Turning your fears into freedom

Is fear running your life?
Are you always coming up with excuses as to why you can't do something or be somebody?
Are you self-sabotaging by playing small so you "just get by" or make "just enough" to stay afloat?
Do you isolate yourself from others when you are feeling down, sad or scared?

Although these scenarios are quite normal, they are not serving your highest potential, that magnificent woman with endless resources, enthusiasm and passion.

Although those scenarios are normal, they won't benefit your future or your quality of life.

And although those scenarios are normal, you can't possibly grow or cultivate happiness or success with beliefs that keep you in s state of fear. 

After leading an all-day intensive women's circle and workshop this past weekend (which was phenomenal, btw), the theme of identity has been extremely present in my life and the lives of my friends, colleagues and clients. I've seen first hand how much fear can control our lives and keep us playing small, in the "safe zone", where complacency exists. 

Identity is your persona, your life title, the characteristics of your being and your intrinsic makeup of will, skill and purpose. 

I know how much you want success, happiness, deep connection, freedom, balance and love, because not only do I see these desires every day with clients, but I want them myself, too. Before we can have these things, we have to actively and consciously create our identity from the inside out, first eliminating the fear holding us back and then claiming who we want to be. 

I'm bringing this up because I have a feeling fear might be really present in your life right now. 

You can tell if you feel stuck, if you feel disconnected, if you feel apathetic, if you feel alone, over-nostalgic, burnt out, overwhelmed, unmotivated and/or unhappy.

Today, I did my own work and journaling around any fears that might be present in my own life. After seeing the bravery of the women who worked through some fear at the workshop, and in honor of the major supermoon that is illuminating all of our fears right now, I sat down and got real. 

Although my life is drastically different than when fear was running my life, I still noticed how it was present and running the show in a few areas. Through the exercise I led myself through, I saw the connection that my fear had with my beliefs, which created my reality. I realized the perspective that I was choosing which wasn't helping feed my empowering beliefs, and saw where I could focus my efforts in a way that would increase my confidence in the beliefs I wanted to have which would give me the results I was looking for. At the end, I felt unstoppable

I took myself through a process that I made up on the spot from fear to freedom. I'm feeling the swirlings of a dream come on as I write this and think about the profound impact of a 30 min journaling session. Perhaps a new program is brewing, but I'll tell you what has shifted, and that is remembering of my life's purpose and mission. 

You see, what we often forget when we are blinded by fear is that it often shows us what our desires are or what our INTENTIONS could be.

Fear shows us our limiting beliefs and where we are giving our power away.

It shows us what perspective we are choosing to dwell in and, if we are willing, it can show us how capable we actually are to move past it. 

This is what I want for YOU, darling. I left my journal feeling empowered for myself and back on track, but more so, I feel called to connect with more women to give them the space to explore like I did in a safe and magically structured space to finally start creating positive results in their life. 

Moving past fear doesn't have to be complicated. Shifting your perspective from fear to love can be gentle, rewarding and empowering. This is what I would like to offer you today, as a special gift with no strings attached. 

I usually offer what I call "inspiration sessions" for those that want to learn how they can work with me. They are so much fun, and really, you can't be around me and not be inspired. However, I'd like to extend this complimentary time to you with a focus on turning your FEAR into FREEDOM in one mini session. 


You want in?

I won't be offering this again, so take advantage of this private one-on-one coaching time with me to help guide you through your fear and into a more liberating, authentic and successful life. 

Simply click on the button to book an Inspiration Session and write "FEAR TO FREEDOM" in the notes so I know it will be your special session. 

I really look forward to talking with those that are ready to confront their fear and walk with passion, purpose and power in their life starting NOW. 

Lots of love,


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What Makes or Breaks Success: Your Identity

Last week I shared about the importance of processing and how that serves you deeply in the success of your future. The week before I shared about the power of intentional living and how that is my #1 tool for success. There is a theme here, beauty, if you haven’t noticed…and there is a flow that I am creating that is taking you on a journey in a specific way that aligns with this specific time of year.

