Happy Holidays


Popping into your inbox today on this Magical Monday to inspire you to enjoy your holiday season even more! I am a big fan of intentionally creating our experience, whether that is within a space, within ourselves or within our relationships. My wish and desire for you is that you make these next two weeks more memorable than you originally planned. 

  • How much joy can you harness within yourself to inspire those around you? 
  • What feelings do you want to feel as you move through your days, the family gatherings and last minute rushes? 
  • What would make you experience MORE authentic happiness right now?

We often don't think about these questions, am I right? Hopefully, this email brightens your day or week a little more. If you need a little more help with creating the happiness within your relationships, check out this BLOG I wrote during Thanksgiving and of course the Feng Shui Training video ~ both with diamond insights into improving your experience immediately. 

Much love & sparkles to you and your family,