Cultivating SAFETY So You Can Feel Powerful

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I am vibing high this past week and super amped up about what is to come during the rest of my year. WEEEE!! So, of course, as the embodied Muse goddess, I am here to inspire you from this place of joy!  (+ special invitation for you below)

Part of the in-flow, in-sync and in-alignment feelings I've been having are also contributed to the Mars retrograde that just ended, and Mars is now direct! Mars, who rules Tuesdays, is in charge of all things action oriented and masculine-type energy. So, lots of newfound energy should be surfacing!

What I've noticed this week is that my integration of the masculine and feminine energies, what I teach, has truly evolved and deepened over the past year. It's beautiful to look back on and see the evolution. I saw where I kept falling short, where I always leaned back into old patterns and where I didn't allow myself to shine. Now I see myself embracing the doing again because I know how to balance. Notice I didn't say I am always balanced, I said I know how to balance. What a different, amiright? 

Part of that balance and the evolution that I, as well as many of my fellow sisters and colleagues have experienced, is the cultivation of safety. 

You see, our dedication to doing is an imbalance when we are chasing the award or the badge of honor (which could in some cases BE all the doing to get there). But when our doing, the action steps, are in alignment with our truth, in service to our future, in balance with our feminine power and feels EXCITING, it's integrated and it makes us whole. But I also understand that getting to the place of the latter can be confusing, which is where safety comes in again. 

When we are focusing + relying on things outside ourselves (the busy schedule, blaming other people for our problems, all the bad stuff that happens to us or the job description), there is no way we can feel safe. When we don't feel safe, we cannot be vulnerable nor do we want to practice new habits (because they are too scary). When we feel safe, we allow ourselves to be seen, we can SHINE, we can lead, we can do things we never thought we could! We can create something new. That is power. 

Watch my recent video on cultivating safety so you can have that power you dream of. I also talk about why your inner REBEL shows up and what to do about it. 


Please share what you loved about this information and what it has inspired you to do.