5 Feng Shui Tips to Powerfully Increase the Energy in Your Home

Happy Spring!!!

Today, on the Spring Equinox, I would like to inspire you with ways you can amplify your life immediately using simple Feng Shui principles to increase the energy flow in your life. 


There is a lot of collective healing happening right now, and with this threshold of spring at our door, the invitation for us is to release the burdens, toxicity, fears and negative patterns or people from our life so we can joyously allow in the beauty of the next season of our lives. 

I am constantly assessing the quality and purity of my own life + helping my clients do the same while pushing past the comfort zone and making major strides in self-development and growth. A huge part of this is knowing where the energy blocks or leaks lay within us and around us.

Spring offers us a renewed sense of self and of the world. This time, we are cosmically supported in our own unique "death and rebirth" cycle...whatever it is that we need to release that no longer serves us and be open + ready to claim that which will propel us into higher states of being & living....in other words, reaching our goals and being happy!

Here are simple ways you can shift the energy within and around you to get closer to that which you want most, whatever it may be. 


Spring cleaning has long been an obvious way to start fresh. The ancient's knew this and luckily this tradition has held strong for centuries because of its power. In Feng Shui, the reason why cleaning makes such a profound impact is because of the attention and honor we are giving to the space. What is closest to us has the most impact on us. When we surround ourselves with dirt, clutter or broken things, we are subconsciously declaring we are not worth something better or that we decline to be in full harmony & beauty with what we use and love. By cleaning, clearing out and "dusting off the cobwebs" metaphorically or physically, we create a clean slate to operate from internally, welcome the newness and allow ourselves to increase our own self-worth. 

So, hire a housecleaner, play some music and scrub a dub, get rid of items you dont want / need / use and fix anything that needs fixing because your life literally depends on it! And if you need help figuring out how to declutter or organize, schedule a chat with me.


Feng Shui is equal parts the seen (physical) and the unseen (energy flow/chi). We musn't neglect either side, so it's important to be aware of any "stuck" energy, perhaps from other people or situations that have happened during 'hibernation'. You may or may not feel it, but it's always good to do a clearing of your space every season, just to be able to start fresh on all levels. 

Never do this out of fear, but out of love and excitement for what is to come. You can use sage, palo santo, crystals, reiki, a home clearing specialist...or simply tap into your own abilities through meditation by imagining all negative energies (yours or otherwise) leaving the space. It may help to open all your windows so the air and light can do their thang as well! 


To positively stir up the energy in a space after clearing it, a party or any gathering of loved ones infuses the space with the energies that you want most: love, support, fun, excitement, joy and meaninful connection. So, pick a theme of any kind and invite your favs over for a big or small soiree. You could even make this a ritual, which is an act of devotion to a purpose or cause. Powerful!


Welcome the new blooms of spring by bringing in flowers, new plants, herbs in the window or anything of the earth to support you in connecting to this beautiful transition. By bringing the outside in, we honor the new growth and beauty of where we live on this planet, to infuse LIFE in our space, and so it becomes in our life. Opportunities for growth, transformation and inspiration will appear for you with the exact support and resources you need. Everything we need is available to us, and this is a reminder that we can be in harmony and balance at any time, just as nature is. 


This is a technique I teach in my yearly virtual Feng Shui course & with private clients, so you are lucky to have this info. It's all about bringing authentic inspiration to oursevles with a powerful talisman that represents what we want to experience. 

To find your essence amplifier, think of a goal or something you want to experience soon. Then put yourself in that position or situation and see how it feels to you, what the vibe of that is deep down, or the essence of it. Then explore what symbolizes this in physical form. Bonus points if you place this item in the area of the BaGua that it represents, which you can get here. What this does is it immediately connects you to the vibration of that which you want, reminding your subconscious on a daily basis, which will enliven you and help you attract it into manifestation. 

For example, maybe you want to make more money or get a raise. If you put yourself in that reality, what does that feel like? What will that bring you? What will you get to experience because of that? What's the vibe that YOU will give off when you make that money? Then, what symbolizes that feeling or vibe to you? It doesn't have to do with money at all, but the underlying energy that money means to you. Money could make you feel stable, in which case you could pick a solid beautiful piece of furniture to move into your money corner. Or if money will give you peace of mind, you can use a peace sign as a symbol to hang up to remind you to cultivate this. 


What was your favorite? Do tell in the comments below! I'd love to know what you end up doing for yourself and if anything transpires from your efforts of bringing more balance and harmony within and around you.