Coaching Happy Hour


Coaching Happy Hour is a fun way to experience the power of coaching in a timeframe that you can affordably squeeze into your busy day.



Pick a personal or business topic, challenge, decision, problem or pain point to work though and In 25 minutes, you can expect to:

• Gain greater clarity

• Figure out the best solution

• Make a decision (big or small)

• Figure out what your next step is

• Kick up your happiness a notch or two!


What is coaching?

Like therapy, Life Coaching helps you process the emotions and situations of life, but also inspires major motivation by setting you up with simple tools to move you exponentially forward in life. I hold the space for you to be completely honest so you can discover how to be in your greatest potential. These mini-sessions are for people that are open-minded and ready for quick change. 

Come to Coaching Happy Hour in San Mateo to have a conversation that just might change your life. One where you will be completely free to be you & be heard in a nonjudgmental setting.