About Michelle

The first 7 years of my life were revolved around constantly moving through the Midwest and Florida. It was divorce that brought  my mom and I out to Los Angeles...driving cross country in a moving truck...pulling a car...just the two of us. The Madonna Immaculate Collection audio tape played a big role in enjoying that process. Lots of lovey-dovey mother/daughter memories were had in our five day adventure west. Thinking back on one of the most fun times of my life, I realize my mother had a huge impact on my skills today. 

Those days of shifting homes created a second-nature feel to the nuts and bolts of moving (in addition to the countless times when we actually hit LA). This really helped me hone my savviness in space planning and naturally feel the Feng Shui principles at an early age.




She had an impeccable ability to containerize and categorize, a natural skill I didn't activate until after my hormones kicked in.

It was her careers in modeling, make-up and interior design that instilled my eye for aesthetics. 

Her independent nature was passed down to me which makes it easy for me to run my own business. 

My mom was basically the catalyst to my destiny.



Now, how did I get here?

After several interesting jobs from restaurants to music labels, my experience enabled me to understand a lot of aspects about time management, energy and how our surroundings (read: stuff) affect us. After quitting corporate for good, I jumped into extensive independent learning. There was a short vegan stint which lead to a health craze after a near-fatal car accident. I was so desperate to find myself at this point that I excitedly jumped into Feng Shui training from a local instructor. After the first class, I knew my life was going to change forever. He ended up certifying me in 2012 after over a year of one-on-one instruction. 

As I moved into the realm of the home, I joined the National Association of Professional Organizers in October 2011, after organizing my friends and family as a hobby for six months. I founded Some Like It Organized and have been organizing professionally for over four years now. I'm ready to take this knowledge and experience to a deeper level.

Continual learning is extremely important to me and I immerse myself in consistent organizational training, professional business courses and educational workshops that support my goals.  We are always learning! I believe in the power of learning in a group,as masterminds and group training is what catapulted me into major success. I'm now a certified Life Coach after intimate training with my mentor, Jeannine Yoder for 2 years. This has been my biggest joy to come into as of yet.

Today, I live in San Mateo, CA with my tech savvy hubby and two pugs, Milo & Otis. 

Electronic music, holistic health, animals and the environment are more things I'm can't get enough of!