Your Desires are your Destiny


Do you remember who told you your dreams were just that, a dream (aka NOT reality)? 

Personally, I can't pinpoint one person. It was more like everyone who I was close to telling me I can't do this or I can't do that. I was the toddler...and little girl....and teenager asking WHY all the time. I didn't understand the concept of "can't" and I refused to accept the "because I said so" from Mom. I couldn't WAIT to get older so I could finally start doing stuff! Until then, however, it was rebellion central. 

Fast forward to 2008. I had a near fatal car accident and I was at an emotional rock bottom. My life was "great" but I was totally unfulfilled. I had everything I was supposed to have, a new husband, youth, fun, friends, family, big home, fancy car...why wasn't I happy? I started getting real and letting some things go, pursuing new ideas and I actually wrote out a life that I thought would be my dream life. Freedom, support, love, excitement, sisterhood...all of this was on my mind. I knew it was out there because other people had it. I knew I might as well hope.

Fast forward to now. I'm living that "dream life" I set the intention for! I quote that because although I definitely would call my life wonderful, fulfilling and truly is everything I wanted at that time, there is still more I desire. I desire to play a bigger role, professionally. I desire a new home up north. I desire to harness more of my creativity. I desire to bring magical things to the world.

There's a lot I want, but my point is there is never a destination. We are all meant to shine along the way. We have to just keep going and moving towards what we love, what we are good at, what we feel called to, NO MATTER WHAT. When we do so, our full potential comes out and that leads us to our true destiny. Sometimes the path is unclear, in which case it's the time to remember to put one foot in front of the other and expect a miracle and make some magic happen with intentions. "Do what you can with what you have where you are." 

What you are craving right now is already yours in the future. It could be a job, a person, an item, a vacation, a feeling...but ONLY if you claim it by moving towards it. 

What do you need to say yes to? 

What do you need to say no to? 

What needs to be clarified to get a better perspective on how you would get there? 

Who do you need to accept support from? 

I was astonished and bewildered when I realized my dream life came true. Although it was nothing major in comparison to worldly definitions, it was big to me! I had evidence that I could create a life I wanted, far from the lackluster life I was living. I look back on what it took me to get here and I see now how easy it all really is, once I was devoted to it. Here's the process in an extremely simplified way. 

I challenge you to put this in place in your own life.


1.  Dream
Get outside of your normal routine. Daydream and ponder your preferences. What would be ideal for you?

2. Make it official somehow
Write it down or record yourself talking about your dream as if it's yours now.  

3. Make aligned decisions
Move towards it in every way possible (for the highest good of all concerned, of course). Every action and thought of yours is choice, so choose to do+think things that will bring you closer to your dream. 

4. ALLOW through awareness.
Catch those small moments of synchronicity. Recognize helpful people. Be grateful for opportunities. Ask+receive support. 

Before you know it, it will hit you. You'll be experiencing the life you wanted. And, you’ll want more, and be even MORE capable to get to that new place. Effort creates ease. 

Celebrating your dream in advance,