I am so glad you're here and joining this 9 week class! This is going to be an amazing ride. See below for important information and your next steps. You can also bookmark this webpage in your browser. Please take some time to take care of these 6 steps below before our first class together. 


1.  My intention is that this program offers you an expansive perspective on the possibility for your life, with the purpose of up-leveling the quality of your life immediately. My intention is that what you came here for manifests into something far beyond your expectations during our time together or shortly after. For all of you to become friends, participate and interact together in a collaborative and supportive way and join each class LIVE so you can experience the magic that is more available that way. To clearly and effectively teach you this ancient art of harmony so you can use these tools for the rest of your life to create what you want. To hold the sacred container as the guide for all of us to grow as a respected leader for the experience and knowledge I am bringing you. My intention is to have a LOT of fun, to savor our time together, to be the support you need and to help you make a bigger impact on this beautiful world. 

What's yours?!? Please send me an email to share your intention for the class. You WILL have the experience you set for yourself. How will you like to feel during our 9 weeks together? How will you show up? What will you contribute to the group? What would you like to get out of this program?
It will also help to do a little celebration, as you are taking a big step in claiming the life you really want!

2. If you have not yet filled out the questionnaire, please go HERE to answer the very important Preliminary Play questions so I can be of highest service to you and where you want to go.

3.  Add yourself to the private Facebook forum where you can share, ask for and receive support in real time! I recommend you go in now and introduce yourself so those who come in can get to you know right away. Also, add this group to your favorites so you can find it easily.


4.  2018 Class Dates:

Mark these important dates in your calendar and make sure to 'pad' in time around it so you are not rushed before or after. I would recommend adding some reflecting/connecting on FB time after each class to really lock in what you learned. 

We will meet once a week (day and time decided by you) for 1.5 - 2 hours. 

September 24 - Introduction, History, Mindset Makeover
October 1 - 
Love, Relationships & Balance
October 8 - 
Prosperity & Abundance
October 15 -  Career & Lifepath
October 22 - Family & Basic Needs + Creativity/Inspiration/Future
October 29 -
Wisdom/Skills/Knowledge + Travel/Spirituality
November 5 - Health
November 12 - Fame & Reputation
November 19 - Cures, Special Environments, Celebration, Blessing

5. Extra free trainings from me: I have a couple public trainings that would help you get started with understanding Feng Shui, so feel free to watch!
Feng Shui training video 
Holistic Home Harmony

6. Optional: You can create your own floor plan in preparation for class through http://floorplanner.com. Remember to include all areas you use like the front, back and side yards. Alternatively, you can simply draw your own blueprint by hand. If you do decide to do this, please send it to me! No worries if you don't do this, it won't impact your experience.

7.  Download and print the Ba'Gua Map HERE. It is placed over the blueprint of your space, with the entryway as the anchor, placed in one of the three sections on the bottom. We will cover this in depth so no need to try and understand it fully yet.


I can't wait to connect with you further. Please feel free to reach out at any time for questions, feedback, etc.  I welcome your input and support throughout. Remember also this class will be what you make of it, so PLAY FULL OUT and catch up if you miss anything! I appreciate your presence and participation.

See you soon!
Lots of love,