Are you honoring your season of life?

I'm back!

February sparked an incredibly intense beginning of transformation for me and I needed to pull back these past few months. After a month of powerful leadership, I retreated to Ireland which unexpectedly brought me an extraordinary amount of change & inspiration. It literally shifted me on a soul level. I relate to people with more of a pure energy now, I have a deeper connection to mother earth, I found more of my own magic that resides within me and I started a new chapter of sensual exploration & freedom. Life has evolved, expanded and blossomed for me. 

What is the season of life you are in?
Massive growth?
Major life transition?
Needing to pull back?
Lost and confused?

It's important to take the time to fully BE where you are. You'll NEVER be here again. Taking advantage of life offers us the perspective to be present with what is, to allow ourselves to integrate and evolve in our own way, our own time and in our own process. I believe this was important to share with you today, no matter what season of life you're in. 

These past few months for me have given me much introspection and practice with processing. It's allowed me to fully understand more of who I am, where I want to go and what I'm capable of. I had to really honor where I was at. Here's how that looked:

I had to step back from the regular routine, from producing content and being professionally active.
I had to slow down, surrender and ask for (a LOT) of help. 
I had to take a big inventory of my personal values & life situation.
I had to ride the wave of integration which could look unfavorable from the outside.
I had to let go of my natural ambition to keep doing doing doing and put more emphasis on being.
I had to really learn how to be comfy with being uncomfortable, and still am.
I had to learn to be more intimate, present, responsible and authentic than ever.

All of this was extremely hard for me because it took me away from my "year plan", my actions that I've been taught how to take and the socially acceptable way of living....but I had to do me. It lit some fires, it caused some drama but eventually, it all brought me back to the real me. There have been plenty of ups and downs, which have all contributed to the highest good for all, weaving a dream in me that wasn't really clear until now. That's the other message I needed you to know...

Trust the process, it will reveal it's importance later.

Our human minds like to get ahead of ourselves, but our intuition and energy body is what holds our highest truth. As your Inspiration Muse, I'm here to remind you that true happiness, success & fulfillment are created from honoring our deepest desires in each moment. They will be met if they are honored, meaning when you acknowledge that you WANT what you want and that you DESERVE IT. When it is unclear why something is happening, rest assured that there is magic at hand, weaving your dream together in ways you can't yet fathom. Hold strong to sacred boundaries that protect your inner most desires and let the magic unfold. Easier said than done, but for now, know...

You are supported. Allow yourself to receive. 


If you feel like you need some major support in creating your future, understanding your power and finding your unique skill set that brings you to a revolutionary new paradigm of productivity & happiness, I would love to help you.

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To endless inspiration,


Mastering Awareness So We Can Trust The Process

This week I was bombarded in all directions with the concept and common phrase TRUST THE PROCESS. 

We’ve all most likely heard it before to ensure that everything happens for a reason or to remember we are on our own path. Sometimes I find it annoying to hear because it’s very saturated in my industry. Funny enough, it came in every possible way to remind me, but not in that exact phrase. I love how the universe always knows my process for me to actually get it. 

I had previously worked through some major shifts in my personal life and feelings the week before, leading me to feel very empowered, unstoppable, successful and on point this past week. This was my reminder that only when we fully feel what is real for us can we actually move through to our amazing potential. It was my reminder that my process was perfect. In the heat of the moment, I couldn’t see any point to the depressive thoughts or apathetic behavior. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel through the tears. And now, in hindsight, I see the very real process that was perfect for me. And every time, it gets easier and easier, as long as I continue to trust myself and divine timing more and more. It get’s easier because my awareness opens up and that’s what helps me skill up to create my life in a more powerful way in the future. (more on that at the end)

Trust requires us to have faith without knowing the future or seeing something with our eyes. With trust, we feel grounded and intuitively know that the outcome will be perfect for us, even if it is something we didn’t expect or want. When we trust the process, it's because we trust ourselves. We know we are capable to handle anything.

Additionally, our own process will look much different than another person’s process. We are all at different levels of consciousness, energy and vibrations along with such vast differences in experience. Our process is unique to us. 

What I find most often, which was the case with me again, is that we judge our process instead of trusting it. We think we know better, that we shouldn’t be experiencing this right now, that it should be different or better for us, or even get into that negative victim mentality, the whole ‘woe is me’ vibe. 

Who are we to second guess divine timing? Would I take back anything that I have ever done or gone through? No. Hasn’t everything I have experienced, good or bad, made me who I am today? Yes. Did I learn something from everything I have experienced? You bet!

It’s funny that we do this, then, huh? 

To help you with trusting the process more, I want to share the actual process of mastering awareness, in order to see where you are at with your process, to gain a better perspective on what you might be frustrated with and find solace in how you can skill up, yourself.


Here's the process of awareness: 

Phase 1: Unconscious

First, we are living in an unconscious state of confusion. We are not aware of something that we need or the lesson we are moving through. We think things like “why is this happening to me?” “I hate my life” “I don’t know what to do” or “how come I can never make it work?”

We will remain in this phase until we actively seek solutions as to what may be happening. 

Phase 2: Hindsight

Once we gain awareness, we notice something in hindsight. “OH, that’s why this happened” or “Damn, I really see what went wrong there” or “well, that’s why I was feeling this way” or “that situation helped me learn this”.

This is when we actually gain evidence that awareness is always the key, and we learn to look for it more, opening up our general awareness moving forward and using it as a tool for growth.

