How to Get The Most Out of Summer with Feng Shui

Summer is here, ladies & gents! I’ve decided to write a little something for every season based on Feng Shui principles and how we can use Feng Shui and the current season to increase the success in our lives, whatever our goals are. But first, here’s a little bit of background on what Feng Shui is….

Feng Shui translates to “Wind and Water”. It is the practice of balancing energy, both seen and unseen. We can use Feng Shui within our homes or work spaces and also within our bodies + minds.

The balance is of the Yin and Yang, or feminine and masculine. Every character trait, essence, action and item possess either a yin or a yang quality. The study of Feng Shui teaches us how to utilize everything around us to serve us (and all) in our life balance. I believe it is the magical supplement to personal development and psychology that allows us to be in our excellence- mind, body and soul.

It’s been a true honor and pleasure teaching and utilizing Feng Shui for 9 years, because I have been able to shift my mindset and environment to shift my life experience, sometimes instantly. Anytime I am out of balance, I go straight to Feng Shui principles to see what might be off in that area, where I can put more attention on and how I can tweak my surroundings and thoughts to manifest my desired lifestyle. No doubt there are a lot of factors at play to change a life, circumstance or challenging situation, but Feng Shui has ALWAYS come through for me more than anything else. Plus, much of the mindset and manifesting tools that I use as a coach are in alignment with ancient Feng Shui principles. It all comes together seamlessly, which is why I am so passionate about sharing this wisdom with as many people as possible. 

  • The first time Feng Shui worked for me was producing instant income for my husband and I, along with a brand new career! 
  • The second major time Feng Shui wow’d me was how I used it to move from LA to San Francisco and land my dream home, city and network. 
  • The last time it has helped me manifest something major was my recent unexpected luxury trip to Ireland.

There have been so many smaller things that have transpired because of how I implement Feng Shui in my living spaces like harmonious relationships when there was only tension and transition, healing from an illness quickly, improving the quality of my business + clients, keeping the flow of money coming in during a stagnant time (or several) and igniting new romance in my life after separating from my husband. 

Life changes, sometimes very fast, so what I love about Feng Shui the most is that it helps us be resilient in our adaption to life. Not only that, but empowered and inspired! There is so much Feng Shui can create for us, because energy exists all around us and remember Feng Shui is the practice of balancing this energy. It’s basically making the “energy” noticeable and meaningful for you, so that you can do something with it in this physical experience on Earth. 


The Summer season is all YANG energy, masculine, loud, creative, colorful, hot and social. It’s all about action! It’s really fun to harness the energy of each season because again, it helps us experience life better and more easier as we go along with the natural “flow”. The more we can surrender to the flow, the easier our lives become. It’s like path of least resistance, which is so successful, it is how nature operates. 

The way we can use summer to our benefit in Feng Shui terms is to get out of our comfort zone! Be more creatively expressed, take some risks, move more, be more social, invite more activities in our lives, commune with nature more or live life more “loudly”. Don’t hesitate and think of one of my favorite phrases ‘Carpe Diem’ which means ‘seize the day’. Summer is the time to activate your passions, as the element fire rules this season.

Dive into your bliss and follow it fiercely.

In your home, light more candles or the fire pit more often. Bring in some warm tones, unless your location is extremely hot, in which case you can balance that energy with some cool colors. Make sure to have inspiring art or objects around you so you will constantly feel inspired to get out and do something.

What’s the first thing that came to mind that you want to do??? *comment below*

If you are left feeling super curious about how and why all this Feng Shui stuff works, I invite you to take action now and sign up for my upcoming 9-week virtual Feng Shui program, Around The BaGua.

In this online program, we will meet weekly to discuss every area of life, how it relates to Feng Shui and how to enhance your home + beliefs to create the life you are looking for. It’s a mix of ritual, ancient techniques and mindset makeovers that will up-level every area of your life, if you let it. This program comes around just once a year and there are many happy students who shared their journey. Head over to the link below and read more about it + register to claim your spot as there is limited availability! 

