Are you honoring your season of life?

I'm back!

February sparked an incredibly intense beginning of transformation for me and I needed to pull back these past few months. After a month of powerful leadership, I retreated to Ireland which unexpectedly brought me an extraordinary amount of change & inspiration. It literally shifted me on a soul level. I relate to people with more of a pure energy now, I have a deeper connection to mother earth, I found more of my own magic that resides within me and I started a new chapter of sensual exploration & freedom. Life has evolved, expanded and blossomed for me. 

What is the season of life you are in?
Massive growth?
Major life transition?
Needing to pull back?
Lost and confused?

It's important to take the time to fully BE where you are. You'll NEVER be here again. Taking advantage of life offers us the perspective to be present with what is, to allow ourselves to integrate and evolve in our own way, our own time and in our own process. I believe this was important to share with you today, no matter what season of life you're in. 

These past few months for me have given me much introspection and practice with processing. It's allowed me to fully understand more of who I am, where I want to go and what I'm capable of. I had to really honor where I was at. Here's how that looked:

I had to step back from the regular routine, from producing content and being professionally active.
I had to slow down, surrender and ask for (a LOT) of help. 
I had to take a big inventory of my personal values & life situation.
I had to ride the wave of integration which could look unfavorable from the outside.
I had to let go of my natural ambition to keep doing doing doing and put more emphasis on being.
I had to really learn how to be comfy with being uncomfortable, and still am.
I had to learn to be more intimate, present, responsible and authentic than ever.

All of this was extremely hard for me because it took me away from my "year plan", my actions that I've been taught how to take and the socially acceptable way of living....but I had to do me. It lit some fires, it caused some drama but eventually, it all brought me back to the real me. There have been plenty of ups and downs, which have all contributed to the highest good for all, weaving a dream in me that wasn't really clear until now. That's the other message I needed you to know...

Trust the process, it will reveal it's importance later.

Our human minds like to get ahead of ourselves, but our intuition and energy body is what holds our highest truth. As your Inspiration Muse, I'm here to remind you that true happiness, success & fulfillment are created from honoring our deepest desires in each moment. They will be met if they are honored, meaning when you acknowledge that you WANT what you want and that you DESERVE IT. When it is unclear why something is happening, rest assured that there is magic at hand, weaving your dream together in ways you can't yet fathom. Hold strong to sacred boundaries that protect your inner most desires and let the magic unfold. Easier said than done, but for now, know...

You are supported. Allow yourself to receive. 


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To endless inspiration,


Are you crying enough?

My dear sweet sister, have you been crying enough? What I mean by that is have you been honoring yourself by allowing yourself time to process what you need to process? 

A few weeks ago I shared about the importance of honoring the cycle we are in, focusing on endings and the challenging times in a cycle. Recently I’ve been reminded of the simple need we all have to process when changes or challenges occur. While I was crying myself the other day, I wondered…are other women allowing themselves the gift of space to cry?

Im going straight to the point, because I like to roll like that: Your feelings are valid. They serve you well in clarity, energy and inspiration. They will help you create and re-create your identity, future and success. You need to cry. You need to vent. You need to GET OUT what needs to come out. You need to be angry when you are angry. You need to be sad when you are sad. You need to ACCEPT the emotion that is present, feel it fully and allow it to move and evolve. This is what processing is. 

In this modern world, I’ve noticed that us women either “forget” to process or consciously avoid it at all costs. Society tells us that strength is keeping our negative emotions inside, not feeling them and certainly not expressing them. Laughter, love, excitement and joy are welcome with open arms, however anger, sadness, grief and frustration are frowned upon. Sister, don’t ever let anyone tell you your emotions are not valid, that you can’t feel something or shouldn’t express it

It’s time to take a stand for the full spectrum of our emotions.

Let me clarify that processing is done solo and is never directed towards anyone, even though it may be done with someone (for support). When negative emotions are directed towards anyone, it is harmful not helpful nor does it honor our feelings. Processing is taking full ownership of our emotions and expressing them in a constructive way. 

Throw a tantrum with yourself, beat a pillow, scream at the ocean, cry, wallow, dance, work out, write, talk.

When I asked if you were crying enough, I didn’t necessarily mean tears, but feeling whatever you need to feel. 

So, in case no one has asked lately…

how are you feeling?

It breaks my heart when I hear women not making time for processing changes and challenges for whatever reason. Lots of shifting is occurring in everyone’s life right now, and with that aways comes emotion. Even processing the GOOD is more absent than expected. 