Phase 3: In the moment

When we look for something more, our awareness sharpens and eventually we will be able to see it smack in the moment when it’s happening. We are able to understand the situation with wise eyes and a neutral feeling. “I am feeling like this right now because of ____”, “we are doing that thing again”, “I see that I am in a state of ___, like last time”.

Basically, we are observing our own life. 

Phase 4: Predicting

Finally, once we master being able to observe ourselves in the moment, we get good enough to be able to predict when certain situations/feelings/confrontation might happen so we can choose to either avoid them or show up to them in a more powerful, authentic way. This is the beginning of co-creation and cultivating the life we really want. 


Cheers to trusting the process,





What was your last frustration or time that you felt really down? (it could be today!) Notice which part of this process you are in and SHARE in the comments below! When you share, you help others to have permission to be themselves more. You help others to feel less alone and have more courage to acknowledge where they are at as well. 



The Missing Link in Goal Setting + 4-Step Cure

Ever set big goals, plan meticulously and do the work but never quite get there? Ever have big dreams to be a certain way but never seem to experience it? Or perhaps you reach your goals, but not with much grace and you’re always left burnt out? Maybe you accomplish something, but the feeling is fleeting, like nothing ever really gets that much better? 

As a former workaholic, I remember pushing through every single day to get things done and accomplish my goals. Sometimes, I would reach them and just feel like “meh…what now?”  Or I felt like there was actually more to do. Most of the time, though, I didn’t reach my big goals or dreams. I fell short and beat myself up about it, thinking I needed to do more or that I needed to be better at the task at hand.

Then this led me to not setting goals anymore, because I just didn’t believe in myself, which perpetuated my negative feelings. This caused me to be lazy, apathetic and most commonly, extra-busy, so I could distract myself from these feelings. It was like I was either at one end of the spectrum or the other with no sense of confidence. 

Can you relate?

What was happening was I was out of balance with my power.

I felt inherently not good enough, trapped in shame and inadequacy. The only thing I knew how to do was work hard, so I kept going back to how society trained me in the pursuit of perfection. All of my focus was on outside tasks, deadlines, obligations and activities.

If we are in constant state of pushing through, working, producing and action mode, we most likely won’t achieve our goals, and if we do, it won’t be sustainable. The reason for this is because we are only using one side of ourselves, the mind. It’s also over-using the masculine-type qualities within us that will inevitably burn us out. The focus is too much on things outside of ourselves, thinking we can control them, but the reality is we can only control ourselves. 

We all have masculine and feminine qualities within each of us. They serve us when there is a balance between the two. When we are too much in our masculine, there is only doing which causes depletion. When we are only in our feminine, there is only being and nothing will get done. 



The missing piece in this puzzle is being more. Being who we would be after we have reached that goal and harnessing the feminine essence within us. By exploring, nurturing ourselves, playing, processing, relaxing and rejuvenating along with all the work we are doing. This gives us the space to integrate, feel more and let our body lead the way. 

The missing link is embodiment. 

Embodiment to me means the infusion of our beliefs or desires in our body or actions. It’s the union of our soul and body. It is the manifestation of our curiosities and who we are at our core. It means it’s in our bones, our being and our routines. It means it’s second nature and we can access it immediately. 

Goals are simply what we desire to experience in the future, so incorporating our bodies in planning for them is just as crucial as what we do with our mind to get there. Usually what we’re embodied in is what we value most. Our goals are the map to what we NEED to embody or grow in. In order for this to happen, we have to work with both the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves. 

These days, I live an embodied life by devoting myself to what’s important to me, which always produces results beyond my imagination. This means I do everything I can with what I have, consistently, in honor of my desires and my values. I allow myself to feel and rest just as much as I take action. 

If you are feeling inadequate, stuck, exhausted or burned out with big ambition, here are my suggested 4 steps to becoming embodied:

1. Set your schedule. 
I’m sure you don’t have an issue scheduling your tasks, but make sure to set aside time for spacious flow, relaxing, playing and just being. I find that loose structure works better than rigid rules, so make sure what you plan out is doable for you. 

2. Get support. 
Often, we are so blinded by our ways and perceptions about ourselves that we don’t see how far we have come or how amazing we are. We need the reflections, validation and encouragement of others to increase our confidence and see ourselves from a different perspective. Motivation often follows being simply witnessed.

3. Practice. 
Use every conversation as a way to practice listening and speaking. Use every new week as an opportunity to balance out your actions with rest. Use every day to keep doing that which you desire by practicing both being and doing, especially when it’s uncomfortable. 

4. Be compassionate. 
The journey to embodiment isn’t necessarily an easy one. Know you are doing the best you can and that any roadblocks that pop up are only detours to your destiny. When we are able to think, speak and act with compassion and non-judgment, our vibration rises and we can access more parts of ourselves that have the answers we’re looking for. When we raise our vibration, we naturally attract the opportunities, love, support and willpower that we need.

I know if you are reading this, you’re here to do great things. Cheers to being a powerful, embodied human being. 


YOUR TURN! Tell me in the comments below what you would like to embody.


How Perspective Gives You Permission to Feel

Do you ever judge your emotions? Like you are feeling down and then feel like there is something wrong with you? Or you hold back your tears to not let someone else see you cry, because what will they think?!? Well, I grew up like this, and I have a feeling you can relate big time. I want to share with you some insight on how perspective changes everything. 

