Own Your Season of Life


How present and in the moment aware are you?

I find that it's all too common for us to live in the future or the past instead of enjoying what we have right here in the present. Unfortunately, there are more risks involved with that than we think.

Time for a change in thinking...

In America, we are conditioned to be nostalgic, rely on past patterns, stick to family traditions out of obligation or please others first. We are bombarded with pushy marketing to speed up, buy more and consume as much as we can. As a society, we are trained by each other to worry about money, take pills for anxiety, sabotage efforts of ourselves or others and become accustomed to settling for less than what we want. I think it's about time this ends.

I want to call you out of the trenches to rise up and be the person you actually want to be with the life you actually want to live. 

I said goodbye to that kind of life over a couple of years ago when I signed up for an exclusive life coach training program. It changed my life, yes, but it also made me finally realize shit needs to change NOW.

What we all need...

There are a myriad of lessons, routines and tools I could tell you about, but the biggest one of all that I am still learning how to master to this day is presence. With all that conditioning mentioned above, it's quite challenging to break those habits, right? Constant awareness and reminders have to be set to remember to be present. It's important because that's where all our power comes from, the present moment.

We give our power away when we live in the past or future. (TWEET THAT

That's when life goes downhill and we keep riding that roller coaster called overwhelm and unfulfillment. Let's not let life pass us by. Let's get off that roller coaster and meander along, soaking it all up.

Before we can do that, we need to shift our perspective to the present moment and the season of life we are currently in.

Reflection is a powerful tool for success, but presence is even more powerful. As I look back on the different times in my life, I definitely regret not enjoying them more. I have always wanted what I can't or don't have and in the fastest way possible. This obviously kept me from happiness and truly growing into myself naturally. Sometimes it takes a few re-dedications and flipping the switch to catch yourself and get off that roller coaster. I realize it's not about perfection, but, rather living in tune with every moment. Just like meditation, it's about bringing the focus back when we wander off. It's about honing THAT skill, as opposed to beating ourselves up that we aren't good at being present. How do we hone the skill of awareness and harnessing the present? By owning our season of life. 

What's your season?

Examples of seasons of life are: being a toddler, pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, studying abroad, month long backpacking trip to Europe, your 20s, volunteering on a politicians campaign, any job, being on tour, dealing with an illness, living in a certain neighborhood/city, being pregnant, raising a young child, raising a teenager, empty nesters, retiring, extended travel, retreats, unemployment, taking education courses, getting married, going all eat-pray-love, physical training, being in a relationship and the list goes on.

The actual events going on, people you are hanging out with, job you have and overall circumstance is your season of life. Sometimes seasons of life overlap. In other words, we have multiple seasons of life at the same time. We don't always know how long our season of life could be, but one thing is certain: it is unique to you and you will NEVER experience this season of life again. So ENJOY it! Relish this time, even if its hard. Savor the moments as much as you can, notice more, let arguments go, get out of your comfort zone, be with your loved ones and do what feels right at this time. Your bucket list will always be there and everything is in divine timing.

So, the question is, how can you cherish your season of life so that your daily experience is amazing? (Click to Tweet)

Actual Seasons

Also, as you may have guessed, the actual physical season we are in affects the quality of our seasons of life. That means taking full advantage of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Even when it's a season you hate, get into it. It will expand your enjoyment and overall happiness when you get out of your comfort zone and embrace what Mother Nature is givin'. This will help you be more present and elevate your experience.

Personally, I hate summer. I'm not a heat person, and I feel like my body shuts down when it's hot. I get grumpy, sweaty and triggered easily. What I know, though, is that these irritable signs are clues to where I need to grow. I am aware that my lifelong lesson will forever be "letting go" in some way or another and making it magical. For me in summer that looks like wearing really flowing clothes, savoring cold, delicious food, noticing breezes, going swimming, enjoying farmers markets and staying active. Air conditioned movie theaters are a beacon of light at this time for me, too. 

How can you harness the blissful moments of the physical season you are in now?

Now, I'd love to hear from you personally. 

Do you recognize what season of life you are in? What would be ONE thing you could start doing or being aware of that will enhance YOUR experience?

Tell me in the comments below or shoot me an email

Here's to owning where you're at!

Are you Inspired?

What does a cluttered closet, a draining schedule and an overwhelmed procrastinator have in common? Lack of inspiration.

Sure, proper support and a productive game-plan are what it really takes to have an organized life and space, but we mustn’t forget the path TO that arena, which is what inspires you to take action! 

