around the bagua

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I am still enjoying the festivities here in Atlanta with family for the rest of the weekend, having a wonderful and restful time. I am also truly grateful for your presence here. I would love to hear how your holiday was, so feel free to reply to this email and share with me :)

I'm writing you today to share a dream that has come true for me, and hopefully help you achieve your dream as well.

A little over 4 years ago I was stuck in the biggest rut of my life. I hated every part of it and was utterly broke and depressed. It was then that I signed up for a Feng Shui class and everything changed. I realized how much meaning and joy was missing from my life and keeping me stuck. Not only did my life get better, but I found my true calling, I started making money and getting clients, my marriage took a positive 180 degree turn and my relationships transformed. I owe this transformation to Feng Shui. If it weren't for that class, I wouldn't be here today. That one choice to take a chance and join a class with strangers changed my world in a way I could never imagine. It opened up so much opportunity that I used to create a new life worth living.

Ever since then, I have wanted to bring the same structure and incredible information to the world, myself, and now, I am! I am pleased to announce the launch of my 9-week virtual group program: Around the Ba'Gua: 9 Weeks To Energetically Up-Level Every Area of Your Life and you're invited to join with a special offer below.


Does your life look a little dim right now? Are you looking for an energetic re-charge? Looking to make more money, get that job, have that baby or find the one?

There might be something in your home that is blocking these things for you. There might be thought patterns that hold you back from receiving what you want or noticing it's mere presence in your life already. There might even be some energy within yourself or space that is just STUCK.

What if there were simple ways you could add INSTANT meaning and energy flow to your life? Would you want to know?

I've create a 9-week Virtual Group Program centered around Feng Shui called Around the Ba'Gua: 9 Weeks to Energetically Up-Level Every Area of Your Life for this exact reason. I have been passionately performing Feng Shui sessions for over 4 years and it's now time to bring it to the masses in a more structured, affordable and comprehensive way. If you are curious about Feng Shui and it's time to up-level YOUR life, check it out.

I'm offering $100 off this weekend only!

If you are seriously curious, you can schedule an Inspiration Session this weekend to find out if this program is right for you. There is only 8 spots left!  I am here to support your highest and best decision.

GO HERE for more info and class details.


Cheers to your success!

Lots of love,