Right now we are experiencing some major shifts in the world here on earth, cosmically speaking. You know I follow all that jazz regularly, especially the moon cycles, because it really gives us a new perspective. When I read about how the planets are affecting us here on earth, I’m usually like “OHHHH, that explains it. Ok, I can get through it if everyone is going through it too.” That one shift of knowing that we are all going to go through the same kind of changes makes it 1. easier to deal with and 2. easier to understand why I am feeling what I’m feeling. 

What sends most people into a negative depressive spiral is feeling empty or alone, that no one understands them or that they are the only ones going through it. One thing I have learned is that whatever anyone is going through, someone else is going through it at the same time, and most people have gone through it at some point on some level. I don’t believe anyone is ever alone or the only one that knows how it feels, whatever “it” may be.  Common “It’s” can be fear, feelings of unworthiness, abuse, feeling not good enough, lack of motivation, feeling left out, feeling betrayed, etc. 

I believe we are all one, that we are all sharing the same human experience with the same emotions. The people that are in our life are either at different levels so they can support us or they are feeling the same so they can share in the feeling with us, making us feel connected and whole. Both of those scenarios are to give us perspective, just like the cosmos do, but on a more relatable level. 

How would we know who is going through what? Well, we share what we are going through, of course! Then let others respond, so we can hear their perspective and choose to move from there.

Most of us are taught and trained to hold our feelings back, suppress “ugly” emotions and push through the pain because they are deemed weak in society.  You will look like a sissy if you cry. There is something wrong with you if you can’t get it together and shape up. You can’t be trusted if you show emotion publicly. You won’t be taken seriously if you are really honest about how you feel. You won’t be successful if you let others see your emotions. If you’re sad, nobody wants to be around you.


I call bullshit on the patriarchy that is squashing the power of our femininity. This ain’t the 50’s anymore, honey, so let’s revolutionize our life experience by FEELING FULLY.

My good friend Kelley Cooper said it the best I’ve heard yet: “Feeling is a gift”.  It is a powerful and natural ability, especially in women. Feeling is part of our human experience, so why should we honor half of our feelings, the “good” ones and not the “bad”? And let’s just eliminate the label “good” and “bad” from emotional explanation. Feeling is feeling, it’s what we do! When we try to NOT do something that is inherently human, we block our own energy flow and therefore twist our fate in the process. What I mean by that is something automatically becomes stuck and unsustainable inside us once we deny our feelings on any level. IMMEDIATELY. On the contrary, energy flows again once our feelings and emotions are felt fully, activating our souls magnetism which produces opportunities we actually want.

Feeling is thriving. 

Learning how to feel fully can be scary so make sure you surround yourself with those that can support you. Share with them, so they CAN support you. When you share your feelings, you give others permission to feel theirs more. When you are in a safe space, you have permission to share freely. If you don’t share, there is no way of getting support and you might be doomed to go through the process alone, which you don’t have to! By communicating your feelings, you tap into your power and allow others to give you a new perspective from their experience. However, don’t share with anyone that you think won’t have your back.

Full disclosure: I cried 3x this week! And it was exhilarating at the same time as it was painful because I had major support through it. I moved through it in a flash because I let it all out and had the safety net of loved ones to bring me back to neutral.  I allowed myself to feel fully and be supported. It was definitely not comfortable. Now, I’m feeling unstoppable! It is a powerful feeling when you look back on this kind of experience.

True power is how much you can OWN your truth. Sometimes that is through massive action, energetic passion or helping people. Sometimes, though, it may be anger, fear or sadness. Neither is better than the other and both have their purpose to help us grow. When we own our truth, we take full responsibility, feel it fully and allow ourselves to experience it with respect to others. Owning our truth means we express while operating with boundaries and not pushing our truth onto others. They get to feel and respond how they want. This kind of mutual respect is sovereignty and It’s what I live for. 

So the next time you are feeling some of those “bad” emotions, love, take a beat and breathe into it more than you have been. Breathe into the fear, the sadness, the tears, the worry, the confusion and the doubt. Acknowledge it and let it move through you. Know that IT’S OK to feel these, sister. If you find a safe person or safe community to share with, even better. Acknowledgment is what will help the feeling dissolve. Then, see what manifests in your life soon after.


I would LOVE to hear what hit home for you from this blog. Will you share with me in the comments below? 


Curious about this whole feminine power thing? How can feeling be a power principle? You're in luck: I've got a FREE gift for your that explains just this and I will show you what feminine power really means and how that can bring you the life that you really want! Get it here.

My Top 10 Most Powerful Journaling Exercises


Old definition of journaling: Anxiously writing every detail about what happened that day at school while crying.
New definition of journaling: Writing for the purpose of clarity, expansion and confidence. 

In the beginning of the Sisterhood Program that I lead, one of the self-care assignments was to start journaling. Well, turned out some of the ladies got triggered by this BIG TIME. So much resistance! It halted some of their efforts because most of them just didn’t want to do it. They said they have never been good at it. They didn’t like physically writing and had no clue what to journal about. 

I was honestly shocked, because I have always been so prone to journaling and have always been so excited to try new ways of doing it. I couldn’t imagine some women didn’t want to do this! It was a beautiful wake up call to open up my perspective as a leader. 

The weeks that followed were filled with baby steps from them and cheerleading from me. I was fascinated by their triggers to journal, so I remained curious. We finally dug deeper into some situations that held a negative experience when journaling in their past. It wasn’t fun because it was attached to a bad memory, so the subconscious belief was that they will be in pain if they journal.

Can you relate? If so, this post is for you!

Journaling has been the catalyst to discovering SO much about myself and life in general. I think I can speak for millions of women when I say that journaling should be one of the top self-care practices that we do. 

