Magic and Selfcare

Be honest…

How willing are you that everything goes right/works out? 
Are you contributing to your happiness or your suffering in your everyday life? 
How many blessings can you actually handle?
What does it mean to be in alignment and flow? 

These are the things I ponder and ask myself all the time. As my mentorJeannine Yoder always says, to achieve great success you have to ask yourself more powerful questions. 

Some days are quite normal with the usual work, to do’s or interactions. The status quo. The comfort zone. The expected. 

Some days are bursting at the seams with magic and synchronicities infused in every moment. 


These days don’t just happen. They happen when we are aligned and in flow. What does that mean? They happen when we are awake. And by awake, I mean aware, conscious, open, relaxed, mentally alert in a calm way that only comes from our experience in moving through the fire (read: challenges). These kinds of days find us when they know we can cherish them. It’s like giving a homeless man a nice set of dishes… he can’t enjoy them nor would he want to. It’s not in his capability to use or like them, it’s not appropriate. The universe uses this concept, too. 

The great spirits, the gods, goddesses, guides, angels, our ancestors that are all watching over us and running the show “behind the scenes” as I like to say,  know what we need and when. 

They know when we really commit to something by our consistent actions
They know what we believe by what we think. 
They know what we’re capable of by how we treat others
They know our capacity to love by how we treat ourselves

They are standing by to give us WHATEVER we ask for through these ways, the good and the bad. That’s how we communicate with them, even if we think we aren’t. Therefore, they know when we need that extra boost, that one sentence that gets us through the day, the spark of inspiration or another example of how we are free. They give us only what we can handle. And, honey, when you increase your capacity for life, brace yourself for incredible happiness! 

I remember when I was in my early 20’s (which sounds incredibly weird to say as I still feel like I’m 21) I was partying it up with toxic relationships, endless drama, jaded interactions and workaholism. I came LAST on the list, for sure. Everything stayed the same for so long, even though I am an inherently positive person. I was still blind to my purpose and cultivating a destructive reality without realizing it. “Why was there always so much drama?” I was an excellent complainer. I was the first to talk shit. I would choose snobby entitlement and then disconnect for appearance’s sake. My reputation was both totally unimportant so I could “do what I wanted” and highly elusive so I wouldn’t have to be vulnerable. I did have some great friends who I’m still friends with (gotta love those who you make it to the other side with you, amiright?) and I also had a lot of “best friends” that simply just mirrored my state of mind at the time who quickly vanished at the point of any truth clarification or change of behavior. I was always worried for myself, that something wasn’t right or someone was out to get me. I was always tired, broke, careless, dumb and reckless with an expectation hangover (and a real hangover). I was always wondering “when will it be my turn?” or “why can’t I have the life that some people have?” or even “why don’t they like me more/why am I not important to them as they are to me?”. Yea, #realtalk.

Now, I have to stop myself from saying “I can’t believe this is happening to me” (but in a positive way, like I almost don’t believe I deserve something so wonderful) or “I can’t believe I have this.”  Those words are not serving my future or my confidence, so I have to remind myself to change my language to support more of the experiences that I am calling in. The point is, that with all my efforts, I am rewarded greatly, as are all my fellow sisters on this path. The in-your-face-wildest-dreams-blessings are never-ending instead of non-existent. I now have to learn to cherish things even more. My capacity for happiness, love, luxury, spaciousness, pleasure is increasing. You would think this is an easy feat! I beg to differ…

We are all trained to be and act a certain way or to believe something limited, which holds us back. This is what’s so hard to shift. These are things like complaining, fighting, rudeness, inconsideration, gossip, settling, holding back, small-town-syndrome or giving up. But it’s important to remember that what we learned is not real, and this is part of what I’m explaining today. What we learned to do or be is not the magic. The magic is in how we move away from those things.

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