Are you ready to surrender?

The energy of this new year has been intense for me and I'm guessing for a lot of you as well. January offered us a fresh new perspective on life, February propelled us into a new lunar cycle energy and March has got an even bigger and bolder plan. That's why I'm writing you today, love.

You see, if it weren't for the magic, support, sisterhood, and connections that I experienced these past few years, I would have been a complete WRECK right now. I wouldn't have the knowledge to be able to use simple tools to get through hard situations, or lean on my community while I'm raw and messy or even be able to identify why my life isn't going the way I want it to. 

What I experienced took me through the depths of my soul, uncovering my super powers and my shadow sides that I was able to navigate through because of the support that I invested in. The feelings, the beliefs, the magic, the synchronicities were ALL amplified and my development was on the fast track. The Heroine's journey isn't an easy one, but it's worth it, and I knew that. I remember having to have a LOT of faith and be able to let go of my usual technique of controlling situations/people/circumstances with all of my might. I remember resisting ALL of it, until I finally realized that it was all my birthright. I realized the whole undercurrent of all the training was self care, sisterhood and surrender. 

I wholeheartedly desire every woman to have this kind of support in some way. Can I ask you, love, what kind of support are you looking for right now? Answer that to yourself as you read this.

Today is a new moon, full of vibrant energy around the element fire as well as a solar eclipse! EEK! Can you feel it?! The energies are running wild in many directions. If you are ready to explore this moon deeper and participate in sisterhood for a magic ritual for new moon rituals, join me at over at Monthly New Moon Manifesting Ritual . It's free and it's all about what I just mentioned above. They are always powerful.


So, the moon and magic and all of that is definitely supportive, but what about those who want more? Through the Self Care Challenge, we were able to start new habits of caring for ourselves, which is the premiere form of support in my opinion. Almost 200 women were supported through the wisdom of each Self Care Ambassador so they could rest into their new practice with confidence. They had each other, a group of over 60 women in the private Facebook group to share what what they were going through. The ladies said it changed their LIFE! My mission felt complete...until I realized, as is common in the feminine energy, that I wanted MORE. That wasn't my final mission, as it turned out. The women needed more, too. The Self Care Sisterhood was born. 


I didn't even consider the magnitude and power of the platform I created until I was immersed in the reflections from the ladies. 5 minute videos for 13 days were changing women's lives?! AMAZING! Imagine what we could do with something bigger?! 

Using the 3 elements that we used in the Self Care Challenge: Sisterhood, Self Care and Divine Support, I created the Self Care Sisterhood for those who really want to deepen into all of that. Those who feel disconnected to themselves/their body, the ladies that are curious about archetypal healing work and women who NEED sisterhood so badly they can taste it. If this is YOU, right now, listen to this call, sister. We have ONE more spot left for a women who is an ALL IN YES to this solid, loving and incredible container of a program. 

In a nutshell, the Self Care Sisterhood runs for 13 magical weeks including weekly sacred sister circles, weekly self care focus/theme, monthly divine archetype audio recordings for healing, monthly coaching calls, surprise gifts, private forum for support in real time and access to my exclusive Elemental Alchemy playshop. But go HERE for more details. :) We start on March 20th, so there is only a week left to decide.

May this day, week and month bring you PLENTY of support, whether that is already present in your life or you are being asked to reach out and ask for it. SURRENDER, my darling, to what is possible for you through your feelings and your truth. Holding you all in this way today.

Many blessings of love,