Beauty week 2

We are in week 2 of our Beauty theme focus this month. Are you enjoying it? Have you noticed more beauty in your life both internally and externally?  Have you experienced a bigger perspective on this concept? I'd love to know whatever is happening for you...shoot me an email. One of my clients shared over on Instagram that she had no idea how much she valued beauty until working with me and that it was a huge game changer!

Today I'm discussing beauty with my new friend Paul Julch, a personal wardrobe stylist (AKA Style Coach).

This week, as you embrace a new perspective on beauty through the transformative nature of clothing, you will learn what helps make outfits interesting, how you can subconsciously be hiding and why you gotta put the smile on even when you don't feel like it. In this video, he says so many profound things, especially about having style no matter what. I love that, NO EXCUSES! Watch the video now and soak up his wonderful energy and wisdom.

Paul believes that everyone deserves to feel great about how they look, everyday. No matter a client's lifestyle, body type, or budget – he helps them create a modern, current and versatile wardrobe that gets them through their day with confidence.
Paul believes in personal style, not trends. He works with clients to figure out what works for them, and guides them to that goal. And he believes in shopping with purpose, not buying for the sake of buying. 
Paul works with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, and remotely throughout the country. And when he's not working, he's spending time with his husband, son and two dogs - and on his day off, you may just catch him out shopping for himself.

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Style and kisses,