I'm Michelle Powell, a Feminine Success Coach devoted to cultivating sacred space inside & out. What i’m passionate about is helping overachieving women connect the dots between their life and space and understand the magnitude of their feminine power so they can be successful in a way that is grounded, balanced and easy. 

It breaks my heart when I see women succumbing to society standards or the old paradigm of living in burn out & reaction mode from pushing themselves so hard that they are always overwhelmed and de-valuing themselves by putting others first, which inevitably makes them feel unworthy. 

And I’ve been there too, as this was how I lived most of my life. I know how awful and empty it feels.

That’s why I created programs dedicated to empowering women with a feminine foundation of success through revolutionary productivity and radical self care.

I know a way to feel whole, to feel confident, inspired, motivated and powerful in your everyday life and/or business. By adding your heart into your hustle, you’ll begin to soften into the incredible feminine leader you were meant to be, because you’ll never get there by being hard or controlling, like many of us think. 

How cool would it be to actually ADORE your life and home?  Can you imagine feeling fully empowered, free and abundant all the time? Or at least know how to get back there when you fall short?

So often, we can be on auto-pilot, living according other people's expectations. We get caught up in the demands of life and let ourselves burn out. This is the sign that we are overdue for an upgrade.

You know there has to be a better way to deal with everything and you're ready to do whatever it takes! I know you're craving a more authentic life supported by a fabulous home and rewarding relationships. 

That's where I come in.

I believe your desires are your destiny


I've been in your shoes and I've stepped out of them, too. I've conquered people pleasing antics, toxic relationships with myself + others, workaholism, a messy home and more. I gave up the superficial and seemingly perfect life I was in for a life that keeps me more in-tune with who I really am, what I want and how to get it- all while having fun (if it's not fun, why bother?)

I want the same for you. You deserve a better life. There is NO need to settle. You are meant for greatness.

I believe in YOU. You're more powerful than you give yourself credit for. 

Using my signature 3-step Energy Alignment System, we work with your head, heart & home to conquer clutter physically, emotionally and energetically, so you can leap from a life that's lackluster to luxuriously fulfilling. I can help you go from stuck to savvy by eliminating the blocks that are holding you back and creating a life that's everything you've dreamed of (for real!).

It's a powerful mix of mentorship, coaching, organizing, time management, Feng Shui, magical rituals and cosmic construction.

Ease, energy and efficiency is my motto. 

I stand for serenity instead of anxiety. Balance instead of overwhelm. Clarity instead of confusion. 


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