The one thing we all want is happiness. To me, what I hear underneath that is success and personal power…because how can we GET happiness without those two? Happiness is something we create from the inside that affects our experience on the outside. It’s a direct result of the transformation that occurs within our soul or a shift in our perception.

I know now that external circumstances have NOTHING to do with our happiness. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and everywhere in between. The happiest I’ve been was when I was the most poor because that forced me to focus on what REALLY mattered, who I really was and what I was actually capable of. I am in no way advocating that a low income = happiness, but what I know is that our low points offer so much perspective that have the potential to amplify our internal power which catapults us into a stronger, wiser, more resourced version of ourselves. 

Since part of my purpose is to support women in cultivating sustainable power, I have to address the big elephant in the room that really sets the tone for our level of happiness: Our Identity

What and who we identity with directly impacts our quality of life and happiness. 

Our identity determines our success.

If I had identified as “poor” or a big ole “victim” when I was broke (and I did lean towards those a few times), I wouldn’t have risen up to the level at which I needed to in order to create the future I was desiring, speaking spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. 

If I had identified as part of a “broken home” after my parents got divorced, I wouldn’t have been able to find true, meaningful love or experience the marriage I am in. 

If I had identified myself as fat, ugly or too big in physical terms, I wouldn’t have gained the confidence in myself that I have nor would I have the lavish experiences that I did with my girlfriends. 

See, there’s a difference between thinking some of these thing once in a while (normal) and identifying with the persona. The identity that we choose comes from what we think over and over as our internal dialog, which affects our belief system, who is really steering the ship (our subconscious). 

We all have blocks that are holding us back and I believe we all need to consistently re-evaluate what we are thinking, doing and being that can heal our past (old, outdated patterns + beliefs) and serve our future (inspiration, pleasure, action). 

I am by no means perfect in this area, but I am active when it comes to doing the work that is necessary to move past these outdated identities. I don’t ever want to hide behind my old persona’s like “party girl”, “dumb blonde”, “fat girl” or “poor”. I know they are not really true. I know I am way more than that. I also know that they were what I secretly identified with back in the day and totally kept me down because they crushed my self worth.

What persona are you secretly identifying with? 

What persona or identity would you LIKE to identify with? 

I honor the clarity that is coming up for you. Know that whatever is meant to come up, will. If it is coming up now, you are meant to be dealing with it now. You have the support, knowledge, know-how and resources to shift the identity that is steering your ship into one that creates success and sustains your happiness. 

And, beautiful sister, if you live in the Bay Area, I would like to invite you to work through this with me, LIVE in person for a women’s circle and workshop on the magical 11/11/2016.

I am hosting this event with my soul-sister Dawn Bennet (a highly skilled bodyworker + homeopath) called LIVING FROM THE HEART which is built to assist you in releasing those old, outdated patterns, beliefs and stuck emotions and provide you with the tools, space and support to claim your new identity that will lead to your desired happiness and success. We have carefully curated a magical day to serve your highest evolution and to help you uncover your deepest truth + learn the power of intentional living. This is your chance to transform your identity into who you are meant to be, strengthen your sense of self and reconnect to your heart’s desires so you can create the quality of life you deserve.

We have a special early bird registration investment which is incredibly affordable for what you will receive. Or if you know of anyone that you’d like to invite, please help us spread the word.  ALL OF US NEED THIS! Thank you so much in advance. 

If you do not live nearby, we are hosting a live complimentary virtual women’s circle as a teaser to this event to answer questions and get you thinking about your identity on Wednesday October 26, 2016. You can RSVP here. 


With so much deep love for you, sister, to be on the journey with you, wherever you are at. I’d love to hear what came up for you after reading all of this. Where are you at with your identity and is there a gap in who you want to be? Please comment below and tell us.