How Your Halloween Costume Helps You Be More Successful

Happy Halloween! I dressed up as a Magical Muse Goddess, although someone commented that I could also be the Snapchat flower crown filter. Ha! 


Who or what did you dress up as, and why? 

What I LOVE about Halloween is that it’s just an excuse to dress up! If you know me by now you know that fun and playfulness are muy importante in my world. It’s a time to try things out, get creative, tap into another persona and explore how we can adorn ourselves in a beautiful way. Exploring beauty is an exciting part of a woman’s life. We were bred to cultivate beauty of all sorts and I believe our greatest purpose as women is to be fully expressed. 

Halloween allows us to playfully express ourselves through another identity. Consider it “practice” for your own expression because there’s a reason you chose that costume. There is something about that character that you like, something you want to tap into a little more.

Since I am always on the lookout for what helps us stay successful and be more powerful, I noticed something that I thought would be a valuable perspective for you.

Here’s how your Halloween costume can help you become more successful:

Makes you smarter

When all rules are out, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. Some costumes require a lot of details and planning, inviting our most resourceful self to come forward. When we are in a creative space, full of excitement and inspiration, our brain works at its optimal level. It’s kinda like problem solving… putting all the pieces together to create an outcome. Scouring the internet or stores for the perfect attributes to our costume or coming up with unique pairings that makes up something new are all creative ways that heighten our ability to problem solve and inevitably, be successful.

Connects you to others

If you are dressing up, chances are you will be around people. I’m a big cheerleader for connection (with it being my theme for the year and all) because we have WAY more power, impact, pleasure, happiness, confidence, contribution and growth when we are connected to others. During Halloween events, we get to experience camaraderie and bond over all the interesting costumes ideas. We inspire each other, laugh together and enjoy a different side of one another that isn’t normally present. This allows us feel supported, accepted and inspired which helps us feel safe enough to innovate and authentically create success.

Strengthens your confidence + skill set 

This is why I wrote this blog. When we dress up, we tap into a new identity and basically become that character. We use the mindset they would have to do, say + think differently in order create an experience that is the costume. Do you see how amazing that is? We can literally become another persona or identity if we wanted to. We can “borrow” their values, quirks, ideas, confidence, mannerisms and power. 

This is exactly how archetypal coaching works. Archetypes are simply personas that are within all of us which we can use in any moment to create what we want or need. Common archetypes are the Lover, the Warrior or the Wizard. We don’t have to have been this person before to know what makes them powerful. We can obviously see the traits that make them so, and cultivate those traits in ourselves when we need it, to balance out a situation or simply to have a bigger impact on our life or someone else’s. 

Maybe we have to go through a tough situation with a friend who is dealing with a loss of a family member, so we can use the Lover’s soft and compassionate energy to support them best. Maybe we need to tackle a very big dilemma that requires way more productivity than we are used to, so we can tap into the Warrior’s energy to get it done. Or maybe we are having trouble problem solving in some way and need the energy of the Wizard to help us stay curious and creative. Do you get why Archetypes are so powerful now? Think of your costume as an archetype. No matter how small, silly or creative your costume is, there is power in it’s identity. Find it’s power and see how you can “borrow” or use its power in real life for your own challenges. 

So, that’s why I love Halloween. It helps us test the waters on our expression and allows us to understand the power of identities. 


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Do share what your costume was and what power that identity allowed you to see.