How Perspective Gives You Permission to Feel

Do you ever judge your emotions? Like you are feeling down and then feel like there is something wrong with you? Or you hold back your tears to not let someone else see you cry, because what will they think?!? Well, I grew up like this, and I have a feeling you can relate big time. I want to share with you some insight on how perspective changes everything. 

Right now we are experiencing some major shifts in the world here on earth, cosmically speaking. You know I follow all that jazz regularly, especially the moon cycles, because it really gives us a new perspective. When I read about how the planets are affecting us here on earth, I’m usually like “OHHHH, that explains it. Ok, I can get through it if everyone is going through it too.” That one shift of knowing that we are all going to go through the same kind of changes makes it 1. easier to deal with and 2. easier to understand why I am feeling what I’m feeling. 

What sends most people into a negative depressive spiral is feeling empty or alone, that no one understands them or that they are the only ones going through it. One thing I have learned is that whatever anyone is going through, someone else is going through it at the same time, and most people have gone through it at some point on some level. I don’t believe anyone is ever alone or the only one that knows how it feels, whatever “it” may be.  Common “It’s” can be fear, feelings of unworthiness, abuse, feeling not good enough, lack of motivation, feeling left out, feeling betrayed, etc. 

I believe we are all one, that we are all sharing the same human experience with the same emotions. The people that are in our life are either at different levels so they can support us or they are feeling the same so they can share in the feeling with us, making us feel connected and whole. Both of those scenarios are to give us perspective, just like the cosmos do, but on a more relatable level. 

How would we know who is going through what? Well, we share what we are going through, of course! Then let others respond, so we can hear their perspective and choose to move from there.

Most of us are taught and trained to hold our feelings back, suppress “ugly” emotions and push through the pain because they are deemed weak in society.  You will look like a sissy if you cry. There is something wrong with you if you can’t get it together and shape up. You can’t be trusted if you show emotion publicly. You won’t be taken seriously if you are really honest about how you feel. You won’t be successful if you let others see your emotions. If you’re sad, nobody wants to be around you.


I call bullshit on the patriarchy that is squashing the power of our femininity. This ain’t the 50’s anymore, honey, so let’s revolutionize our life experience by FEELING FULLY.

My good friend Kelley Cooper said it the best I’ve heard yet: “Feeling is a gift”.  It is a powerful and natural ability, especially in women. Feeling is part of our human experience, so why should we honor half of our feelings, the “good” ones and not the “bad”? And let’s just eliminate the label “good” and “bad” from emotional explanation. Feeling is feeling, it’s what we do! When we try to NOT do something that is inherently human, we block our own energy flow and therefore twist our fate in the process. What I mean by that is something automatically becomes stuck and unsustainable inside us once we deny our feelings on any level. IMMEDIATELY. On the contrary, energy flows again once our feelings and emotions are felt fully, activating our souls magnetism which produces opportunities we actually want.

Feeling is thriving. 

Learning how to feel fully can be scary so make sure you surround yourself with those that can support you. Share with them, so they CAN support you. When you share your feelings, you give others permission to feel theirs more. When you are in a safe space, you have permission to share freely. If you don’t share, there is no way of getting support and you might be doomed to go through the process alone, which you don’t have to! By communicating your feelings, you tap into your power and allow others to give you a new perspective from their experience. However, don’t share with anyone that you think won’t have your back.

Full disclosure: I cried 3x this week! And it was exhilarating at the same time as it was painful because I had major support through it. I moved through it in a flash because I let it all out and had the safety net of loved ones to bring me back to neutral.  I allowed myself to feel fully and be supported. It was definitely not comfortable. Now, I’m feeling unstoppable! It is a powerful feeling when you look back on this kind of experience.

True power is how much you can OWN your truth. Sometimes that is through massive action, energetic passion or helping people. Sometimes, though, it may be anger, fear or sadness. Neither is better than the other and both have their purpose to help us grow. When we own our truth, we take full responsibility, feel it fully and allow ourselves to experience it with respect to others. Owning our truth means we express while operating with boundaries and not pushing our truth onto others. They get to feel and respond how they want. This kind of mutual respect is sovereignty and It’s what I live for. 

So the next time you are feeling some of those “bad” emotions, love, take a beat and breathe into it more than you have been. Breathe into the fear, the sadness, the tears, the worry, the confusion and the doubt. Acknowledge it and let it move through you. Know that IT’S OK to feel these, sister. If you find a safe person or safe community to share with, even better. Acknowledgment is what will help the feeling dissolve. Then, see what manifests in your life soon after.


I would LOVE to hear what hit home for you from this blog. Will you share with me in the comments below? 


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