Welcome to 5 weeks of beauty! For the entire month of December, I will be sharing exclusive interviews with some of my favorite beauty experts for the purpose of revealing the unique power and impact that all versions of beauty have on our success, confidence and motivation.

It's time to embrace a new perspective on beauty, what it means, how it serves us and how it can truly shift our life experience immensely. Today, I will share my perspective.

As a Professional Organizer and Feng Shui consultant, I have been working in the homes of my clients for over 6 years, helping them declutter, streamline systems and most of all, what has set me apart from others, helping to make their space beautiful, sacred and full of life! Beauty plays a big role in this. As a Life Coach, I’m still supporting my clients with their home while also guiding them to take more of a self-care focus, which often includes the realm of beauty. 

My signature Energy Alignment System has beauty ingrained in its core as a secret weapon for sustainable success. Enhancing our outer beauty is fun, but our inner beauty, the place that lights up our soul and sparkles out of our eyes is what is truly brings us to a place of satisfaction and happiness. When those are in place, we can set ourselves up for success by having beauty reflected back to us in our environment.

What I have learned is that there are so many factors that play into what feels beautiful in our environment from color to balanced furniture to memorable items. When we surround ourselves with only things that inspire us, we will have the capacity to source our motivation at any moment and take inspired action, which feels easy instead of overwhelming or drudging. 

This whole concept of a deeper meaning of beauty speaks directly to the subconscious mind. What we see with our eyes, the sense we trust the most, we translate into our thoughts, which eventually become a belief. What is closest to us has the most impact on us. So, what is your main environment, your home, office or car reinforcing to yourself?

Beauty has also been a constant theme in my personal life. I have loved fashion and make-up since the beginning, which I know is typical for little girls, but the way it has consistently shown up in my dreams, profession and success shows me that it’s more than an interest. Beauty is part of my purpose, part of creating that sacred space, part of feeling inspired and absolutely part of what makes all that I do worthwhile. Its relevance goes much deeper than skin, and that is what you will find out through these interviews.

I believe it’s ingrained in our DNA/make up as women to cultivate beauty. We are both blessed and cursed to live in this modern world and have access to so many tools that can either help or harm us. There is a tendency to lean more towards the superficial when we talk about beauty, which creates an imbalance and unfulfillment. Shifting gears to a more meaningful and soulful interpretation of how beauty can be present will help balance out the physical focus. I believe it is just a shift in perception that will allow us to do this, which is again, why I have interviewed beauty experts in different professions to show you how. 

This is important not only to help bring more awareness that it’s possible to balance out the superficial focus of modern society, but also to increase your own quality of life and future! I can PROMISE you that if you enhanced your internal beauty, external beauty and supportive elements of beauty in your environment that you will be happier. You will feel luscious, invigorated, calm, present, inspired, authentic, confident, creative, playful and successful. Things will start to get a little easier and more enjoyable. 

My beauty ritual I can’t live without is COLOR. I use it in wall paint, clothing, make-up, covers, decor, website, artwork and more. I use a very intentional approach for every single item. Every color has a certain energy and specific meaning about it, so depending on what I am doing from getting ready to meditating at my alter to designing my office, there is a deep intention and meaning infused in it’s presence, which manifests in my experience. There are countless studies on how color impacts us, so I urge you to research if this intrigues you. Color is POWERFUL. 


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