Success is related to self-worth

I believe that we are all deserving of our desires, of a fulfilling and meaningful life, of true love with ourselves and others, of health, wealth and happiness. I believe it's possible to love every piece of our body and being. I believe our feminine essence has more power for us than our masculine essence. I believe it's possible that we can change everything and actually have only what's important to us in our lives, that we don't have to suffer under the obligations or expectations of others.

I remember when I had none of this. When all of that was a pipe-dream that seemed sooo far away for me. I have been at rock bottom (several times) and I've dipped back and forth since then as well. Now, I've absolutely cultivated all of this for myself in the last 4 years and have become a woman I never thought I could be. I owe it all to what I share with you here in these love notes, hoping to inspire YOU to ignite the spark within you that knows she deserves more. 

The Self Care Challenge is underway and it is incredible. I wanted to bring a little bit of that magic here for you. Women are lovingly pushing themselves to step out of their comfort zone and take care of themselves more, and the results are profound. Healing is happening, bonds are deepening, a-ha's are being had and our quality of life is increasing. I believe self-care is the start of all I shared earlier. 

Success of any kind is directly related to self-worth.

That means it all has to start with increasing our capacity for love by taking exquisite care of ourselves first so we can THEN receive more love from others. You still have time to join us in the free Self Care Challenge, but this love note is simply to invite you tocommit to SOMETHING right here and now, that helps you cultivate more self-love. Think of a role-model that you can guess what she does for herself. Think of what you are missing the most in your life (and I promise you it's not outside of you) and start there. 

How can you begin to show yourself that you are worthy of what you want? Start caring for and loving yourself FIERCELY and CONSISTENTLY

I am here to witness you, so please feel free to reply to this email with any questions, concerns, gratitude or celebrations you have. 

And if you are ready to truly immerse yourself in radical self-care, self-love, sisterhood and heart-centered living, I invite you to join me for a weekend retreat where I will show you how to truly live, love and lead with your heart. This is an intimate and unique group immersion retreat that will help you finally release your blocks, claim your throne as the metaphorical Queen of your life and experience what it's like to operate from a place ofcentered wholeness. This is truly a magnificent opportunity for those looking to godeeper on their path of self-love. Click on the image below to learn more. The castle gates are OPEN to welcome a limited number of women before March 1st. 


...and again, I invite you to take ACTION now. Do something for yourself, for your soul, so your cup is full and you can give your unique, one-of-a-kind genius to the world. CHALLENGE: Do it before or on Valentine's Day! 


Loving you,