Transform your home, transform your life

How is 2016 treating you so far? I bet you might be thinking about some of the things you'd like to change around your home. The new year does that to us. Maybe it's a decor frustration, a decluttering project or even getting your space to just be livable where you can actually walk around with ease. Last week, I shared with you my favorite ways to set up your new year goals. Today, I would love to share with you what I believe will help you transform your home in a magical way that will inevitably transform your life (be it relationship issues, money problems or health concerns), AKA real, legit #HomeGoals.

I believe beauty is mandatory for motivation. 

I believe our space reflects the status of our inner efficiency. 

I believe that creating space is healing. 

I believe our space is sending our subconscious messages all the time that will direct our actions and beliefs, which in turn creates our reality.


What is your home reinforcing to you?


Would you like to learn how to shift your space so it supports your success? Things like making more money, getting pregnant, healing your health or mending relationships. Or perhaps you are simply going for aesthetic and want to have a home that represents who YOU are, a home that is spacious, cozy, inspiring and supportive.

It really is all possible and you are WORTH IT! It's 2016, a new year to do things differently. How much love and attention does your space need? Look at how successful you are, defining success on what that means to you.

Whatever you're complaining about your life can be found in your space, too. That's how you know if your space needs some TLC.

Because of this, I was compelled to post a free training video to help with some of this frustration. Watch it to learn how you can cure your relationships using this one Feng Shui technique (among other space secrets to instantly activate energy flow!!)


I have seen countless situations where there is a parallel between my client's challenges and their spaces. You see, I believe in this so much that I created a group program to help with all of this and beyond. It's a program to not only amplify your space but to up-level your thoughts, actions, resources and processes to create the reality that you want and deserve. It's practical magic at its finest! It's based on all the training I've had in Feng Shui, Organizing, Interior Design, Coaching and Spiritual development. 


I have a special video invitation for you today

Are you interested in joining us? I am welcoming only 3 more people and we start this Sunday January 10th. These spots will fill up, so get in touch fast if you are interested by emailing me back or calling me at 650-557-3011 and I'll call you right back.

I'm available to speak with you to see if this would be something for you, something that will ignite your creativity and something that feels aligned with your 2016 goals. Get in touch if this feels right, in this moment. Your body knows the answer. 💪🏻

Here are more details:

Cheers to a congruent life and home that is SO very you,