10 Things You May Not Know About Me

My two biggest missions and themes for this 2016 are connection and community. I am still getting to know my new city, I'm building my coaching business and network and I'm expanding my reach or impact on the planet.

YOU are part of my mission and I desire to connect with YOU, personally. You are the reason I show up for this kind of work. So, in hopes to learn more about you, I wanted to share some things about me that you might find interesting. Some are a little vulnerable, but that's also what I'm here to do and that's the place that connects us. I am such an open book but don't always get the chance to get personal with my tribe or clients, and I believe that is really a key part to connecting and being in relationship with one another. Commonalities bond us and/or spark conversation- what really connects us as humans.

Enjoy these tid bits today and please comment below to share some things about yourself!


I’m a Professional Organizer and Feng Shui Consultant

You might only know me as either a coach or an organizer or a Feng Shui consultant, but in fact I'm all of them. Since I'm still in transition and working in both fields, I'm still discovering how to merge the two and how I want my brand to incorporate both. (related fact: I was a messy and cluttered child).

I adore animals

Animals are spectacular. I learn so much from them and they are cutest things in the world to me. I couldn’t imagine a life without them, dogs in particular. You know those women who see babies and squeal because of how cute they are? That is me when I see a dog. Doesn’t matter if I’m in the car, walking on the street or watching tv, I will no doubt gasp with joy and publicly acknowledge the dog, and pet it if I can. (related fact: I have two pugs who are brothers named Milo & Otis. They have their own Instagram)



I love electronic music

When the rumblings of rhythm in this way started in the 80s, I was digging it (even as a little one, born in ’82). When dance music hit the scene for real in the 90’s, it was ALL I listened to. I even purchased Christian electronic music in high school. In the late 90’s/early 2000’s I was involved in the Southern California rave scene which not only helped me find my purpose in life but also brought me the greatest joy I had ever known (yes, even beyond the drugs). Electronic music touches my soul, I get the chills every single time I listen to a well produced song and I’m what they call a House Head. (related fact: I used to work in the music industry at a major record label, BMG which eventually became Sony.)

I’m a dancer

But haven’t really practiced in years. This is definitely on my radar to bring back into my life. When I was younger, I went to said music events and would be in the middle of the dance circle, battling other dancers with all eyes on me.  A few times I was filmed. I love it so much. I’m always the first one on the dance floor (in fact I one an award for that at camp, lol). I also am obsessed with swing dancing!



I moved around a lot my whole life

Most people consider this to be a bad thing, but I feel so blessed to have moved many times as both a child and adult. I believe this kind of life shaped my destiny and life purpose immensely. I greatly enjoy change and travel (as a Saggitarus cusp-er) and it taught me to not attach myself to people/places/things. It was always a way to start over fresh and sometimes even with a new identity and name! Now, as I’m in my 30’s I want to lay down roots finally, but I look back on all the places I lived for 30 years with gratitude.


I’m pretty silly

People who know me know that I am a playful gal who loves to laugh. I enjoy spontaneity just as much as I love planning. I used to create new words with my friends, I like making loud random sounds to my puppies or husband and the smallest things make laugh out loud. I’m a good ego booster for people, that’s for sure. ;) Fun is a very motivating factor for me.



I’ve always been extremely spiritually active

Growing up Christian was such a gift as it taught me tools on how to get closer to God and be in a community fellowship. I also think that upbringing was helpful in me feeling safe to believe in something greater, even if everyone else did not. I’ve moved beyond this religion today, from years of searching for more, and now, to me, spirituality is comprised of so many “normal” functions from sleep to self-love to morning routines. I believe our bodies are our compass, that sisterhood heals everything and magic is real- described as the complete joy from us mixed with the divine and alchemized into reality. All of those things are spiritual. Any act of love to oneself or another is spiritual. My spirituality is everything to me and I try to infuse it into everything I am.


I’m an empath and intuitive

Speaking of spirituality, I recently in the last several years realized that what I feel is a thing! I can sense others energies or take on their burdens/emotions physically. I can deeply relate to others immediately, which is why they have always come to me for help with their problems. I am extremely sensitive to the energy of others, especially in a crowded space, which is sometimes overwhelming. I am somewhat psychic as I receive visions and knowings of what is to happen in the future often. I can tap into people’s higher selves and speak with them from mine. These are treasures I am still honing in on and integrating into my work and life. I do believe everyone has these senses but at different levels.



I love sitting cross legged

If there's a chance to sit, I always want to sit cross legged: in the car as a passenger on long road trips, right now as I sit in my office chair (I had to buy a new chair to accommodate this posture), on the couch and especially sitting on the floor in meditation or women’s circles. I have no idea why and I know it's bad for my knees, but it’s so comfy!



If I love you, I’ve probably patted you before

This is another odd one. I like to pat or pet people when they do something cute or I realize how much I love them. Kind of like you would pet a dog a few times, I pat a human on their leg or back a few times when I feel they are being super special. My mom hates it when I do this to her, because she thinks I am making fun of her, but I usually just have no words to describe my love and that’s how I show it. (related hand fact: I’m a compulsive tapper with my fingers. It’s not an anxiety thing, it’s a rhythm thing. I am always making music or singing in my head and creating a beat with my hands all the time. It probably stems from playing piano).



What is ONE thing about YOU that you want to share???