Happy Spring Equinox! 

I wanted to pop into your inbox again today to offer one last opportunity to join the Self Care Sisterhood, but ALSO so share some really valuable information and inspiration that has been very present for me and my clients lately....so most likely you are experiencing the same. 

I've been posting a lot on Facebook & Instagram about the energy that is being felt around growing, transforming and being a part of something bigger, something more beautiful than just ourselves individually. Yes, our being is completely beautiful and perfect, even in its messiest form. However, our potential and magnificence is amplified in the presence of other beautiful beings on the same path. We as individuals can only see ourselves so far with our own eyes and sometimes our growth is inhibited by this limited perception.

Even in the most magnificent of creatures or the most advanced humans need community and collective energy to evolve beyond what they can create. Additionally, there is power in the empty space that happens just before new growth from the collective energy. This is the energy of the equinox! The in-between, the transition before emergence, the active yet quiet process of metamorphosis and the choices that are available that will take us to where we want to be. 



This is the place that usually gets overlooked (I know I have done it!). We want to fill that empty space because it's uncomfortable, with distractions and old habits that are no longer serving us. The common tendency is to keep pushing ourselves in the same way we have always done in hopes it will be different this time.

But what is important to remember, especially at these times like the equinox, is that when we can relax into the emptiness before the creation or the dawn before the daylight, we create space for ourselves to blossom and shine into what's next for us.

Where does community come into this? Well, without the generous eyes of those that are holding the vision for our greatest, most beautiful bloom yet, and for them to see our emptiness and witness this transformation, the beauty in the bloom (the opportunity) is missed. Without anyone to notice, appreciate and adore the flowers, not to mention bees to use them and pollenate, what purpose do they hold? The same beauty of the flowers and of the rainbow are meant to be a symbol for the beauty of community, and in my opinion, sisterhood. 

In a community of sisters, we are stronger. In sisterhood, we are brighter, wiser, more beautiful and more abundant. We can reflect to one another the beauty and the breakdown for the purpose of being FULLY EXPRESSED in our sacred femininity that is our birthright. 

So, in honor of Global Sisterhood Day, I offer you this wisdom and one last chance to join a community of sisters that will help you blossom, shine your colors and radiate your truth as the bright light that you are meant to be. I am encouraging you to plant your seeds in a community where you can bloom, whether that is this one, or another, because the world needs your unique brilliance, and sisterhood will help you access this. 

Together, we are better, and we say in unison, AHO, and so it is.

Take a look at the Self Care Sisterhood and if it is right for you, you can claim your spot NOW, as we start on TOMORROW. Feel free to respond back to this email to discuss any questions or concerns further. I am here to help you make the best decision for you.

To YOU, dear sister, and your ever-changing beautiful expression.


PS ~ I've been transforming, myself, deepening into leadership and my own coaching practice, which is why I'm so excited about this group program as a new facet to my business and expression. That being said, I am now more called to work one-on-one with women in the capacity of private, long term coaching. So, I have opened up just 3 private coaching spots in my roster for hardworking women who are ready to go through a metamorphosis into their Queenhood and greatness. If you, or someone you know is looking to experience deep transformation during their life transition by cultivating more of their feminine energy, go here for more details on how we can work together to creating your truest, most authentic expression of yourself, also known as your greatness.