grind, the never-ending hamster wheel of 'to-do's' or the demands of others. 

You are relied on to have all the answers but sometimes you feel like a fraud. 

Your confidence is lacking, so you try to fake it until you make it...which perpetuates said fraud feeling. 

You are trying so hard to be strong and hustle your way to happiness, but eventually get sucked into the negativity & forget why you are trying so hard in the first place. 

You might be burnt out, partaking in destructive behavior or sabotaging your own efforts because that's all you know.


But, I know you are craving a life that is bigger, better and more YOU.
I know that you want to feel happy, inspired, confident and powerful.
I know how important others are to you and that you wish you could feel good enough
and as important to them as they are to you.
I know you want to connect with your feminine essence more than ever.
To uncover your true identity, find your purpose and experience balance



Instead, here is what's possible for you:

  • Have a beautifully organized home & schedule that supports you and is easy to maintain.
  • Enjoy REAL work/life balance through self care and rituals that will work with your lifestyle.
  • Make decisions quickly and take control of your destiny.
  • Experience real abundance, cultivate your own kind of luxury and up-level the quality of your life.
  • Feel confident in your own skin, empowered and free.
  • Increase your overall productivity + daily enjoyment.
  • Protect yourself with boundaries so you never get taken advantage of again.
  • Uncover the power of your femininity and live like a Queen.

You're in the right place.
You can have what you want.
It's all within reach and closer than you think.

I help women just like you re-claim their power to create the life they so desire that stems from their own authentic essence. I coach hardworking women through their blocks so they can be free of the drama and trauma that has held them back for so long. I thoroughly enjoy guiding women who are ready to step into their greatness so they can make a bigger impact on this world, starting with their own. 

Why me?

I can guide you because I have been in your shoes, sister. I have stepped out of them, too. I know how painful it is to be where you are, stuck in isolation or denial or apathy or feeling powerless. I've spent almost 10 years of my life dedicating myself to personal, professional and spiritual development in order to help YOU right here and now. I have dove into the depths of who I am and, as cheesy as it sounds, have risen like the Phoenix out of the ashes of my previous lackluster life. That's what it feels like. I have seen it with all of my clients and with all of the sisters that were with me on my path. Instead of living in overwhelm, reaction mode and suppressing who I really was, I now lead my life with authentic enthusiasm, power and confidence. It truly is a dream life that I have created, and I want to help you get there, too. I have overcome the fear of being seen, of feeling unworthy, of being successful, of being alone, of believing I'm not good enough, of being paralyzed with depression, of being at the mercy of my inner critic and the disbelief that I can't create the reality of my dreams. 

I believe no one can do it alone. We all need support in order to grow. 

I certainly didn't and neither will you, so isn't it about time you let someone support you in a way that you have never experienced?

Allow me to sweep you off your feet with a magical dose of inspiration, structure, guidance and systems for authentic alignment. 

When we are aligned with who we are at our core, at the soul level, life flows naturally and we experience abundance + prosperity. I can teach you how to cultivate this in your life and fine tune all the details for your specific needs around feminine productivity and a sustainable lifestyle + home.

If you are looking for compassionate, nonjudgemental and no-nonsense support in reaching the goals or lifestyle you crave, I got you, sister!

Private coaching offers you concentrated one-on-one attention and support based on a sustainable system that will give you the clarity, tools and belief in yourself to be the powerhouse women you normally would admire from afar. 


I can see your full potential and the bright future that awaits you. It happens to be one of my super powers. I can see where the integrity holes are in your life (those places that are blocking you from experiencing what you want). I would honored to be your guide and witness your growth process through a coaching relationship. Are you willing to be guided?


Magic happens when a women rises up in greatness.


Click the button to schedule a FREE 45 minute Inspiration Session where we will explore what's most pressing for you right now and create solutions & momentum through tried and true coaching techniques. The A-ha's are inevitable! At the very least, you get to spend 45 minutes talking about your life and get inspired to be an even better you. These sessions are brand new for me, as I am desiring to reach more women and share with them how incredible coaching and mentoring actually is.  No strings attached! 

How the magic happens

Using my signature 3-Step Energy Alignment System that stems from 5 years of Professional Organizing, a certification in Life Coaching from an exclusive year long training program, Feng Shui certification,  9  months of Priestess (spiritual) training, 9+ years of intensive personal development and a firm belief in the power of the feminine, working with me is a true partnership where you are free to be you held in a safe container of a qualified professional. My process is designed to help you cultivate freedom, fun and fulfillment through simple + powerful tools and techniques for your head, heart and home.

If you're as committed as I am, you'll get expedited growth into a life you are damn proud of.  A life where you feel alive with your desires and can CLAIM it all with such grace. You're gonna feel excited, alive, mesmerized by your own self... and guess what? You DESERVE it.


Are you ready to stop settling?

Are you ready to accept your dream as a reality?

Are you willing to do what it takes to receive a grater level of abundance, love & success?

Prove it, darling.  

Click the button to schedule a complimentary Inspiration Session or call/text 650-557-3011. We will discuss what your needs are, what is stopping you from getting where you want to be and create an initial action step you can use to move forward immediately, as my gift to you. If you want to move forward working together, we can discuss options that would work best for you. 

I believe you were meant to read this. 


Click either button below to learn more about how we can work together in a way that's right for you!

 I believe in the magnitude of a clear NO and a courageous YES

My signature 3-Step Energy Alignment System

1. Introspective Investigation
Inside alignment, beliefs, values, mindset, goals, desires
Before anything can happen on the outside, you have to set the foundation on the inside or you are just building on quicksand. This involves digging deep into who you really are, what you believe in and transforming any patterns that keep you stuck. We will take all that truth and infuse it into where you want to go and what you want to experience through simple and do-able tools that have a seriously awesome track record. This step alone with open so many doors for you to fulfill parts you never knew could exist. 

2. Inventory Inspiration  
Outside alignment, belongings, setup, systems, organization, feng shui, design
The items and space we are surrounded by has a major impact on us. It’s energy creates a flow, or lack of it, that we experience every moment we are around it. That flow is determined by the attention and intention we give it. Certain areas of your space connect to certain areas of your life. Being organized is the critical part of enjoying where you are because you are free to simply be and enjoy what’s around you with confidence and ease. Harnessing ancient wisdom through Feng Shui + implementing classic design techniques will amplify your order.

3. Intention Integration
Schedule, support system, spirituality, actions, activities
What we do with knowledge is what sets us apart from others. I believe satisfaction comes only through honoring your values with your actions. This step uses proper planning of your schedule, support system, spirituality and actions to allow you to cultivate the life of your dreams by moving forward with integrity. Think of it like organizing your life, or the alignment of all your energy so your purpose is clear. By now, your foundation and surroundings are primed and ready for you to MOVE your way to your goals. What’s your next move? Game on!