"How the hell do I follow my heart?"

I’d like to share the stirrings of my own heart this week, in hopes you can find some inspiration for your own life. Maybe a sign to keep going or turn around. I just want to offer you my truth, trusting that it will serve you in some way.

I’m preparing for what is going to be a very powerful workshop and women’s circle live in the Bay Area on Friday, so my mind and heart are swirling around this topic. I’m tuned into the energy of the women who will attend, holding space for their transformation already while still healing and working through my own version of an Identity shift. It’s wild! This is my life. 

I’ve asked this question for many many years now…

How the hell do I follow my heart?

Ive never really come up with a succinct answer, it just happened through a series of very fortunate and conscious events. I first learned what obstacles were in the way, so I could make the process feel lighter. I then had to hone the habits that support my becoming. Now, as I continue to shift more into the divine feminine as a leader, mentor, coach, friend, daughter, sister and lover, I am now understanding the deep truths that are emerging that are quite scary for this superficial world we are used to. There is a power within me (and I believe within all of us women, especially those reading this) that is exquisitely grand, ready to roar and bestow love on women who need healing. My life is ready to expand, and my heart has been doing so lately.

I have been thinking back to how I pulled off so many successes and dreams, how I have led with heart. I’m reminiscing on how I overcame the weight of our inherited instruction and ingrained beliefs to play small as well as how painful that felt. I knew I was always meant for something greater than the status quo, but how could that happen when my heart was aching, when I had no clue how I was going to get there or what I even wanted? How the hell do I follow my heart?!

As with most processes, it all starts with release. We can’t pick up something new until we put down what we’re still holding onto. I visualized my heart being surrounded by overgrown weeds and tall walls of protection. I saw it as a scary place, an untrustworthy and dangerous place that if anyone got a glimpse of her (my heart), she would be toast. My unhappiness was a sign I was neglecting her, but I couldn’t find the courage to honor her. 

So, I found my way to her through my inner wisdom’s direction:


take down the walls of obligation

tumble the bricks of the past

cut the thorns of people pleasing

put out the fires of overwhelm


and let your heart breathe again.

give her space and love and attention and stillness.

care for the body holding her together.

listen to the subtle whispers,

honor the feelings she offers you

and find the flutterings of her desire

in the time she wants to show them to you.


And over time, with the right help, support, structures and boundless love, I learned how to do this. And I’m still learning how. Everyone is my teacher: the animals, my relationships, my clients, strangers, my mentors, celebrities, my family. We, as women, are Queens by birthright. We have the power to rule with heart or rule with hate. In order to heal this planet, it starts with us. Everyone is looking to us to set the example and have the courage to just START. So I am setting that example. I stumble sometimes, but I always come back to her. It is so worth it. 

If you live in the Bay Area or would like to come visit, read more about my event Living From The Heart. We have limited spots left and it would be an honor to have you. I know the the women who are feeling the calling are meant for monumental shifts in their life. I’m honored and grateful to be providing this opportunity for more women to know and understand what it takes to live, love and lead with heart. 

May your week, no matter the outcome of this crazy election, be full of heart. What stirs within her, love? Do share below in the comments. 

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