The purpose for journaling isn’t to just vent and write about your day. That’s how we do it when we are young because we just need to express so badly it would hurt without doing so. Now, we can use journaling as a tool to help expose parts of ourselves that are predominantly dormant or unconscious, that only get accessed when physically reflected back to us by something we create (writing words). We find clarity in who we are becoming, something our thoughts can’t put together by itself. We will understand real pieces of our identity, needs and purpose that help us put our life puzzle together rapidly. Even veteran journalers still journal and come up with new things to journal about or continue to use the tried and true methods that they know. It will always reveal something about ourselves that will enhance our life experience if we participate in this regularly. It’s just like meditation. People who have been meditation for decades don’t just stop because they got this, they keep going, deepening into the experience that brings them endless rewards.

Self discovery is really the only sustainable integration tactic. When we learn from others, we question it or try it out, if it resonates with us…we still search for proof. When we discover something on our own, we know it to be true and therefore it becomes embodied much easier. Journaling can facilitate this discovery. I am here to encourage you to begin, start again or continue journaling as a form of self development and growth. 

There is a strong connection between what the hand writes and the brain thinks. Even if you type on a computer, it is better than not journaling at all. Just start somewhere! I highly recommend the morning because that’s the sweet spot for brain activity, creativity and willpower. Our brain can perform and soak up information like #ladyboss at this time. For the sake of beginner or reluctant journalers, just pick any time of day, though.

The options for journaling are literally endless, but I can share some of the most eye-opening ways I have experienced journaling for me.


Here are my TOP 10 journaling exercises that will powerfully and positively impact your life.


Gratitude Journal

This is what started it all for me again after the long break from the musings of teenage drama. I wrote for 2 years straight, every single day (ok, I missed a few days) on what I was grateful for. I never repeated any of them and the list ranged from super small like a compliment my friend gave me to major life changes such as moving somewhere new.

 Brain Dump

Brain dumps are great first thing in the morning for reasons said above OR last thing at night to get things out of your head so it’s spacious again. There is major power in a simple brain dump. Set the timer for 3-5 minutes and just write anything and everything that you are thinking. 

 Ideal Scene Manifester

One of my all time favorite manifesting secrets is this journaling exercise. Do you want something you don’t have, like a new home, job or boyfriend? Write out what it would be like to have it in the most ideal circumstance. Use all 5 senses and as many descriptions as possible. What will you see driving to your new job? How will you talk about it/him to your friends? What do you see out the window? How does it/he make you feel? What do you do when you have this thing you don’t have yet? Things like that. Then read it everyday until it comes true. 

 Angry Letter

We don’t get many opportunities to release our anger in today’s society. When anger goes un-processed or gets suppressed, it turns into a health issue and major resentment. I love this method of releasing anger by writing to that person who made you SO mad, no matter how long it’s been. Write everything you feel, what they did to you and why it was unacceptable. Bonus points if you follow it up with the next exercise. Don’t give it to them, obviously. Keep it or burn it.

Forgiving Letter

Similarly to the angry letter, part of processing emotions mean coming back to neutral and cutting ties that may hold us energetically to another. Forgiving someone, especially if it’s ourselves, creates major freedom within us. Write this by starting off with what your experience was that you are forgiving them for. Tell them you forgive them for it, why and what you believe now. Bonus points if you thank them for being your teacher. You can keep it or give it to them, if you think they would be able to receive it. 

Love Letter from Future Self

I believe we can access our higher selves, the soul-part of us that is already in greatness, enlightenment and connected to the entire universe. If that seems too far fetched, this is a great exercise to start with because you are simply imagining your best self in the future giving yourself your own advice, love and encouragement. I guarantee you will feel more motivated and on purpose once you do this, and feel free to do this every year or so!

Idol Description

Sometimes we need to detach from ourselves in order to see who we truly want to be or how to move. By giving yourself the perspective of the person you most admire, respect and look up to, you understand the qualities that actually exist in you and can choose how to start living differently, in the way they have, in order to experience what you want. Success leaves clues, so this exercise helps you find the clues that will work for you. Note logistics like where they live, who their friends are, what events they attend and what they wear. Next, write down what their beliefs are, what their non-negotiables are in life and how they feel alive. 

What do I want my legacy to be?

Even if you aren’t destined or desire to be a multimillionaire entrepreneur or famous person, there is still a legacy that you will leave on this earth. From stay at home moms to transformational leaders, there is some kind of mark that you want to have on this world. What is it? What does it look like? How is the world changed for the better? This will help you really pinpoint not only your purpose in life, but it will also give you the greatest perspective ever to make empowering choices when you remember what you desire your legacy to be in every situation. 

 Intention Setting

Intentions are the beginning of manifestation. They are powerful beyond belief. I use this tool twice a month and now that I am well-versed in this process, I set intentions in my mind before I go anywhere. We create our reality from this place. Napoleon Hill said “What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” Write down what you want as if it’s already happened and as many details that support it as possible to make it more real and palpable for you. 

 Freestyle during or right after any major transformation

When you are going through a major life transition, good or bad, there is a lot that is shifting inside of you that will be immensely helpful to look back on. During or soon after any big A-ha, retreats, personal development journeys, breakups, big moves, new endeavors, etc, write what you are feeling, thinking, experiencing and doing that is different than normal. This is the kind of thing that you will want to look back on when you are 80 years old. 



What is YOUR favorite journaling exercise? Please share below what the most powerful thing you journal about is!