The Missing Link in Goal Setting + 4-Step Cure

Ever set big goals, plan meticulously and do the work but never quite get there? Ever have big dreams to be a certain way but never seem to experience it? Or perhaps you reach your goals, but not with much grace and you’re always left burnt out? Maybe you accomplish something, but the feeling is fleeting, like nothing ever really gets that much better? 

As a former workaholic, I remember pushing through every single day to get things done and accomplish my goals. Sometimes, I would reach them and just feel like “meh…what now?”  Or I felt like there was actually more to do. Most of the time, though, I didn’t reach my big goals or dreams. I fell short and beat myself up about it, thinking I needed to do more or that I needed to be better at the task at hand.

Then this led me to not setting goals anymore, because I just didn’t believe in myself, which perpetuated my negative feelings. This caused me to be lazy, apathetic and most commonly, extra-busy, so I could distract myself from these feelings. It was like I was either at one end of the spectrum or the other with no sense of confidence. 

Can you relate?

What was happening was I was out of balance with my power.

I felt inherently not good enough, trapped in shame and inadequacy. The only thing I knew how to do was work hard, so I kept going back to how society trained me in the pursuit of perfection. All of my focus was on outside tasks, deadlines, obligations and activities.

If we are in constant state of pushing through, working, producing and action mode, we most likely won’t achieve our goals, and if we do, it won’t be sustainable. The reason for this is because we are only using one side of ourselves, the mind. It’s also over-using the masculine-type qualities within us that will inevitably burn us out. The focus is too much on things outside of ourselves, thinking we can control them, but the reality is we can only control ourselves. 

We all have masculine and feminine qualities within each of us. They serve us when there is a balance between the two. When we are too much in our masculine, there is only doing which causes depletion. When we are only in our feminine, there is only being and nothing will get done. 



The missing piece in this puzzle is being more. Being who we would be after we have reached that goal and harnessing the feminine essence within us. By exploring, nurturing ourselves, playing, processing, relaxing and rejuvenating along with all the work we are doing. This gives us the space to integrate, feel more and let our body lead the way. 

The missing link is embodiment. 

Embodiment to me means the infusion of our beliefs or desires in our body or actions. It’s the union of our soul and body. It is the manifestation of our curiosities and who we are at our core. It means it’s in our bones, our being and our routines. It means it’s second nature and we can access it immediately. 

Goals are simply what we desire to experience in the future, so incorporating our bodies in planning for them is just as crucial as what we do with our mind to get there. Usually what we’re embodied in is what we value most. Our goals are the map to what we NEED to embody or grow in. In order for this to happen, we have to work with both the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves. 

These days, I live an embodied life by devoting myself to what’s important to me, which always produces results beyond my imagination. This means I do everything I can with what I have, consistently, in honor of my desires and my values. I allow myself to feel and rest just as much as I take action. 

If you are feeling inadequate, stuck, exhausted or burned out with big ambition, here are my suggested 4 steps to becoming embodied:

1. Set your schedule. 
I’m sure you don’t have an issue scheduling your tasks, but make sure to set aside time for spacious flow, relaxing, playing and just being. I find that loose structure works better than rigid rules, so make sure what you plan out is doable for you. 

2. Get support. 
Often, we are so blinded by our ways and perceptions about ourselves that we don’t see how far we have come or how amazing we are. We need the reflections, validation and encouragement of others to increase our confidence and see ourselves from a different perspective. Motivation often follows being simply witnessed.

3. Practice. 
Use every conversation as a way to practice listening and speaking. Use every new week as an opportunity to balance out your actions with rest. Use every day to keep doing that which you desire by practicing both being and doing, especially when it’s uncomfortable. 

4. Be compassionate. 
The journey to embodiment isn’t necessarily an easy one. Know you are doing the best you can and that any roadblocks that pop up are only detours to your destiny. When we are able to think, speak and act with compassion and non-judgment, our vibration rises and we can access more parts of ourselves that have the answers we’re looking for. When we raise our vibration, we naturally attract the opportunities, love, support and willpower that we need.

I know if you are reading this, you’re here to do great things. Cheers to being a powerful, embodied human being. 


YOUR TURN! Tell me in the comments below what you would like to embody.