With all of noise out there on how to organize this or that, how to make your home more beautiful or what to do in order to have a smooth transition into our new home, it's no wonder anyone gets overwhelmed. How could we pick what and who to listen to? It's a dangerous road, however, because once we're on the overwhelm path, we usually stop in our tracks. No movement means stagnant energy which means too many negative consequences.

It's quite important that we surround ourselves with the motivation and inspiration we need to stay ON track with our needs, goals and desires. 

Are you inspired to live and be the best you can be? If not, what's missing?

For me, I know I need lots of color, creative time chilly weather and nature to stay inspired. It's amazing what some fresh flowers or a quick hike can do for the soul. 

In general, if we aren't inspired, our greatest vision for ourselves and our spaces can't come to fruition. (TWEET THAT)

We get stuck in overwhelm, other people's expectations or a desperate need for connection. We settle. We deal with it. We lower our quality of life or let life pass us by. 

What if it could be different? What if you could be just as inspired to enjoy yourself ALL THE TIME? 

It's possible, my friend. The key here is eliminating things that are taking away from your inspiration first, then actively pursuing activities, resources or people that inspire you so everything you experience can be more meaningful.

Inspiration stems from your values. We get excited for and inspired by what we value most. Is there anything that is misaligned in your life?

Here are some examples that might spark an idea:

  • a consultant that values high-level expertise could eliminate some TV watching and go to a business conference. 
  • a fashion model who values spirituality over superficiality might ditch the party and head to a yoga retreat. 
  •  What about a workaholic business woman that really wants to make a difference in the world and values a bigger mission over her career? Perhaps instead of taking her work home with her, she could volunteer for Habitat of Humanity. 

My point may seem obvious, but it appears to be a growing epidemic.

What do you need to say no to in order to say YES to something better for yourself? (Tweet that!)

What in your life are you doing (or not doing) that makes you feel blah?

That is exactly what you should let go of NOW and replace it with something that makes you thrilled with anticipation before you do it. The after effects of this small shift will trickle all the way from your head to your wallet. It will give you more fulfillment and purpose in your life so you can experience more success, fun and freedom!

So, what inspires you? 

What do you need to look at, listen to, play, read, work on, feel, believe, pursue, ask for, chant, choose or invest in to amplify the quality of your life? No matter what it is, it's within reach and closer than you think. 

If you are not sure or think you might need a little support in this area, I would like to invite you to schedule an Inspiration Session with me as my gift to you. We will talk about what's blocking your abundance and happiness and customize steps for you to take now. It's one of my favorite parts of my business, as I enjoy inspiring others. 

What do you want to commit to inspiring yourself with? Do tell by commenting below!

May you always be inspired to be your best and live the life you thoroughly enjoy. 

Officially Coming Out of the Woo-Woo Closet


Turns out, I’ve been hiding something for a long time. I am ready to come out of a dark, confining closet because I want you to know that you don't have to stay there either, whatever kind of closet that is for you.



There have been a lot of transformative changes in my life happening very quickly.  I have taken on a larger role in the world and I’m ready to share more details of my story and what’s been emerging for me this past year, to catch you up to speed on how my life and career are shifting. I trust those who are reading this will enjoy it and get something out of it.

Most of you know that I’ve been a Professional Organizer and Feng Shui Consultant for years. What you may not know is that I’ve also been training to become a certified Life Coach for the past year while simultaneously expanding my spiritual practice through mentorship, sisterhood and personal development retreats. Not only that but I’m now involved in Priestess training for the next 8 months. It’s high vibe over here! If you don’t have a clue about what I just said, read on…

It’s been so much fun as an Organizer, working hard, getin’ dirty in garages, setting up systems, building a team, collaborating and changing women’s relationships with their home. It was a lovely step up from my personal and executive assisting days. I still love in-person organizing, especially on larger projects that incorporate a team, coaching and Feng Shui in the mix. That’s where I can really shine in this work. My capability to manage, maintain order and create the most comforting environment is top notch. It’s second nature to me. I can easily recognize what’s missing, what you need and why you need it - all while having a lot of fun. I know that you can’t enjoy life to it’s fullest if you aren’t enjoying your space. My strengths here are best suited for those who want premium support to totally transform their life and space. 


