3 Smart Stress Cures

April is Stress Awareness Month, so I thought I would share my favorite tips on combating the evil S word.

Original post 2014 via Some Like It Organized

Original post 2014 via Some Like It Organized


When we let ourselves get stressed, it causes loads of illnesses, increases risk of disease, makes us fat, yadda yadda yadda. You're smart, you know this.

We all know we shouldn't have stress, but we still do, right? What I want to get into right now is how you can actually flip that switch the moment you recognize stress.

What stresses you out? Why do you think it stresses you out? Think about it...if what stresses you out brings you to a level that is not supporting you, why do you let it happen?

I am inspired by my friend Crystal this week when she told me a story of her and her boss. She explained how stressful her job has been and what negative, projective energy her boss always has. It was so draining and when she finally realized what was happening, she said to her boss straight up "You know, I can't do this anymore. I'll finish out the week, but I'm done. My highest priority is my spirituality and I do not less stress into my body. I feel like working with you does that to me, so I need to let this go." WOW! Way to go, sister! I love how she stood up for her values so strongly.
It's funny to me when I realize what is stressing me out. I most often think "WHAT?! this is bull$#!%"  It's because I KNOW that I am not paying attention to something important to me. Sometimes, we gravitate towards the emotions we are comfortable with too. If we grew up in a stressful environment, we might find stress to keep us in our comfort zone, subconsciously. Or if we have friends that are a lot of drama and stress, we take that on to fit in.

A Few Common Stress-Inducing Situations & How to Combat Them

1. Anxiety
Here's the deal: you are living in the future and using your imagination in a way that is not serving you. Thanks to one of my mentors Christine Hassler, this was an eye opening idea to me that changed my whole view on anxiety. I definitely believe it's possible to deal with anxiety without medication, but do understand those with chronic anxiety need much more support than talking it out. For those that have it occasionally, I invite you to become bring yourself back to the present when this happens. Meditate, breathe, ground yourself, whatever it takes. 

2. Overwhelm
For this one, I am excited to share this amazing quote from my coach Jeannine Yoder, which blew me away when I heard it:

"Overwhelm is the mistaken doubt that the resources are not available to fulfill your wants and needs."

Right?! Brilliant. You have everything you need at your fingertips for what you need to do in this moment. Maybe the perception needs to be expanded a bit. Or perhaps there needs to be a little more patience. Often times, we know something should be a certain way and are not happy about it. It's in those times we fully let go after doing the best we can and trusting it will happen as it should that brings the most peace.

3. Overworked & Underplayed
One of my consistent no-nonsense teachings is for everyone to schedule their play time. It's so crucial to mental health as it is physical. Plus, often the play activities are just that: active! Win-win for feeling fulfilled and physical activity which combats stress in and of itself.

What about those who are actually UNDERworked...maybe you are not working right now or in between jobs and playing too much? If that is you, I would still say stick to your hobbies (not to be confused with going out all night) but look for work as much as you are willing to work. For example, if you want to work 30 hours per week, start actively searching for jobs, filling out applications, writing your resume, networking, etc for 30 hours a week. Putting in that effort will get you something in no time AND it is "doing all you can" so you can feel comfortable playing afterwards. 

TELL ME: what is stressing YOU out right now? You're not alone, let's get the conversation going.