A Soulful End of Year Ritual Gift For You!

wanted to share a special writing ritual that I have been engaged in this past week to really lock in this year with power, inspiration, celebration and authenticity that I think you will absolute LOVE! It doesn’t matter if this year was “good” or “bad” for you, I highly recommend you give this a try. 

ALSO - I’m going to share with you the exact excerpt from my journal on the first question.

One thing that I learned when I started my life coach training several years ago is that to keep us moving forward, growing as a person and overcoming limiting beliefs or blocks, we must reflect on the specifics of our thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs. We must consciously celebrate to truly lock in success, or we will continue to rely on our habitual subconscious patterns instead of creating new, more empowering ones. We must learn from our mistakes or perceived failures as well, and there are ways we can access our deepest truth to uncover WHY it did or didn’t happen and learn that there is always legit reasons for it. From there, we have greater awareness + capability to choose a new way of being or doing. What I know is that nothing will shift until the present is fully felt and embodied. 

These journaling prompt questions are my holiday gift to you. I believe, if you spend honest time with them, that they will bring you much clarity, inspiration, power and motivation. What a spectacular gift you can give yourself going into the new year.

They are meant to ignite deep reflection and prep you for how you would like to show up in 2017, whether that is through resolutions, intentions, year planning or pure openness. Before you can go powerfully INTO the new year to cultivate new goals, you must complete this year by honoring all aspects of your experience. It’s just like the saying “you can pick up something new until you put down what you’re holding onto.”

For this exercise, I would carve out about an hour. You will need your 2016 goals/intentions/resolution/whatever you created as well as your 2016 word theme, if you have one, and of course your journal and pen.

I’ll start us off by showing you what I wrote in response to the first question:

What has your 2016 theme (CONNECTION) taught you? What does it look like to be in that theme fully?

"Connection has taught me that it’s what I really want deep down and when I focus on that instead of having fun or gaining something, it’s way more enjoyable and meaningful. Connection lifts my spirits into joy, openness and a balance of giving and receiving. It’s also taught me how important authenticity is and allowed me to be more authentic, because otherwise, I couldn’t connect. It taught me to look out for connection, notice it when it’s happening and to never underestimate the power of any connection, big or small. All contribute to our soul's desires and destiny. We never know who knows who, and in that regard, we can be prepared for the best connection of our lives at all times from the Starbucks barista to our best friend. Connection helped me bridge the gap between my personal and business life, merging the experience into an unexpected love fest. I built extremely powerful, intentional, successful, meaningful and impactful relationships this year more than any other year. It also encouraged me to shine, grow and create/expand my services in honor of connection, which brought tremendous fulfillment and win-win’s for all involved. It helped me get out of my comfort zone in so many ways. It helped me to USE courage (my theme for 2015) and trust like no other. It was truly an amazing, life-changing theme. Other words associated with connection, that I embodied this year: authenticity, trust, intimacy, courage, receive, give, inspire, joy, desire, grow, collaborate, community, risk, shine."


  • What has your 2016 theme taught you? What does it look like to be in that theme fully?
  • How do you feel when you see what you have accomplished this year?
  • Who are your sisters of significance and main men that have been the biggest impact on your life this year?
  • What goal are you most proud of achieving + why?
  • What was the biggest shift for you in 2016?
  • Where did you fall short + why?
  • What belief was present around the goals you didn’t achieve?
  • What was motivating your goals that you didn’t achieve + how does it relate to your 2016 theme?
  • Why do you think you weren’t ready for the goals that you didn’t achieve?
  • What made the achieved goals work/doable? 
  • What else did you accomplish this year besides what you set out to do and how did you grow as a person?
  • What’s the next phase for your life based on what you accomplished this year and who you have become? 
  • What would you like to devote yourself to in 2017?


Darling, I would absolutely LOVE to hear how this went for you. Will you let me know by emailing me what stood out most in your responses? OR, email me if you need help writing these responses. 


To your new, more powerful, beautiful and inspiring self in 2017.


Happy New Year.

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