Then this happened…

What I found was that organizing wasn’t fulfilling enough for me. I didn’t become an entrepreneur to just make money, I started my own biz to have more meaning and fulfillment while making money. Even though I love what I do, I was still yearning for more meaning in my own life and work. I knew there was more to maintaining organization, but I didn’t have the know how to really work with that. I realized that my most favorite jobs were those where we got to dig into conversation about what was going on in their life and connect that with their space. I looked back on my own history with life coaching and Feng Shui training that held so much connection to what I was already doing. After spontaneously attending an online webinar, I found my own mentor and discovered that Life Coaching and Mentoring was calling my soul. 

Anyone can become a certified life coach in a weekend, but that’s not my style. I always like to take an all-encompassing approach (hence, the way I work as an Organizer), because I know that’s how we learn and maintain best. This is why I shelled out the investment and 12 months of my life into myself and my future to study with a master Life Coach, a Polarity Mentor and in sacred sisterhood. I was able to step up my game as a leader. I learned the art of receiving, how small changes create big results, what consistency does for our soul and how to step out into a thought-leader role authentically. There was enough time to dive in fully to conversation models and feminine business practices while also practicing as I’m working. It’s called Mentor Masterclass with Jeannine Yoder. There’s a waiting list well into 2016, so my timing was divine to say the least. Now, I’m able to give back as a Sister Guide to the current students while learning even more about running a successful coaching business behind the scenes.


Deep down…

Beyond my expression as a professional, I am a very spiritual person and always have been. I grew up in the Church, have always had a strong intuition or psychic sense and truly believe in the cosmic powers of our universe. I infuse spirituality in my work where most people won’t even recognize it. In fact, every part of my career has spiritual elements intermixed. 

This is the piece of me that I’ve been trying to cover up. I have been scared to be the full, spiritual being I know I am. Why? Because I didn't think people could handle it. Because I thought people would no longer think I was professional and write me off as one of though woo-woo-weirdos. I was devoted to a mainstream approach because it felt safe, and I was good at it.

I would never intentionally withhold anything, if asked, and yet, fundamentally, I have struggled with the belief that "I'm not good enough" or that I'll be poor if I choose to follow my whole dream and express my whole self in my work.

Here's the irony. I became spiritually and emotionally poor because I wasn't marketing, teaching and training to my full potential. I was not honoring ALL of me. Can you relate to this? Does this sound familiar? 

When we live out of fear, we diminish our creativity, play small and constantly compare ourselves to others.

When we step into our full potential, our inner light shines brighter and lights the way for us to easily find success. (TWEET THAT!)


To clarify…

When I talk about spirituality, I don’t mean religion at all. I’m talking about connecting with our higher selves, the universal laws and receiving guidance from helpers of any kind. This is the holistic way of life - utilizing our whole selves or having an all-encompassing approach as I mentioned before. Spirituality is for anyone and most people are more spiritual than they think. 

Here’s a common definition I found:

"Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience—something that touches us all."

And that is what I am all about: connecting to our own truth and adding more meaning and enjoyment into our human experience through our environment closest to us (head, heart & home).



What I realized this year on my spiritual journey is this:
That I am here to inspire others to find freedom through courageous authenticity and connection. To lead as a Sacred Feminine teacher and healer that allows others to find their own truth. To bring joy and laughter, holding space for the emotional growth and expansion of women. To offer a unique approach to achievement through practical, emotional and spiritual self-expression. To create more ease, fun, balance, movement and meaning through the “dance” of energies so we can all unite and experience monumental upward shifts in the quality of life on this planet. 

It’s a mouthful, I know. I can’t disguise this side of me any longer, though. This is how my best work is done. When I include these gifts and strengths of mine into my business, so much more is possible for my clients and myself!

DO this through emotional & psychological development techniques like Coaching (HEAD: figuring out how to move forward), energetic techniques like Feng Shui (HEART: calling in what you want) and physical techniques like organizing (HOME: structure + design for ease + enjoyment). 

Ahh, it all comes together as my next level of service to the world, and it feels good! 


So, that’s why I am a Magical Maven for your head, heart and home. I’m a Mystic Mentor and SOULpreneur. I am a writer, speaker, coach and believer of everyday magic.


The right fit…

My desire is to work with women secretly trapped in perfectionism and are fed up with the chaos. I help them to stop pushing themselves so hard, work smarter not harder by creating a feminine foundation of success in their head, heart & home. I guide them to greatness through a spiritual + practical approach to magnifying their meaning and getting organized. My biggest desire is to help women see the magic in themselves and therefore reach their highest potential. 

