Happy New Year Michelle Powell Coaching!!!

How was the transition for you? Do you feel like you are still transitioning? It seems most people I talk to are, so I hope that softens your soul a bit, knowing you don’t have to be in the momentum/activation energy just yet either. 

If you still need to close out 2016, I created a beautiful ritual for you. Today I want to talk about a yearly theme, introduce mine and share what will be different for these love letters to you from now on. 

Last month, I was lucky enough to receive a special Goddess of the Year reading, which was the goddess Freyja. I feel her as an empowered, sensual and a revolutionary siren of truth. She is what the day Friday is named in honor of. Fridays also represent beauty and love, ruled by the planet venus. For that reason, I’ve decided to move my love letter schedule over to Fridays. I will also be minimizing the amount so as not to add clutter to your inbox and switch over to bi-monthly deliveries. I hope you enjoy this change. Make sure to also check out what’s happening on social media and my upcoming events below!

This year for me is going to be all about LIBERATION. Freyja represents so many beautiful aspects of the feminine: sexuality, freedom and courage, so expect to read a lot this year around those topics. Here’s the definition of Liberation:

“the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.”
“freedom from limits on thought or behavior.”

OMG YES!  free from the imprisonment of limiting beliefs, playing small, holding back, settling for mediocracy and a restrictive body. Free from working like a slave girl, slavery to society, slaving myself away for other peoples causes, from addictive thoughts and behavior and what feels like slavery in my roles in some relationships. Free from feeling oppressed mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually and emotionally. Free to release alllllllllllof this and whatever doesn’t align with my soul. Free to say NO. Free to say YES to pleasure, prosperity and play. 

This feels grandly luxurious and enlivening to me. 

I know I blindly created the situations in those feelings of imprisonment, slavery, oppression and limitations. I am a Capricorn, it’s kinda our downfall. Well, the mask is OFF, the desire is FIERCE and I am fucking ready to OWN IT. 

I know you have felt these before too. We can feel trapped or imprisoned when something isn’t aligned or outgrows us. We can feel oppressed when we don’t have the know how to stand up for ourselves and stand in our personal power. We can all feel like a slave to society, something or someone, when we can’t stand on our own, don’t feel safe or have too much evidence that there isn’t another way in addition to having no support to guide us through it. We limit ourselves based on what we see from others and who molds us as a child. Everything feels out of reach at first until we gain enough evidence that it’s possible. So, my point is, I know you feel me, I know you’re with me in some way, I know how you feel because I have and do feel it too sometimes. My point is, I can help you! I can guide you through the process and into the life you are secretly dreaming about!

There is so much I have planned for this year, so I hope you will stick around for the ride. One thing I have learned over the years is that when you hang around those that are ascending and skyrocketing by taking quantum leaps in their life, you will experience it along with them. 

What is YOUR word, phrase or theme for the year, darling? DO tell!!! Reply to this email to tell me.