Here's My Secret For Enjoying Mondays

...on overcoming “a case of the Monday’s”. 

Ever wonder why Mondays are most often so yucky? There is an astrological explanation that I would love to share with you that has totally revamped my life experience. You see, every day is ruled by a different planet in our solar system and therefore has a unique energy about it. Fridays and the weekend are not just cool because they are the weekend, they have more of a dynamic and exciting energy around them because of what planets they are connected to. 

Monday’s are ruled by the Moon, which represents our inner most self, our deepest desires, the secret sides to us and our emotions. This is exactly what most of us don’t get to tap into on Mondays, right? Usually we are starting the week off at work with meetings or lots of action and energy (or at least we try). But this goes against the essence of what Mondays offer us. Being around people and especially at the mercy of other people’s needs, exerting lots of energy or being in too much action will naturally deplete us more than usual on Mondays. The moon asks us to be softer, to acknowledge ourselves more, to feel, to be more feminine and to take it easy.

Do you see the disconnect here? I remember feeling such a hatred towards Mondays when I worked in corporate or when I helped my husband with his old company. Still to this day I don’t feel 100% myself if I work on big projects on Mondays. 


When I started a year and a half ago creating my ideal life and business, it included my ideal tasks and themes for each day of the week. Since I am aware of what each day represents, I can predict to a certain extent where my energy will be that day. I used this tool to make big change in my life and part of that was making Mondays MINE.

I have now for the past 3 years started most Mondays with an in-depth connection call with my sister circle. We all share deeply what is real for us, how we feel and how we need to be supported. It is powerful, and of course why I created my own sisterhood program because of how much it changes one’s life. Meditation is always present on Mondays along with intention setting, reading, journaling and perhaps giving myself an oracle card reading. If I work, I like to do admin and connecting on social media. Finally, I try (and don’t always get to) do something creative and for myself at night, like coloring, in-home spa time or simply reading/relaxing. That is my ideal Monday because it carries with it the connection I need to start my week off in a powerful way. It isn’t always this streamlined and flowing, but I know the ingredients of what I need to make my Mondays good, and I can tailor it to fit a timeframe that works for me whether that is 5 minutes or 5 hours. 

Imagine if every Monday was your personal day to do whatever you needed to do, to feel a little more, to be with yourself and start the week off REALLY right, according to what YOU need. How would that shift your weekly experience? 

Well, I am a firm believer in creating your ideal reality NOW, no matter what your circumstance is. This is how you cultivate the life you really want. What would you like to do on Mondays and how can you move towards that by implementing some piece of that now? Even if you think you could never have Mondays all to yourself, you can still take steps to be in this mode no matter what you are doing. 

You could be softer in your approach. You could acknowledge what you are feeling. You could decline extra events. You could be more introverted. You could set boundaries. Maybe you could get creative with your needs or boundaries and make the meetings for Tuesdays instead of Mondays. Anything is possible! But one thing I know that EVERYONE can do is set aside some quiet time for themselves at least once during this day. 

#MagicalMonday mantra: “I honor myself today with quiet time.”    

Ideally, in the morning because that will set the tone for your entire Monday experience. However, putting in some effort to get quiet time throughout the day will also do wonders for your mood. You can take a walk at work, do some breathing in the bathroom, eat lunch alone, take a meditation break in your car or find stillness in the elevator while closing your eyes. Last resort could be a regroup before bed with your journal and some radical honesty. 

One of my big dreams to re-defining Mondays for the masses. I believe it's possible.

I’m telling you, this MOONday business is a thing! Try it out. Create quiet time for yourself today, something more than you normally would on a Monday, and see if that positively affects you. Make sure to give it your all, too. Don’t just do a quickie breath and call it a day. If you only have two minutes, make them count! Drop in, be still, find your truth. 



Then, let me know how it goes!!! Come back in here tomorrow and share your experience.