Know anyone like this? I would love for you to share this post.


Thanks for reading. My wish for you, dear reader, is that a light has lit up inside of you. That clarity has come and your readiness is recognized. Are you hiding anything that is keeping you from your own greatness?  I welcome any responses. Email me privately or post a comment below what you would like to declare!


Lots of love,  









PS ~ want a Life Purpose statement like that? Schedule an Inspiration Session and we will work it out! 

The Power of Silence

Few times in life do women actually get total approval for being any way we want to be. Where anything goes and we get a “free pass” if you will. I think of being pregnant, being an infant or young child and those with medical issues. There is total acceptance of whatever we want to say or do during those times and all guards are down. We feel taken care of with compassion and are completely free to be our true selves (no matter how unattractive, crazy or emotional we get). Nothing we do is “too much”, people adjust around us and we are seen with pure eyes. Isn’t that interesting? 

I had simply accepted this as a fact until recently. Two weeks ago I attended a spiritual feminine luxury retreat with 9 other women in Palm Springs. We were to have no technology, dive into ancient feminine teachings, conduct sacred sister circles and be initiated as a “Queen”. Archetypes like the Queen or Warrior are a huge part of spirituality. They hold the role to play when seeking to embody truth and power. Little did I know, though, that this was a half-silent retreat. That meant every night after circle we would go into silence until lunchtime the next day. 

For someone who has never done anything like this before, I was scared and shocked, which is an understatement. How were we to communicate? How will we pass the time? We were sharing rooms and bathrooms, how was this going to work? I had to put full faith in my mentor and myself to trust the process, which I have been working on in my life lately anyway. This was a powerful opportunity to put this trust into action. It was time for me to step up my spiritual game and accept whatever came up. 

As with any first time, it was a little awkward. I wanted to connect with the lovely women around me! I wanted to ask questions and laugh! I wanted to talk about what we just learned. When I was left to myself, in the actual presence of the other women, I didn’t know how to handle my emotions or feelings. I felt the energies of everyone, but was forced to be with only mine. What I realized was that I had been denying myself for so long. 

Part of being a Queen is honoring her own time, space and body. She doesn’t seek attention, acknowledgement and social activities when there are decisions to be made or deep learning to understand. She knows what she needs and never has to explain herself. She knows she holds the power for change in herself and her Queendom. With great power comes great responsibility. She sets strong, healthy boundaries.

That silence was a boundary to protect our process of everything we had just learned and felt. It kept us incredibly present and created space for the information or whatever feeling that came up to ‘land’. It allowed us to be in our bodies, not in our heads, to embody our truth we intrinsically are as women. It was permission to feel and be any way we wanted to. There was no judgement and no criticism from ourselves or the others. There was only love, acceptance, compassion and freedom. This is where we, as women, are safe to shine. 

Instead of succumbing to the belief that we only get a few chances to be completely free and authentic, I now understand that once we sit with who we are without distractions, we find our safety. In that safety, we have freedom. It is when we let our minds or outside circumstances take control that the perception of safety is absent and we aren’t able to claim our power. Our power is in our being and our body, not our doing or intellect.

When women feel safe, anything is possible. When we create our own safety through silence and space, we allow our full self to completely emerge. Our unique power is ignited and people around us will adjust to it. Just like a pregnant woman, baby or ill patient, everyone else will see us with pure eyes and compassion. They will either accept our power and be led by it or be repelled and go the other direction. Our needs are served when they are felt and honored by ourselves first. (TWEET THAT)

With that gift of silence, we were all able to see ourselves easier, to let things truly sink in and understand what it means to have power as a woman. All the logistic awkwardness worked out, too. You can still communicate in silence. Who knew?  ;)

Technology such as phones, Facebook, TV, music or apps as well as engagement with others can be a distraction from what we really need to thrive, and inevitably keep us stuck. There is a time and place for it - I’m not suggesting to go all hard-core no technology. However, l invite you to give yourself enough space and time to discern when healing and processing need to be honored. You can have this whenever you need. Trust the process. 

This concept has changed my life. I believe it has to experienced before one can fully understand it. I’ve heard about going off the grid my entire life, but not until 32 years in did I accept the challenge. Oh, and Sacred Sisterhood helped.


Have you experienced going off-the-grid? If so, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments! If not, how and when can you create some off-the-grid silence in your life? 


Silent hugs,