Sexy Soulful Success

I am so excited to share something really special with you today!

A few months ago, my lovely friend and soul-sister, Emily Cassel, reached out to me to take part in her project, the Sexy Soulful Success Summit, and I was thrilled to say YES to becoming a featured expert!

I’d absolutely LOVE for you to join us, along with a line-up of 17 amazing, radiant, and soulful women on a mission to truly change the world from the inside, out.


If you’ve ever thought your dreams were “too big,” or felt an icky feeling arise when you thought about pursuing them in the way you’ve seen others do it, and have craved a more soulful strategy that feels authentic and enlivening to you, then THIS is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

This summit is overflowing with so much wisdom, vision, light, and authentic conversations with women who are redefining success on their own terms, living in alignment with their deeper purpose, running world-changing businesses, and doing it all in a way that defies convention and what we typically see or hear about.

Emily has brilliantly curated a sisterhood of women to share their voices who are contributing to the world in a beautiful way by expressing their unique gifts. Their stories will help inspire and teach you how you can do so, too, in a way that feels good to you (instead of the way you think you should be doing it).

I’m so excited for you to meet these 17 powerful and soulful women who are fully embodying their heart-centered missions and living, loving, and leading by devotion + design!

Join us now to gain all the knowledge, wisdom, tools, and insight to help YOU create a liberated and purposeful life of service + contribution.

We will be sharing together in sisterhood to redefine what it means to be a powerful woman in the 21st century and a soulful feminine leader.

Together, we can and will truly change the world from the inside out.

Can’t wait to see you there!