What it takes to get & stay MOTIVATED

Let’s talk about motivation. The majority of people who don’t achieve their goals or dreams say it’s because they can’t get or stay motivated to do so, to take the actions needed or to have the mindset that keeps them going. I have been teaching hundreds of women over the last 6 years how to get organized in their home, life and schedule, but I want to share a personal story about motivation that may have a bigger impact on helping YOU get and stay motivated.

Come on a little journey with me…

In 2008 I got in a near fatal car accident, flipped my car over on the freeway and walked away nearly unscathed. The diagnosis was a spinal spasm, which never really got treated because of insurance drama, even though I wasn’t at fault. Over the years I would dabble in chiropractic, massage, core exercise and stretches to help my back, but as you may or may not know, dabbling is never effective.

I have also not had the best relationship with food or exercise, ever, and when that accident happened, I knew something new and powerful was stirred in me. I awoke to a new leaf on life, however, I still didn’t give my body the attention it was screaming for.

When I joined a national networking group, Polka Dot Powerhouse one year ago, my life changed dramatically again. There were powerful, like-minded women owning businesses and working together and having a ton of fun and success along the way. I was hooked! It was then that I met Dr. Nicole, who I immediately fell in love with. She is a vibrant, kind and amazing soul. She is a chiropractor and it seemed everyone in the group had great success working with her. I had always wanted to try chiropractic again, since nothing was working for my back, especially since the muscle spasms were happening every couple of months and putting me out of work for weeks at a time.

But, my pattern was dabbling, so I chose the story that I couldn’t afford it and I didn't need it. I’ll just keep dabbling in getting a massage when my back flares up and going for a long walk once a week. I was and have been avoiding my health, focusing on helping others before me once again. As a Feng Shui consultant, I create balance and harmony within a space to have healthy energy flow in life and at home. It’s ALL about paying attention instead of avoiding or ignoring. I realized I was totally avoiding my well-being and blocking energy flow in my body which of course translated to my life experience. I realized two months ago that I needed to get serious about ALL parts of me, not just my spiritual, mental and emotional intelligence that were in tact. My physical self needed some major love and attention, and beyond the basic self-care practices that I had been doing. 

If you know me, you know that I am all about synchronicities and signs. I never just do anything for the sake of doing it anymore. I allow myself to be divinely guided and only commit myself to something that feels totally aligned and right. Well, how Dr. Nicole and I came to work together was beautifully synchronistic. Her office had a fun holiday ladies night gathering which hosted a plethora of vendors who gave away free services or discounted products, Dr. Nicole being one of them. She was offering a free spinal scan and exam for $40. SOLD. Right then and there, I knew things were going to change. That session was so illuminating and enlightening for me to fully understand WHY my dabbling to “fix” my back had never worked. The structure had to be addressed. She was able to explain exactly how chiropractic can help (everything I had suspected all along but was scared to admit it). I also appreciated her positive energy and intuitive nature, which was important to me.

I also want to share that I harnessed Feng Shui (intuitively) right after this event. I felt the sudden urge to clean underneath my stove which happens to be in my health area of my home. I wasn’t thinking “oh, this is in my health area, I better clean it.” I just got the urge and took action immediately. 


Well, Dr. Nicole turned out to be the exact investment I needed to take charge of my health. In 5 weeks, my strength, inflammation and range of motion has dramatically increased. I feel lighter, more mobile and physically aligned. Plus, I have been on point with healthy nutrition (naturally, without force or deprivation) and self-care that supplements the internal structural reinforcement that is happening. I actually WANT to eat right, move more and stay aware of body sensations. I’m motivated. And I’m getting results all over the place.

My point is, this was the RIGHT leap for me, the next level of evolution in my self-care that drastically improved all areas of my health. It was scary to jump in, but the water actually felt perfect. I honored my intuition and that’s when everything opened up. When I saw results, I felt motivated to keep going, to keep showing up, to try new things, to naturally be drawn to what will support me and to focus on the well-being, body flow and alignment that I had been searching for. It was NEVER this easy, it was always a huge challenge for me to do this. It’s easy now because of the consistent inspiration and improvement I have been receiving for these last 5 weeks. 

We must first be INSPIRED before we can be motivated and take action.

That means we need to deepen the meaning of WHAT and WHY we are participating in. We need to connect what we want or need to do with our core values and biggest priorities before we can expect to be motivated. IN-spiration comes first. We will stay motivated when we see the results from practicing, which gives us energy and faith to keep going. Every little step forward gives you more motivation, and to take each step, we must trust the inspiration, the signs, the synchronicities that guide us. Also, as you can see, Feng Shui helps too ;)

This is why doing things out of obligation, societal “should’s” or from others people’s goals won’t EVER motivate you. 

If you are reading this, something is being asked for your attention in your life. You are now being called to invest in something bigger than you have been, because that next level of you (when you reach your goal) is going to ask you to take a different and more powerful approach than what you have already been doing. What is it for you??

  • Perhaps it needs to be an investment in your health like me through a self-care modality, a health coach, a gym membership or class. 
  • Perhaps you need an investment in your love life by way of therapy, online relationship courses, relationship coaching, more date nights, etc. 
  • Perhaps what is evident in your life is an investment in your career like school, training, or certification. 

What are you being asked to invest in that will up-level your life? The signs are present, my love. 

This is also how coaching works. When I invested in a life coach, life coach training, Feng Shui certification, priestess training and a Queen Initiation retreat, they were major leaps that I had to make which I knew would propel me forward, giving me the exact support I needed to run my business the way I wanted and needed to and keeping me accountable and motivated the entire time. 

