SPECIAL INVITATION: Time to up-level your life!

Hello beautiful!

How was your summer? I took a break from blogging and retreated to do some inner work on myself. I’ve hardly been on social media this month, which is saying a lot! It’s been a lovely experience these last few weeks, and I can sense there is lots more to come. Here is a photo of one of my more memorable moments while I was on retreat in Connecticut last week in the middle of a women's circle (I'm in the pink).

This year has been one of the best years of my life and I can feel more abundance and opportunities unfolding now still. This month is also a powerful energetic time. Expect to have the opportunity to transform your way of life and way of being in the comings weeks. Hey, and if you’ve already had some shifts, I’d love to hear about them!! 

Today I am entering back into the blogging atmosphere to not only re-commit myself to YOU, to showing up for you and myself in a more powerful way, but also to finally invite you to something special and close to my heart. 

You are cordially invited to join the second round of my now signature program Around The Bagua: 9 Weeks to Energetically Uplevel Every Area of Your Life! This is a virtual group Feng Shui program with soul.

The launch of this program is timed divinely on purpose with the energy of this month. I am calling in women who desire to shift their inner and outer world and who want to stop being stuck, disorganized, low energy, broke, lonely or all of the above. I have been called to offer this program again NOW because there is a need I see amongst my tribe, friends, family and society this year that needs the information, tools, support and fun that (my kinda) Feng Shui can provide. 

You see, I got involved with Feng Shui when everything in my life was utterly disastrous. I was broke, jobless, on the brink of divorce, stuck in toxic relationships, estranged from some family members and was in a near fatal car accident. Nothing in my life had meaning and nothing I did was working to make anything better. When I joined a class with total strangers, my whole life completely turned around based on the powerful teachings of Feng Shui and the connections I made with my space and self that were based on the Feng Shui principles. I got my power back, found my purpose, started making money, created my business, saved my marriage, released friends that no longer served me, healed my relationship with my family and found my joy again. If it wasn’t for Feng Shui, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It changed my life and was the catalyst to truly stepping into my destiny. 

I know those of you reading this may not be at this low of a level, BUT, my point is that Feng Shui and it’s principles are powerful and when used in conjunction with mindset tools, organization, success techniques, magic ritual and sisterhood, it makes us UNSTOPPABLE

So, think about your big goal right now, your new years resolution or your intentions you just set for the new moon. What if you could add INSTANT meaning and energy flow into your self and space to manifest this? That is what’s possible in this program. Around The Bagua guides you in getting unstuck and creating success in your life and business so you can truly THRIVE. Whatever goal you have, you can cultivate with the tools and techniques that will be taught in this program.


And, you will have the soul-support of a new sisterhood of like minded women and me to help you along the way (a priceless gift that will absolutely change your life).

If you resonate with this, if you feel the energy during this month already and are feeling called to step into something transformative so you can take your life to a new level, then please join me for this program. 

You can learn more about the details here: http://www.michellepowell.me/aroundthebagua

We start September 18th and there are limited spots available. This will sell out, so make sure you jump on this chance if you are even considering it. I would be happy to speak with anyone about this to see if this program would be a good fit for them. Simply go here to schedule your time with me or shoot me an email.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information on the program and to claim your spot. 



I would love to know, what are you looking to shift in your life??? Comment below!