Embracing Embodiment with Ava Adinolfi

Earlier this year, I was interviewed by miss Ava Adinolfi, who is my dear sister and client for her Embracing Embodiment series. It was such a fun interview as Ava is a playful and powerful leader in her field, blending coaching and dance!

She was so generous to let me share the recording with you all today. I wanted to share it because we touch on a lot of pieces that have been swirling in my own life recently and of course in my recent blogs. 

We talk about the importance of values, having a sacred space, practice, beauty, rituals and self care. But one of the biggest things that rings true for those that I've been talking to recently (my sisters, colleagues and clients) is the connection between compassion and judgement

So many times do we want to feel better, to do better, to be more successful, to have this dream, to be powerful and feel confident in who we are....but we often end up blocking the evolution with our judgement of the process. 

I've touched on this before, and I'm mentioning this again to inspire once more. Judging the timing, the turnout or the feeling in any way won't serve our evolution. Labeling something as "bad" is a red flag, so be on the look out!

I just heard from a friend today that she just cancelled her participation in a group that she recently signed up for, which was a conscious all in YES in the beginning. She only attended one group class and after that she made her decision to cancel and it felt amazing when she did. While she was sharing, I put myself in that same situation and thought "I would totally have judged and second guessed myself in that decision. I would have questioned if I was in my truth since apparently it didn't work out"

Who's to say it didn't work out, that the timeframe is bad or that our decisions were wrong? What if that ONE class was all she needed to learn an important lesson (which is was)? What if that 2nd decision of cancelling made her feel more aligned, connected to herself and be more confident in her actions (which it did)? 

In this interview, we touch on the concept of compassion and how it is what will bring you out of the judgement zone and allow you to discern the situation without a charge around it. It's important to release any kind of judgement because everything that happens to us is actually in service to our embodiment. 

Check out the interview below, it's only 28 minutes. When you're done, please share what you found most valuable in the comments below.

It helps everyone to hear what others are going through and what inspired them.