Endings + honoring all phases of the cycle

We are in a year of endings, based on Numerology. 2016 adds up to 9, the final number in a cycle. In addition, we just went through a powerful month of three moons including one eclipse and one black moon. To say this is a powerfully transformative time would be an understatement. How are you feeling this month?

I felt called to share a little bit about my reality and what it takes to truly honor cyclical living, being comfortable with constant change and thriving through life’s challenges. Watch the Facebook Live video I shared a few days ago as well on this subject.



A friend shared with me recently that she is noticing and desires to honor more of the cyclical living that we experience here on Earth. That really resonated with me. As a leader of women’s circles which utilizes Native American traditions of cycle phases, I needed that reminder to remember how important each phase really is, instead of diminishing it’s relevance because I may be in the uncomfy part. New beginnings are easy, inspiring and exciting, so it is obvious how it serves our life and future. However, having courage through the “hard” parts like the inevitable death, destruction and the grieving are also very much a part of the cycle that serve us just as much. No part of the cycle is better than the other. What I realized many years ago when I learned about each phase and what I realized again when I had “forgotten” was that we just have a natural tendency to deny the hard shit. The issue arises here because when we deny, ignore, suppress or avoid the challenging parts of the cycle, we don’t move past them and stay stuck there. So, not only are we not allowing ourselves to move through the entire cycle, what is being presented to us in the time that we are fully capable of handling it, but we aren’t allowing ourselves to grow, change, become our best self or find that newness that we desperately want. By acknowledging where we are at, as hard as it is, will help us gain the courage we need to move through it.

So, as I see many things in my life ending from clients, to colleagues, to relationships, to my own beliefs and so on, I am taking a big perspective step back to see how I can honor this stage WHILE still moving towards my future. That’s what I want to share with you, because I know how easy it is to get discouraged and think we can’t get through something or feel so depressed that we feel like we can’t move. I also know the most powerful people also experience the same gut wrenching experiences that we all do, but it’s how they dance with their situations that is different. This is what I’ve learned over the years and what I always hope to share with you how you can start doing this and creating more success in all areas of your life.


Show up

Look, I get it, it may seem really hard and that you can’t handle it….but I PROMISE you that you can. I promise you this challenge, ending or phase of the cycle is showing up at the exact moment that you can handle it the most, with more knowledge and know how to move through it with grace, if you have the courage to show up. I always say the next level of your life is going to take a next level YOU, showing up in a different and more powerful way than you have been. In these times we learn how to do that. We are not victims of circumstance, but rather creators of our reality. Meet your challenge, honor the phase you are in and just show up with a willingness to be present, authentic and honest. Whatever feelings are present, good or bad, are meant to be there for you.


Power Through Intuition

The biggest thing I tap into in times of uncertainty is my intuition. I find myself continually asking more questions to my body, feeling things out rather than overthinking and definitely breathing more, to create more body flow so I can hear what my intuition is telling me. I am literally deep breathing out loud about 30x in a day. I am quiet more and make more time for meditation. When something shocking happens, I get real calm and present. 

This is where our power comes from, and how we can access our sovereignty in moments of uncertainty. I wasn’t always like this. I would distract myself with busyness, work, food, alcohol, not-the-best-kinds-of-“friends” and entertainment so I didn’t have to deal with whatever I needed to deal with. My environment and mind were cluttered, so I wasn’t able to access my truth and therefore my body, life and mind became toxic. Toxicity is present when we block the energy flow. When energy, feelings or emotions can’t move, they are trapped and seep into our physical bodies and manifest into some kind of dis-ease. 

I know that instead of overreacting, choosing anger first as a means to defer my responsibility or wallowing in how awful something is, I look for the light. I find my stillness. I listen and allow myself to be guided. I specifically ask for clarity and a clear sign. I will express gratitude and call on my spirit guides to work through me. I will listen to others more than I will talk. I will viscerally feel every inch of my body. And then the direction comes, the signs, the guidance from spirit, the inner instant knowing, the confidence, the validation, the visceral feeling of a “YES KEEP GOING”, the calm empty space of neutrality or the wild pull towards a specific action, the support from others, the situations automatically being worked out, the unexpected windfalls of opportunity or prosperity, the beauty I couldn’t see before, the opening and the deepening. That’s what our intuition can do for us. 

Support Yourself

This is also where we can access some added power in our lives, through how we support ourselves. Making sure our environment supports us, our schedule supports us and we have what we need to show up and listen to our intuition. See if you can declutter some things in your home, car, computer or mind that are no longer serving you or helping your current situation/challenge. Look for ways to increase the function of your space. Set aside time to do the things you need and want to do, having a balanced schedule that allows you time and space to connect with yourself. We can’t expect to become successful or feel empowered and motivated if we don’t start to see how our space is crucial part in our energy. 



What phase of the life cycle are you in right now and how can you honor it? Comment below!