Self Care Challenge

As you may or may not know, self care has been a huge, enormous lesson for me in terms of growth and success. I come from the norm of pushing too hard and putting others first. However, once I harnessed the whole concept of self care, everything opened up.

I started a business that was making money, but only as I immersed myself in daily ritual, consistent spa time and instilled spaciousness in my schedule did I truly find my business being a success. 

I've been married for almost 10 years, but I've learned that only when I take the time away from him and put myself first do I experience the benefits and intimacy between us. 

I've had countless friends, but only when I set healthy boundaries, got enough alone time and honor my needs did I attract incredible women into my life. 

This is my biggest desire for others and part of my mission: to help women use the power of self care to live in their purpose, increase their success and truly thrive in their sacred feminine! 

That's why I created the Self Care Challenge! We start February 1st and go for 13 days, a sacred feminine number, leading up to (the anticipated or dreaded) Valentines Day. The theme is “to get cozy with yourself before you can get cozy with someone else” because, let’s face it…Vday has a twisted rep.


I believe that only when we as women are full, we can experience a partner intimately in pleasure, but not the other way around.
I believe that when our tank is full, only then can we care for others with our unique gifts.
I also believe that real success is rooted in self care. 

Self care looks different for everyone, we all need different amounts, and usually more than we think.

So, in honor of many different perspectives on what constitutes as "full" and "self care", I will feature a new Self Care Ambassador each day that includes a video of them answering this one question: What has been your biggest challenge with self care that has had the biggest impact on your life once you overcame that challenge and why?

This challenge is intended to raise the awareness around self care and inspire women to understand how important it is and how easy it can be. I know first hand how much of a stretch putting ourselves first is.

Do you feel the same? Or have you come from this experience as well? I would love for you to join us! More women need to know. They need to hear YOUR experience. CLICK HERE to sign up.

What kind of self care do you love? comment below!