I just wanted to say thanks for being a part of my community. Your presence is felt and I love to adore each and every one of you on this list every time I send you something. 

During this transition into Autumn, let's all take a moment for the magnificence of Summer. I'm 95% sure some amazing things shifted for you these past few months, for the better. I want to acknowledge how far you have come and how real your process is. I am connected to each and every one of you. I can feel your energy even if we don't actively communicate. I can physically feel the up-leveling of this collective energy! Can you take a moment and revel in your potential? It's amazing what happens when we think highly of ourselves.

As you may be fully aware, your most active environment is the source of how you are experiencing success (in whatever that means to you). I know you are interested in making your home or work the most inspiring place it can be and are open to the support it needs to keep it that way. Part of this maintenance is remembering the possibilities of your own greatness. What if you already knew enough to gain abundance? What if you simply needed a reminder of what you are capable of, to be naturally moved into action and achieve your goals? This is why I am writing you today. 

As my mentor reminded ME today, everything is about balance. The seasons appropriately come and go, in alignment with our own process, supporting us by allowing us to remember the tools we are consistently given. Sometimes we need to slow down and release, just as it is sometimes a good idea to take charge and start new endeavors. Our home is a reflection of our emotional life and vice versa. Our relationships are the biggest mirror to how we need to heal ourselves. It is ALL about balance. Everything we crave is about balancing out the dancing energies to create lasting flow. This is what we are constantly searching for.

I am passionate about connecting the dots between your self and space, increasing momentum and illuminating new clarity for lasting productivity and abundance through powerful and easy techniques. It is never just about your space. It is never just about your relationships, career, health or reputation. It is about opening up our reality, recognizing that we have major potential, we are capable of experiencing what we want to and that we are fully supported + well resourced for our needs.

What is out of balance for you? An overworked lifestyle? A messy office? A hectic schedule? Chaotic emotions? Over exhaustion or apathetic depression? This is not how you are meant to live, honey. You have a purpose that help yourself at the same time as others. Your greatness is waiting to be ignited! I promise you, it is possible to live a truly authentic life filled with a beautiful home, rewarding relationships and exciting expression. This isn't just for the rich and famous, this is the new normal for those who are willing to take the leap into the life they crave! 

If this rings true for you and you feel a resonance with my words in this moment, I invite you to explore some possibilities for us to connect again, below. I desire to be more connected with you. This is why I have been in creation mode this past month, setting the stage for us to come together again in new ways. Take a minute to check out the new opportunities below and if you feel like it may be a good fit, schedule an inspiration session.  if someone comes to mind that might benefit from any of it, I would be so grateful if you shared it with them. 

So much love to you on this magical Monday!

LIVE in-person workshop for Bay Area /
San Francisco Women!

Join Michelle Powell, Candace Smith and Kenya Moses in a complimentary gathering where we will explore how connecting to our authentic power allows us to fully embrace our essence and identity. This event is ideal for professional women looking to deepen their connection to self in a fun and engaging way. 


You will learn
~the ONE thing that’s missing from your life that keeps you stuck, unmotivated and feeling like a fraud
~how to listen to your body and inner-voice to find clarity and make sound decisions
~how to express yourself through your core essence without words

To reserve your seat, please RSVP HERE or check out the Facebook event here

Monthly Moon Magic with Michelle


This is a curated sisterhood of like-minded, spiritually sassy, successful and ambitious women who desire to increase their manifesting ability, participate in magic rituals, experience deep healing through a powerful community and receive laser coaching for their life's most pressing challenges. 

It has been a dream of mine to create an inner circle like this for years! Finally, there is sacred space for all of us to enter a into with the same mindset, goals and values that connect us on a deeper level. My intention is that this is an active and exciting forum for women to expand their abundance and enjoy playful exploration of the magic we are always surrounded by.  May this safe space be your conduit for continued success, joy, connection, meaning and growth.

>>INTERESTED? Sign up to receive exclusive access:

Our next gathering is on October 12th! Check out the New Moon Manifesting Ritual and the Full Moon Renewal Ceremony to see how we roll. 

One on one private coaching

Feeling into how I could feel extremely excited in serving my clients in a way for them to gain the biggest result they desire, I narrowed down my expertise into these three opportunities. One on one coaching is  transformational and necessary if you would like to step into your true greatness. Nothing compares to the succinct reflections, powerful tools and honest guidance that comes from a loving coach who spent years of overcoming what you're experiencing. This is the way you take a leap, move past your blocks and step into success. If you have tried doing it on your own for too long or just can't seem to get your ducks in a row, now is the time!

Organized & Energized Session
One virtual 90 minute session that focuses on your space setup and increasing your efficiency so you can feel energized by your self and space every day! (In-person organization still available).

For the overworked and underplayed trying to find success the hard way. 4 months of coaching to align your energy, activate your feminine power and revolutionize your path to success. 

The Queens Journey: a VIP Experience
A truly transformative experience including 6 months of devoted support, exclusive VIP perks + attention, private all-inclusive retreat weekend and total life makeover! 

Around the Ba'gua:
9 Weeks To Energetically Up-level Every Area of your Life with Feng Shui

I'm starting an interest list for those that would like to learn more or possibly participate in a program like this. It will be a virtual group program where we will explore every area of your life using the Feng Shui map, spiritual development tools and feminine power principles. Sign up here!