How I found my 2016 theme + how my birthday was a catalyst to happiness


One night over the holidays, I found myself sobbing in my bedroom, alone and distraught. I felt isolated and disconnected, but this time, for once in my life, not because of my intentions to be that. I totally pulled the victim card by wallowing in the fact that I wasn’t where I wanted to be in this new city of mine at the end of 2015. Friends weren’t abundant, even though I do know many people here.  Family wasn’t here with us to celebrate the holidays, even though my husband and I requested romantic time by ourselves. My clients were all busy and away with their own families, even though I was still working. The future of my business was blurry, even though I had clearly laid out plans and commitments. My health was getting the back seat in favor of holiday temptations, even with how much I care about flow in the body. I haven’t met with my personal sister circle of support in months, even though there were chances to do so. I just felt completely alone. I threw a tantrum with myself, proclaiming how angry I was that I was feeling this way during my most favorite month of the year. During my birthday month, at that, it was only a few days away. However, I knew there was no one to blame. 

Through the tears, I felt her. My sweet, gentle, higher self, that Wise Woman within me who was caressing my back and holding me as the mess I was. I needed to be heard and felt and honored and acknowledged, and she was there with me as I briefly stepped back into my old patterns. The one difference was that I had complete awareness around it through the whole tantrum. I knew I was being messy, victim-y and headed down the road that wasn’t my destiny. This is how I knew that the last remnants of these were healing in me. This is how I could feel and access that gentle Wise Woman that is ever present. She knows that I needed to release and feel my desires even more to step into that powerful creator energy I wanted to be in. I had to once again feel the pain of possibility that I am unloved or don’t belong, our deepest human needs, in order realize that the greatest love I want is within me. This is what creates my reality from the inside out. 

As I wallowed to myself in my bedroom that day, looking around at how blessed I was and simultaneously grateful for my life as I was distressed about it, I asked myself “what the hell do I want then?!”

It was in that moment that I realized what my theme for 2016 was going to be: connection


I wanted to be constantly surrounded by people I love and admire, to be honored and recognized for who I am and to be inspired by the diversity of souls on an everyday basis - just like I had experienced in my mastermind this past year. My goals and ambitions (which are usually high to begin with, I’m a Capricorn you see) were out of alignment with who I was being, which is why they felt so far away. Another realization I had was that I was three or four steps ahead, instead of focusing on the present, the step that can move me closer to all that I wanted to accomplish and experience. This is ironic because I teach my clients this same concept, but we teach what we need to master, right? 

I know we are always evolving into our greatness by letting go of what’s simply “good”. I felt like the holiday season was, for me, a gateway into my next level of living as a sovereign woman, business owner and mentor. I know there is always a silver lining and that I am supported beyond measure. I know the powerful keys to magnetizing everything I ever want with ease. Still, I am human. The one difference that I believe sets apart Pro’s from Amateurs is the ability to pull ourself out of challenging situations with grace. This was my chance to actively use the tools that I know to pull myself out and into my greatness.

And so, with one day left to my birthday which was on Christmas eve, I did just that. I reached out for support, I set and clarified intentions, I expressed myself fully to release any old, sticky energy and I rested. I was NOT going to feel like that on my birthday and I went into full release mode. I let go of figuring out why I was feeling like this or over analyzing how I could ‘get my life back on track’ which sounds so extreme and silly saying that thought now. Come to find out a few days later there was cosmic energy that was on point with what I was going through. 

Great as that was to hear, I truly see the significance of all of this happening right before I entered into a new birth year, before the birth of a new calendar year and before the birth of my first group program. There are no coincidences and no shortcuts. The only way out is through.

To my surprise, my birthday was a HUGE success! I did absolutely nothing and stayed at home, but I received countless birthday wishes, texts, photos, voicemails and love. I felt amazing, loved, honored, recognized, special and important. 

At the end of the day, I had an a-ha moment. I wondered why birthdays are so great and fulfilling, besides the whole presents thing, and especially when one does nothing for the entire day. How can it be that I feel so good and connected just by the communication I was having with my loved ones? 

Because I was completely open to receiving. 

I went into the day completely relaxed, knowing I had no obligations and my only job was to receive. Ah, yes. The power of the feminine that we so often forget in today’s society. My biggest life lesson, as is for so many women these days. Already, at 33, I’ve done so much inner work around feminine principles and receiving, knowing the magnitude that my magnificence holds, and yet…there is always room for growth and healing. 

I share this with you to remind you beautiful souls that it is ALWAYS your job to focus on receiving over anything, and in order to fully receive, you need to be relaxed and open enough to do so. From this place, cheesy as it sounds, you will experience everything you ever wanted. From this place, everything is literally possible. Only from this place will wisdom be shown to you, my darling. Only with this level of living will you be able to have the freedom that you really want. Start now by focusing on how you can get more relaxed and open.

EXERCISE: Look back to your best birthday ever…focus on you, not anyone else or what anyone else did. How relaxed were you? How open were you? How much capacity did you have to receive, from yourself and from others? What was different about YOU that day than the others? What did you do or think differently? Take this reflection into your life right now to start calling in what you want to manifest in the most natural way you can, simply by your being

All of my ambitions, goals, dreams that I thought weren’t my reality on that day in my bedroom, simply were revealed to me when I understood that connection is what I craved the most, and that I had it at my fingertips. Connection was the first step. 


Here is what Connection looks like for me this year. 

