Cultivating Flow with Pleasure featuring Nadia Munla

I have to admit, I have been a little inconsistent with this newsletter to you. There is a lot that I'm focusing on right now for the remainder of the year, but I know that is not an excuse. I'm happily learning how to become more consistent with myself and my business lately. Sometimes we just have to push through and do things we know we need to when we do not feel like doing them.

I think it stems from integrity and grit, but my friend Nadia Munla also shares a way to take on a new approach to life through the lens of pleasure. 

Originally, I wanted to host a virtual tele summit about how women in different industries cultivate flow in their work and life, and what healthy energy flow actually looks like to them (besides their actual flow). However, this is one of those ideas that did not come to fruition, so I've decided to make it a blog series here for you!

Take a look at this video where I interview Nadia Munla about her fascinating work in the world and how she cultivates flow in her career and life to sustain her success. She is all about PLEASURE and I know you'll love her energy.

Take a listen now! I hope you are inspired.


When you watch it, reply to this email and tell me what inspired you most!

Happy sensing,


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