5 Tips for Spring Cleaning with Feng Shui

original post from 2013 via  Some Like It Organized

original post from 2013 via Some Like It Organized

Happy Spring! What a perfect time to start fresh with a clean house and new intentions. Amongst the typical spring cleaning duties, there are more in depth ways to make your space sparkle while also enhancing your life! It’s important for energy to flow freely. You might not realize that some parts of your life can be affected by those hidden areas that are neglected. Check out my top 5 tips for spring cleaning that include the 3 main principles of Feng Shui.

1. Declutter and purge! The catch all drawer, the bathroom cupboards, your closet or that messy desk drawer need your help. Dump everything out so you can see it all. Get rid of everything you don’t need (something you haven’t used in 6 months to a year or whatever is not serving you anymore). Put like things together back in and use dividers if possible. Even small spaces can be scary when cluttered. Start small and pretty soon, you’ll get the confidence to tackle a big project you’ve been putting off. Or just call me ;)

2. Vacuum, dust or mop UNDER all furniture, tables, shelves, closets- especially the things that never move. Schedule a strong volunteer to help if needed. Take the items sitting on top away (like glasses in your cupboard or all the books on the bookcase) and clean. Dust and dirt are not energy’s friend, even if you can’t see it. 

3. Clean your refrigerator. Take everything out and scrub it down with an eco cleaner or vinegar/water solution. Be careful not to use mainstream chemical “cleaners" in your refrigerator where your food will be. Don’t forget to wipe the bottom vent. Often forgotten about, those gooey spills can affect a certain area of your life. If you know which area, it might be an ironic metaphor. 

4. Walk through your space and gather all of your broken items. Look for things with zippers, in your cupboards, around the outside of your house, or your storage area. Either get rid of it because it’s not doing you any justice, or make a pact with the item to fix it by a certain time. Hopefully you can have faith in the fact that broken things don’t belong around you.

5. Now that you have gotten rid of at least ONE thing (right?!), introduce a brand new, preferably “spring-y" something to beautify your freshly cleaned space. Put a brighter comforter on your bed, new pillows for the couch, a fresh smelling candle for the bathroom or whatever brings a smile to your face. This is a crucial step of closure to move forward with your new intentions at this inspiring time. If you want, you can even place your own unique blessing over the space or certain items.



P.S: Want to know which area is what in Feng Shui? CLICK HERE to get the Ba'gua map, Michelle style!

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