Are you crying enough?

My dear sweet sister, have you been crying enough? What I mean by that is have you been honoring yourself by allowing yourself time to process what you need to process? 

A few weeks ago I shared about the importance of honoring the cycle we are in, focusing on endings and the challenging times in a cycle. Recently I’ve been reminded of the simple need we all have to process when changes or challenges occur. While I was crying myself the other day, I wondered…are other women allowing themselves the gift of space to cry?

Im going straight to the point, because I like to roll like that: Your feelings are valid. They serve you well in clarity, energy and inspiration. They will help you create and re-create your identity, future and success. You need to cry. You need to vent. You need to GET OUT what needs to come out. You need to be angry when you are angry. You need to be sad when you are sad. You need to ACCEPT the emotion that is present, feel it fully and allow it to move and evolve. This is what processing is. 

In this modern world, I’ve noticed that us women either “forget” to process or consciously avoid it at all costs. Society tells us that strength is keeping our negative emotions inside, not feeling them and certainly not expressing them. Laughter, love, excitement and joy are welcome with open arms, however anger, sadness, grief and frustration are frowned upon. Sister, don’t ever let anyone tell you your emotions are not valid, that you can’t feel something or shouldn’t express it

It’s time to take a stand for the full spectrum of our emotions.

Let me clarify that processing is done solo and is never directed towards anyone, even though it may be done with someone (for support). When negative emotions are directed towards anyone, it is harmful not helpful nor does it honor our feelings. Processing is taking full ownership of our emotions and expressing them in a constructive way. 

Throw a tantrum with yourself, beat a pillow, scream at the ocean, cry, wallow, dance, work out, write, talk.

When I asked if you were crying enough, I didn’t necessarily mean tears, but feeling whatever you need to feel. 

So, in case no one has asked lately…

how are you feeling?

It breaks my heart when I hear women not making time for processing changes and challenges for whatever reason. Lots of shifting is occurring in everyone’s life right now, and with that aways comes emotion. Even processing the GOOD is more absent than expected. 

Processing the good is celebrating.
Processing the bad is releasing

Another reason I see many women avoid processing is because it doesn’t feel productive or worthy of time. We all know our time is precious, and I adore women who know how to get shit done and have a solid schedule. What we need to remember is that processing is the feminine version of productivity, which is masculine. If you want balance, which I know you do, you have to dive into the feminine aspects of yourself now and then, too. 

So, I ask of you, sweet sister, what is it that you need to process? What has happened that you need to honor by making time to feel what you really feel about it? Perhaps it is carving out time to cry. Perhaps it is allowing your fellow sisters to witness you celebrating something big.

Please, make the time.


You need it.

Process it.


Holding space for you,


What have you been avoiding processing in your life? Comment below!