  • consistent connection with my self, caring for my body and mind daily, weekly and monthly by making time for my needs no matter what.
  • consistent connection with my husband and family, honoring their needs more and expressing mine more clearly.
  • consistent connection with my friends, virtual and in person by actively seeking out new activities and communities to get involved with. 
  • consistent connection with my tribe, my business, my clients and my communities that I’m creating by showing up more fully and often.
  • being in community with like-minded souls in different capacities of both business and personal all over the country.
  • calling people instead of texting or emailing them.
  • responding to people instead of assuming they know that I heard them.
  • reaching out for help and support more often when I feel low resourced.
  • offering my support and resources more to my clients, family, friends and community.
  • branching out of my comfort zone into new experiences that are scary but exciting. 
  • making travel a priority this year so I can see friends and enjoy life more on a consistent basis.
  • connecting to my style again with a ‘fitted and funky’ focus this year.
  • connecting my business and my brand together to create a revolutionary experience both online and off.
  • speaking at and hosting events and workshops often.
  • more to be revealed to me each minute….


I really want to know…What is YOUR theme for 2016?

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Set Yourself Up for Success with Soulful Goal Setting

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How was your 2015? I am hearing a mixed bag of rock bottom and the best year ever. Regardless of what happened this past year, you are more wiser and capable to continue moving towards your ideal life & space NOW (which is TOTALLY possible, btw). I feel strongly that it's up to each of us to create the life that we want to experience and that it really takes a lot of support to uphold such dreams. Why not start the year off doing both ~ dreaming my dreams and supporting you, my tribe.

I believe in fresh starts and powerful intentions to create the reality that we all want. New Years resolutions have a bad rep, so I would love to offer you a simple framework to banish overwhelm yet still challenge you to reflect, focus and start planning your year now while the energy is high, in order to set yourself up for success later. This is a ritual that is customized to YOU, based on what I personally do every year both on NYE and New Years Day. If we don't put effort into planning in a way that feels easy and aligned with who we are, nothing will ever get done. So, darlings...take some time right now to set yourself up for a successful 2016. Think of this as soulful goal setting. When you're done, comment below as I would LOVE to hear what you came up with and hold your intentions with you.


We can't claim our future without completing our past. Similarly, we can't complete our past without reflecting on the realities and events and understanding them fully. Look back on your year and actually write out what happened. Reflective journaling can be a powerful exercise to clarity. What went right? What went wrong? Was there an overarching theme that was present? Where were you out of integrity? When were you proud of what you did, and why? and most importantly, what did you learn?


List out your accomplishments from the year and celebrate yourself! I KNOW there is at least 15 accomplishments you can come up with easily, but try for 20 or 30! Challenge yourself to see more of the good, the positive, the glass half full than you have before. Open your own eyes to the power that you have come into. These can be anything from a career advancement to something good you said to something you didn't say (that's a hard one, huh?) to a challenging situation that you accomplished. Month by month, revel in the magnitude of your amazingness. One rule: NO thinking about failures here. Focus on celebrations. 


You may already be thinking about your failures or is the time to transform them into lessons and use them as fuel to fire up your confidence in 2016. What are you ready to release about yourself: your beliefs, your environment, your relationships, your commitments or your actions? Write them down. Bonus points if you burn them for significance sake! Remember, don't judge any emotion that comes up either. You are completely allowed to grieve here.


Now that you have clean energy, you can move forward into your desires. WHAT DO YOU WANT?! Claim it by setting powerful intentions for this coming year, as if they already happened and you are reading them on NYE 12/31/16. Keep them positive (as in avoid any terms that include "not" doing something, debt or losing weight, as these automatically imply that there is something wrong with you, which there isn't). Bonus points for adding in specific details and descriptive words that make the intention viscerally palpable. Then make sure you remind yourself of these intentions often. Energy flows where attention goes.
(This is the kind of thing we do every month in Monthly Moon Magic with Michelle.)


Using your top 1-3 intentions, dial down to the feeling those intentions bring you. What's the essence or vibe they give off? In other words, imagine yourself fully immersed in the reality of each intention...what does that feel like? What are the descriptive words that represent that reality? Write these down. Next, what physical items represent these feelings or descriptions to you. For example, I wrote down that my intentions for my career feel like flow, light, connecting, easy and sparkly. I thought about that and found a beautiful mirrored glass mobile that I can put outside my front door to represent all of those vibes! I was so excited. What's closest to us has the most impact on us, so why not surround ourselves with our intentions in tangible form? 

I hope this gives you some simple framework for setting up your goals in a way that feels possible and inspiring. Again, I would love to hear your goals and intentions, so please do share them with me if you feel called. 

Sending you lots of sparkles today, as you set the tone for the year to come.


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A Common Organizing Mistake That Can Keep You Stuck

Problem: Though your home is sizable and filled with gorgeous treasures, it still feels super disorganized. You have no room for the things you actually use on a daily or weekly basis and it’s making you mad! You are craving systems! Yes, that’s what you need, some sort of system. Or a mansion…either one. 

If you’re reading this, here’s what I know about you: You value beauty, good design or some piece of aesthetic loveliness. This is apparent in many ways from your key chain to your perfume tray to your priceless art pieces to your limited edition Swarovski bunny (go with it). I already know your environment is important to you because of who and what you choose to surround yourself with. I KNOW you have tried to get it together and that you are a smart person. So, why, then are you feeling confused, disorganized, ashamed and clutterfied? 


Here’s the lineup…

Confusion happens when we don’t have enough information. 
Disorganization happens when we postpone decisions or misplace our priorities. 
Shame happens when we feel like we are doing something wrong. 
Clutter happens when we neglect our space (due to previous reasons and becoming overwhelmed). 