Processing the good is celebrating.
Processing the bad is releasing

Another reason I see many women avoid processing is because it doesn’t feel productive or worthy of time. We all know our time is precious, and I adore women who know how to get shit done and have a solid schedule. What we need to remember is that processing is the feminine version of productivity, which is masculine. If you want balance, which I know you do, you have to dive into the feminine aspects of yourself now and then, too. 

So, I ask of you, sweet sister, what is it that you need to process? What has happened that you need to honor by making time to feel what you really feel about it? Perhaps it is carving out time to cry. Perhaps it is allowing your fellow sisters to witness you celebrating something big.

Please, make the time.


You need it.

Process it.


Holding space for you,


What have you been avoiding processing in your life? Comment below!

Mastering Awareness So We Can Trust The Process

This week I was bombarded in all directions with the concept and common phrase TRUST THE PROCESS. 

We’ve all most likely heard it before to ensure that everything happens for a reason or to remember we are on our own path. Sometimes I find it annoying to hear because it’s very saturated in my industry. Funny enough, it came in every possible way to remind me, but not in that exact phrase. I love how the universe always knows my process for me to actually get it. 

I had previously worked through some major shifts in my personal life and feelings the week before, leading me to feel very empowered, unstoppable, successful and on point this past week. This was my reminder that only when we fully feel what is real for us can we actually move through to our amazing potential. It was my reminder that my process was perfect. In the heat of the moment, I couldn’t see any point to the depressive thoughts or apathetic behavior. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel through the tears. And now, in hindsight, I see the very real process that was perfect for me. And every time, it gets easier and easier, as long as I continue to trust myself and divine timing more and more. It get’s easier because my awareness opens up and that’s what helps me skill up to create my life in a more powerful way in the future. (more on that at the end)

Trust requires us to have faith without knowing the future or seeing something with our eyes. With trust, we feel grounded and intuitively know that the outcome will be perfect for us, even if it is something we didn’t expect or want. When we trust the process, it's because we trust ourselves. We know we are capable to handle anything.

Additionally, our own process will look much different than another person’s process. We are all at different levels of consciousness, energy and vibrations along with such vast differences in experience. Our process is unique to us. 

What I find most often, which was the case with me again, is that we judge our process instead of trusting it. We think we know better, that we shouldn’t be experiencing this right now, that it should be different or better for us, or even get into that negative victim mentality, the whole ‘woe is me’ vibe. 

Who are we to second guess divine timing? Would I take back anything that I have ever done or gone through? No. Hasn’t everything I have experienced, good or bad, made me who I am today? Yes. Did I learn something from everything I have experienced? You bet!

It’s funny that we do this, then, huh? 

To help you with trusting the process more, I want to share the actual process of mastering awareness, in order to see where you are at with your process, to gain a better perspective on what you might be frustrated with and find solace in how you can skill up, yourself.


Here's the process of awareness: 

Phase 1: Unconscious

First, we are living in an unconscious state of confusion. We are not aware of something that we need or the lesson we are moving through. We think things like “why is this happening to me?” “I hate my life” “I don’t know what to do” or “how come I can never make it work?”

We will remain in this phase until we actively seek solutions as to what may be happening. 

Phase 2: Hindsight

Once we gain awareness, we notice something in hindsight. “OH, that’s why this happened” or “Damn, I really see what went wrong there” or “well, that’s why I was feeling this way” or “that situation helped me learn this”.

This is when we actually gain evidence that awareness is always the key, and we learn to look for it more, opening up our general awareness moving forward and using it as a tool for growth.

Phase 3: In the moment

When we look for something more, our awareness sharpens and eventually we will be able to see it smack in the moment when it’s happening. We are able to understand the situation with wise eyes and a neutral feeling. “I am feeling like this right now because of ____”, “we are doing that thing again”, “I see that I am in a state of ___, like last time”.

Basically, we are observing our own life. 

Phase 4: Predicting

Finally, once we master being able to observe ourselves in the moment, we get good enough to be able to predict when certain situations/feelings/confrontation might happen so we can choose to either avoid them or show up to them in a more powerful, authentic way. This is the beginning of co-creation and cultivating the life we really want. 


Cheers to trusting the process,





What was your last frustration or time that you felt really down? (it could be today!) Notice which part of this process you are in and SHARE in the comments below! When you share, you help others to have permission to be themselves more. You help others to feel less alone and have more courage to acknowledge where they are at as well.