How to Increase The Pleasure in Your Life

Let’s continue with the inner Queen theme from the past few weeks, as I’m focusing on this in my own life and in the sisterhood group I lead. One of the biggest aspects of a Queen’s life is pleasure. Everything she does is revolved around it from the most lavish ceremony like a coronation to the most mundane ritual like bathing. It is through connecting to this way of being that we can begin to remember one of our biggest superpowers as women, the ability to feel

What do you think of when you think of pleasure? I know what you’re thinking and it’s much more than sexual.

Pleasure, to me, is simply pleasing the senses. Pleasure is luxury, when something is so beautiful that you can’t help but cherish it. Pleasure is the quality of life you experience in so many ways. Whatever lights you up and makes you feel good on any level is pleasure. 

When we start to experience more pleasure in our life, we actually become more relaxed, powerful, in flow, aligned, magnetic, confident, worthy, capable and deserving because our nervous system comes into balance. Your life will become way more meaningful and exciting when you indulge in pleasure often. This is the basis of self care! 

Pleasure can be found anywhere and at any time, not just in the bedroom. What I see most often, though, through myself and my clients, is we often forget we have access to pleasure, that we may not deserve pleasure or that we are only looking for extravagant ways to have it. Intellectually, we may know this is not true and that we totally deserve all of this. However, it’s quite another thing to embody this belief and truly cultivate pleasure often. 

Pleasure only exists in the present

So, get out of the future, stop worrying, forget about the past and bring yourself back into the now! The way to start embodying it is simply to choose pleasure in every moment instead of waiting for it to happen to you. 

Still not sure how to experience pleasure in every moment? I get it, sometimes it’s easier said than done coming into the present moment. That’s why I want to share one really simple technique to give you a way to playfully bring yourself into the present.

Seduce your senses

Become aware of all of your senses and how you can experience these gifts even more. Sometimes we are so numb to our senses or even take them for granted, am I right? So let this be a reminder for you to get back into the swing of your senses so you can make your life WAY more enjoyable! Here is a way for you to tap into more pleasure in your life:

 Make a list of all that you enjoy with your senses. Ask yourself these questions in your journal:

  • What do I LOVE to feel?
  • What do I LOVE to see?
  • What do I LOVE to hear?
  • What do I LOVE to taste?
  • What do I LOVE to smell?

Then, make it happen! Look for ways to bring your specific examples into your life or even recognize that they exist already. 




What will you start to indulge in more of?  Email me back!