Cosmic Construction: Organizing Your Days According to Astrology

Original post 2014 via  Some Like It Organized

Original post 2014 via Some Like It Organized

I believe we all are energy and what we DO with that energy can be powerful (TWEET THAT!).  Even more so when used in conjunction with other like energy simultaneously. This is similar to why Feng Shui works. In other words, a ton of people doing the same thing at the same time for the same reason. I'm sure you can understand why this concept in general is so powerful. 

We all have things to do. We all talk about there not being enough time to do it in. We all take on more than we can handle at some point and then complain why our lives aren't what we want it to be. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the "what life gives you" storm. We can all sure use any help we can get. Am I right?

That's why I get excited to utilize the universe for success. Here are 3 ways I've had success in constructing my days, weeks & to-do list according to the cosmos. 

Astrological Significance of Days of the Week

"Have you ever noticed how each weekday has a distinct feel to it? Each day of the week is governed by a planet or a luminary (moon and sun), and so each day has a special energy and feel to it according to its overruling planet. We can use astrological meaning of days to enhance our progress every day of the week. Being aware of daily planetary properties can facilitate alignment of our thoughts and allow a better flow of productivity throughout our days and weeks.

Learning the planetary personalities and each meaning of days opens a whole new realm of potential growth. A fabulous flow of energy can be created when we work with the planetary attributes rather than blindly moving through our week. Simply put, knowing astrological meaning of days gives us a secret weapon for success and productivity because we are working with the cosmic orbits, not against." - Avia Vanefica from

Here are my suggestions on what you can plan for each day that would be most beneficial:

Monday - MOON - introspection, meditation, determining emotions (write, set boundaries, feel into desires).
Tuesday - MARS - Take action on new/old projects (organizing!), plan a full day, stay active/energetic.
Wednesday - MERCURY - Communicate (email, speak, phone, blog...), connect, travel, go to doctor.
Thursday - JUPITER - Do anything that you want to grow/increase in size, meetings, planning.
Friday - VENUS - Love someone (you count!), dates, creativity, finding pleasure in necessary tasks.
Saturday - SATURN - Cleaning, preparation, studying, adventures
Sunday - SUN - Rest, cooking, learning, fueling, nurture, be bold, wish.


Time of Day Scheduling

Just like days of the week, the time of day has an impact on your productivity. Each hour is also ruled by a planet, but that gets too convoluted for me. Let's just go with the sun schedule here. Some of this might be obvious, but try to put a deeper meaning into what you schedule for each timeframe. 

DAWN: Ease into new energy, decide on intention as light emerges so you can "see" better

MORNING: Schedule something new, work on the hardest tasks needing the most energy or tasks that you desire expansion from.

NOON: Starting at 12pm, the sun is goin' down and that affects on our actions. After noon until evening is a great for working towards projects/goals, studying/learning and clean up any "mess" (whatever that might look like).

TWILIGHT: Wrap it up! Take it slow and be more alert as "shadows" are appearing, enjoy the transition.

NIGHT: Quiet rest and rejuvenation, secretive behavior or introspection, endings (think relinquishing duties/responsibilities or releasing of something no longer needed).


The Moon Cycles

The moon, as our closest planet, is SO POWERFUL. Especially for us Women! Each moon cycle is ruled by another planet and therefore comes with different traits/personalities/strengths. We can honor each 2 week cycle by living according to what the corresponding planet of the month represents. You can find information on what each month's planetary moon combo is online (google it). In general, keep these guidelines in mind for each phase:

NEW MOON - A fresh start to set intentions for the month and especially the next two weeks. It's the time to start new endeavors, begin processes and create. As the moon is waxing (getting bigger), we are able to harness that growth in our own lives, just like I mentioned in the morning time above. 

FULL MOON - Big & bright, this means we can see the darkest spots in our lives. It's our spotlight to celebrate. We are supported in "illuminating our shadow sides". As the moon is waning (getting smaller), it's the time to release what is no longer serving us such as habits, people, endeavors or beliefs. 


Fascinating, huh? 
What are you going to schedule now that you know which days are best for what?

Cheers to the cosmos,