The ONE Approach That Never Works


It’s 4:44 in the morning as I’m writing this, and no, I haven’t been up all night. 

I woke from a dream that ultimately activated my mind and had me start thinking about so many things I could be doing other than sleeping. Ideas were coming, opportunities were being recognized and my excitement for life overtook my desire to “try” to go back to sleep. 

This is precisely the opposite from what has happened my whole life. I’ve been a night owl for as long as I can remember, staying up and sleeping in. That whole “the early bird gets the worm” thing really baffled me…until now. 

It seems that as I get more connected to my self, spirituality and astrological influences, I’m finding more significance to my days. I’m experiencing more abundance, more opportunities, better relationships and most of all, more ease

Now, I’ve been a productivity coach for many years, so ease is kind of ingrained in me. I’ve always been able to recognize when something is right or wrong based on how much of a flow or clarity there is to it. This is not a new concept to me, but what I’ve realized is that this is apparently one of my big life lessons.

In all areas of life, there must be a notion of ease or natural ability (which can be learned in some cases) in order to create flow, which then creates synergy and eventually, momentum. 

ease > flow > synergy > momentum

I thought I was “good” on this topic, considering all the inner work I’ve done. It was only recently in the last several months that I noticed this lesson of ease coming back into my life. It was a new level than what I had “mastered” in the past. I was catching a theme that was now obvious throughout my life in gradually different ways. Sometimes it would be around relationships, sometimes it would be around business, but no matter what, I understood why some things never worked out. The method I took for any kind of challenge was always the same and it reared it’s ugly head again in a new way:

I found myself pushing hard, stepping into the “doing” trap again. Working more hours, doing things I really didn’t need to be doing or spending way too much time on something in particular. I was confused a lot, struggling to grow my business, and trying to implement “proven formulas” into my process that I just couldn’t nail down. 

What does all of that have in common? FORCE

Dammit! I let myself fall prey to it again. No wonder things haven’t been working out. No wonder my energy is low, my confidence is weak and I don’t feel inspired. I’m trying too much. 

Let's all just knock this off, shall we?

Ladies, this approach will never yield the results we want. Trying to figure something out till you’re blue in the face means it’s not going to happen until you let go. Only when we embody ease, flow and authenticity, can we find the sweet spot for growth and fulfillment. (tweet that!)

Ease is the key to maintenance!

To quote my girl Gabby B “When we flow toward what is working, rather than push into what isn’t, we allow the Universe to lead us toward that which serves our highest good.”

What does that mean?

When I say ease, I don’t mean sitting back and relaxing until something comes our way. I mean harnessing our natural abilities or practicing something we truly desire until it’s second nature. There is a difference between working hard with inspired, creative and continual progress and just working hard. I believe It’s so important to put our soul into our life, projects, work and relationships so things get handled with satisfying effort. It’s the whole reason people delegate tasks. 

I always love the example of the CEO. The CEO is not going to take care of admin work not only because her time is incredibly valuable, but also that’s not the strength or power that she brings to the table. It’s in her vision, her specific zone of genius that only she can provide, which is what moves the company forward. How frustrated would she be if she had to create a spreadsheet while there is a creative planning session happening in the conference room?

So, how did I get out of the force cycle?

Sisterhood was the catalyst to my new eye-opening revelation. I’m in a mastermind of powerful soul-sisters, and with their fearless love, they didn’t let me stay in imposter town. By calling me out, reflecting back who I really am and encouraging me to do it my way, I finally accepted my truth. I allowed who I was to be infused in my process, instead of trying to put my round self in a square hole. Thanks to my community that has my best interest at heart, I was finally able to recognize what was happening. 

What works for you may not work for me, and vice versa.

It’s really easy to get caught up in developing the way other people do or follow someone else’s path to success.

Hey, they did it that way, why can’t I? 

I believe the only way to the freedom I know you crave, is to honor your truth, deep desires, natural abilities and unique genius by surrendering to yourself. (tweet that!)

When I came out of the woo woo closet, finally let go of control and allowed myself to be, everything opened up. SO many opportunities presented themselves, endless excitement and energy sustained my days and a bazillion ideas kept rolling in (and still do)! Things that were hard before, or pieces that I would procrastinate would suddenly become easy. Work started to feel waaayyy more aligned and efficient. Relationships started to deepen. The connection to my guides, angels and source was heightened. Pieces were totally coming together so I could see my path much more clear. I felt at peace and more motivated than ever. 

Specifically, things like…

  • Talking about my business more clearly and with more passion, which would almost immediately magnetize new ideal clients to me. This week I got 3 referrals from people I haven’t spoken with in years. 
  • Setting boundaries all over the place with more confidence which freed up my psyche and schedule. No more worrying about what other people think. 
  • Upholding the integrity of my loved ones by calling out their boundaries when they were not honored, which helped us to connect on a deeper level than I ever expected.
  • Keeping active and eating super healthy which started to become, once again, easy. (this have never been easy for me)
  • Popping out of bed at 4 in the morning feeling completely alive and empowered, eagerly writing this piece in under an hour. 

Things like that. 

I’m not surprised anymore by the endless magical synchronicities or adventurous innovation that keep happening to me. I know I am completely supported by my spiritual team because of the devotion I have towards myself and my mission. Sometimes I do question the reality of ease in my life, though. You know, when you’re not sure if your intuition is on point and you ask “is this real life? should I be doing this?”

Then I sit down to write and It’s (angel number) 4:44. 

Oh yeah. I’m supported. I forgot. Thanks for the reminder. 

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