What happens in a coaching relationship is incredible INSPIRATION by way of connecting deeper to yourself, identifying and clearing blocks and finding new, soulful ways to achieve your goals. That is why people who invest in coaching are actually investing in themselves by expediting their future. People who allow themselves to be coached experience massive motivation and clarity. 

Would you like to explore if coaching would be right for you right now? I offer complimentary INSPIRATION SESSIONS for women that want to gain more clarity about what is blocking their success and find a new and better way to move forward whether that is with me or on their own. It’s pretty powerful. Click the button below if you would like to claim your personal one-on-one time with me. 

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When was the last time you...

Happy Magical Monday sweets!


Let’s jump into a little reflection today…

When was the last you were truly seen for who you are? 

I mean really seen. Deeply honored and witnessed in your raw, real, authentic self through your expression and simple being. Have you ever experienced that? 

When was the last time you were given the spotlight to share what’s real for you, while other women actively listened and held space for your truth to emerge? 

When was the last time you experienced a wild synchronicity, a radical blessing, a welcomed clarity moment or a meaningful surprise that could only come from something greater than yourself? 

Sister, when was the last time, or was there ever a time, that you felt completely strong, fulfilled and balanced because of your daily committed routines focused on taking care of your mind, body and soul? 


Are you familiar with any of these realities? If not, what if I told you I could provide these things for you? Would you be interested? 

From these places mentioned above, we as women are able to THRIVE. We are able to access our power, our creativity, our unique gifts, the resources we need, new ideas, more energy and endless inspiration to create the life that we so badly want - the life we were destined for. I can say this confidently because I have created this myself. Not only that, but I have witnessed countless other sisters and mentors create this as well. 

What you focus on is what you will experience. Most of the time, as was the case for me back in the day, we focus on what went wrong, what could go wrong or what we didn’t like. We focus on what we didn’t get, what bothers us or complain about our annoyances. We sometimes hold ourselves back because there is simply not enough evidence of possibility and success in our world, so we stay stuck, lonely, isolated and depressed, or any form of these. We sometimes forget how amazing we are, so we stop trying. We sometimes feel we aren’t good enough, so we don’t take action. We sometimes put others first, so we don’t have to deal with confrontation. We sometimes act out or sabotage our own lives in order to feel the comfort of what we feel safe in that is not really serving us at all.  We can get caught up in drama, in lethargic routines, in the busyness trap or in complete denial. All of this perpetuates the reality that isn’t ideal. The reality that our life kinda sucks, that we always have to work hard to get what we want and only good things come to those who wait. 

I would like to offer you a new paradigm of living, darling. 

What about shifting your focus to your desires every single day, with the support of your divine messengers guiding your every move and cultivating your destiny effortlessly. Or focusing on the magical elements of your own body, your unique zone of genius and expression in order to amplify your daily experience, confidence and power. Even being able to see the positive side to all seemingly challenging situations, giving you the upper hand to harness the resources that are available and move through it with grace. 

The new paradigm of living abundantly, of feeling connected, powerful, well resourced, supported and safe is at your fingertipsHow much longer will you tolerate the shortcomings of your destiny? How much longer will you stay isolated and stuck in the same never-ending rut? How much longer will you deny your own magnificence?

There is something BETTER waiting for you, love. If you are reading this, I know you know this to be true. Even if you are successful, as deemed by society today, there is something more that is calling to you. There is a better reality that will feel more YOU, more relaxed, easier and more FUN. There is divine potential that is ingrained in your being, an awakening of the divine feminine within you. 

I’m not kidding you. This is real life and it can be yours too. I believe sisterhood heals, magic transforms and there is increased power when women come together for the same purpose. I believe caring for ourselves first will open up our world to even greater things than we can even imagine. I believe there are angels and spirit guides surrounding all of us, waiting for us to acknowledge their presence and harness their help so we can grow exponentially in this lifetime. I believe in the magnitude of consistency, community and connection. What we focus on is what we will experience.

So, I am offering you, a woman worthy of whatever she wants, the opportunity to join a sisterhood program for the purpose of increasing your quality of life, deepening into self care, exploring divine archetypes and expanding your heart with the support of an intimate community. Can you imagine what possibilities are on the other side of this? 

The program is 13 weeks and is called the Self Care Sisterhood. I am offering this because I have been immersed in this myself for the past 3 years. I know what transformation can occur when we drop our guard and let love in. This program focus is the cornerstone of prosperity, in my opinion. It is only because of the radical transformation that I have experienced that I can confidently provide this level of support and the solid container for other women to transform into their next level of living. 

I can provide you with structure to:

  • focus on and practice self care each week that will enable you to take baby steps towards your becoming and blossoming, so nothing is overwhelming.
  • learn about the healing power of archetypes and goddesses in order to access ancient parts of yourself that may be dormant.
  • re-connect to yourself and your space for the purpose of increasing your abundance capacity and quality of life.
  • deepen into sisterhood, to be seen, heard and learn the flow of giving and receiving that is our birthright.
  • grow and move through your blocks through powerful tools and techniques used in our group coaching calls.
  • explore and embody the physical elements in a unique and fun dance playshop that you can have the space to do on your own.

Is this what you desire? Please visit the Self Care Sisterhood website to claim your spot NOW, as we start on March 20th at 9:00am PST/ 12:00pm EST.

The magic awaits. Will you take my hand? 


Curious about the program and if it's a right fit for you? Schedule a complimentary one-on-one Inspiration Session with me below