Can you start to see the pattern here? If you are feeling any of these symptoms, your priorities are off balance, which is causing some serious setbacks. Ain’t no thang, honey! Read on…

I’m going to lay it out for you, but don’t take it personal (I’m just a bottom line kind of gal). 

You are prioritizing the wrong stuff. 

By placing seniority on your valuable decor items, the daily necessities are left to fall between the cracks (literally). So, what happens when we prioritize our valuable decor items and neglect what we actually USE? Clutter, confusion, disorganization and shame.   

It took a while for me to recognize this pattern in myself and then also to see it in my clients again and again. 

Another bottom line: You have plenty of space. I see this predicament with most of my clients no matter what the size of their home, and I’m finding myself in this situation at least once a month with them. That’s right! You are not alone. It’s happened enough now that it’s time for me to bottom line it in a blog (hooray!). My wish is for you to take charge of your space so you can have both beauty AND function. 

The Challenge

1. Distinguish what in your space has a place or system and what doesn’t. Lump ALL of your belongings into categories and put into two columns titled “Has a Home” and “Doesn’t Have a Home” 
(Potential categories include: Art, furniture, clothes, paper, office supplies, tableware, toiletries, make up, jewelry, shoes/accessories, etc. You can get as specific as “bunny collection” or as broad as “paper”).  

2. Next, you can see which categories have homes and which ones don't. Star or circle the categories that are in the “Doesn’t Have a Home” column that really need a home and could use some organization and priority.
(These are categories you use and need often such as clothes, toiletries or office supplies.)

This is where you will begin to see which categories need to possibly shift in your space setup priority list. Maybe you need a shelving unit where the huge painting is so you can easily access the books you read every day. Perhaps you need to put a wardrobe in place of that never-used victorian chair so you can hold all of your clothes or accessories neatly. Consider, even, the possibility of donating some excess decor to make room for (cute) containers for your supplies or toiletries. 

3. Finally, make a new two-column list titled “Priority” and “Extra”. Put the newly dubbed priority categories in the "priority" column and the categories that you don’t use often in the "extra" column.

Now, the priority categories are your first order of business. Move the extra items away and make room for the priorities (what you need and use). Put the priorities front and center, what I call the “prime real estate” where items are reachable and accessible.  If there is room at the end for the extras to live, great! If not, donate, store, sell or let go of. 

Decor should always be the last step in space planning. Keep in mind that your priority categories can be beautified, too!  It's just an opportunity for creativity.

Final bottom line: Systems help, but not until necessities have priority and take precedence over decor. (TWEET THAT)


Cheers to beauty AND function,


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Cosmic Construction: Organizing Your Days According to Astrology

Original post 2014 via  Some Like It Organized

Original post 2014 via Some Like It Organized

I believe we all are energy and what we DO with that energy can be powerful (TWEET THAT!).  Even more so when used in conjunction with other like energy simultaneously. This is similar to why Feng Shui works. In other words, a ton of people doing the same thing at the same time for the same reason. I'm sure you can understand why this concept in general is so powerful. 

We all have things to do. We all talk about there not being enough time to do it in. We all take on more than we can handle at some point and then complain why our lives aren't what we want it to be. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the "what life gives you" storm. We can all sure use any help we can get. Am I right?

That's why I get excited to utilize the universe for success. Here are 3 ways I've had success in constructing my days, weeks & to-do list according to the cosmos. 

Astrological Significance of Days of the Week

"Have you ever noticed how each weekday has a distinct feel to it? Each day of the week is governed by a planet or a luminary (moon and sun), and so each day has a special energy and feel to it according to its overruling planet. We can use astrological meaning of days to enhance our progress every day of the week. Being aware of daily planetary properties can facilitate alignment of our thoughts and allow a better flow of productivity throughout our days and weeks.

Learning the planetary personalities and each meaning of days opens a whole new realm of potential growth. A fabulous flow of energy can be created when we work with the planetary attributes rather than blindly moving through our week. Simply put, knowing astrological meaning of days gives us a secret weapon for success and productivity because we are working with the cosmic orbits, not against." - Avia Vanefica from

Here are my suggestions on what you can plan for each day that would be most beneficial:

Monday - MOON - introspection, meditation, determining emotions (write, set boundaries, feel into desires).
Tuesday - MARS - Take action on new/old projects (organizing!), plan a full day, stay active/energetic.
Wednesday - MERCURY - Communicate (email, speak, phone, blog...), connect, travel, go to doctor.
Thursday - JUPITER - Do anything that you want to grow/increase in size, meetings, planning.
Friday - VENUS - Love someone (you count!), dates, creativity, finding pleasure in necessary tasks.
Saturday - SATURN - Cleaning, preparation, studying, adventures
Sunday - SUN - Rest, cooking, learning, fueling, nurture, be bold, wish.


Time of Day Scheduling

Just like days of the week, the time of day has an impact on your productivity. Each hour is also ruled by a planet, but that gets too convoluted for me. Let's just go with the sun schedule here. Some of this might be obvious, but try to put a deeper meaning into what you schedule for each timeframe. 

DAWN: Ease into new energy, decide on intention as light emerges so you can "see" better

MORNING: Schedule something new, work on the hardest tasks needing the most energy or tasks that you desire expansion from.

NOON: Starting at 12pm, the sun is goin' down and that affects on our actions. After noon until evening is a great for working towards projects/goals, studying/learning and clean up any "mess" (whatever that might look like).

TWILIGHT: Wrap it up! Take it slow and be more alert as "shadows" are appearing, enjoy the transition.

NIGHT: Quiet rest and rejuvenation, secretive behavior or introspection, endings (think relinquishing duties/responsibilities or releasing of something no longer needed).


The Moon Cycles

The moon, as our closest planet, is SO POWERFUL. Especially for us Women! Each moon cycle is ruled by another planet and therefore comes with different traits/personalities/strengths. We can honor each 2 week cycle by living according to what the corresponding planet of the month represents. You can find information on what each month's planetary moon combo is online (google it). In general, keep these guidelines in mind for each phase:

NEW MOON - A fresh start to set intentions for the month and especially the next two weeks. It's the time to start new endeavors, begin processes and create. As the moon is waxing (getting bigger), we are able to harness that growth in our own lives, just like I mentioned in the morning time above. 

FULL MOON - Big & bright, this means we can see the darkest spots in our lives. It's our spotlight to celebrate. We are supported in "illuminating our shadow sides". As the moon is waning (getting smaller), it's the time to release what is no longer serving us such as habits, people, endeavors or beliefs. 


Fascinating, huh? 
What are you going to schedule now that you know which days are best for what?

Cheers to the cosmos,

Own Your Season of Life


How present and in the moment aware are you?

I find that it's all too common for us to live in the future or the past instead of enjoying what we have right here in the present. Unfortunately, there are more risks involved with that than we think.

Time for a change in thinking...

In America, we are conditioned to be nostalgic, rely on past patterns, stick to family traditions out of obligation or please others first. We are bombarded with pushy marketing to speed up, buy more and consume as much as we can. As a society, we are trained by each other to worry about money, take pills for anxiety, sabotage efforts of ourselves or others and become accustomed to settling for less than what we want. I think it's about time this ends.

I want to call you out of the trenches to rise up and be the person you actually want to be with the life you actually want to live. 

I said goodbye to that kind of life over a couple of years ago when I signed up for an exclusive life coach training program. It changed my life, yes, but it also made me finally realize shit needs to change NOW.

What we all need...

There are a myriad of lessons, routines and tools I could tell you about, but the biggest one of all that I am still learning how to master to this day is presence. With all that conditioning mentioned above, it's quite challenging to break those habits, right? Constant awareness and reminders have to be set to remember to be present. It's important because that's where all our power comes from, the present moment.

We give our power away when we live in the past or future. (TWEET THAT

That's when life goes downhill and we keep riding that roller coaster called overwhelm and unfulfillment. Let's not let life pass us by. Let's get off that roller coaster and meander along, soaking it all up.

Before we can do that, we need to shift our perspective to the present moment and the season of life we are currently in.

Reflection is a powerful tool for success, but presence is even more powerful. As I look back on the different times in my life, I definitely regret not enjoying them more. I have always wanted what I can't or don't have and in the fastest way possible. This obviously kept me from happiness and truly growing into myself naturally. Sometimes it takes a few re-dedications and flipping the switch to catch yourself and get off that roller coaster. I realize it's not about perfection, but, rather living in tune with every moment. Just like meditation, it's about bringing the focus back when we wander off. It's about honing THAT skill, as opposed to beating ourselves up that we aren't good at being present. How do we hone the skill of awareness and harnessing the present? By owning our season of life. 

What's your season?

Examples of seasons of life are: being a toddler, pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, studying abroad, month long backpacking trip to Europe, your 20s, volunteering on a politicians campaign, any job, being on tour, dealing with an illness, living in a certain neighborhood/city, being pregnant, raising a young child, raising a teenager, empty nesters, retiring, extended travel, retreats, unemployment, taking education courses, getting married, going all eat-pray-love, physical training, being in a relationship and the list goes on.

The actual events going on, people you are hanging out with, job you have and overall circumstance is your season of life. Sometimes seasons of life overlap. In other words, we have multiple seasons of life at the same time. We don't always know how long our season of life could be, but one thing is certain: it is unique to you and you will NEVER experience this season of life again. So ENJOY it! Relish this time, even if its hard. Savor the moments as much as you can, notice more, let arguments go, get out of your comfort zone, be with your loved ones and do what feels right at this time. Your bucket list will always be there and everything is in divine timing.

So, the question is, how can you cherish your season of life so that your daily experience is amazing? (Click to Tweet)

Actual Seasons

Also, as you may have guessed, the actual physical season we are in affects the quality of our seasons of life. That means taking full advantage of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Even when it's a season you hate, get into it. It will expand your enjoyment and overall happiness when you get out of your comfort zone and embrace what Mother Nature is givin'. This will help you be more present and elevate your experience.

Personally, I hate summer. I'm not a heat person, and I feel like my body shuts down when it's hot. I get grumpy, sweaty and triggered easily. What I know, though, is that these irritable signs are clues to where I need to grow. I am aware that my lifelong lesson will forever be "letting go" in some way or another and making it magical. For me in summer that looks like wearing really flowing clothes, savoring cold, delicious food, noticing breezes, going swimming, enjoying farmers markets and staying active. Air conditioned movie theaters are a beacon of light at this time for me, too. 

How can you harness the blissful moments of the physical season you are in now?

Now, I'd love to hear from you personally. 

Do you recognize what season of life you are in? What would be ONE thing you could start doing or being aware of that will enhance YOUR experience?

Tell me in the comments below or shoot me an email

Here's to owning where you're at!