Success is related to self-worth

I believe that we are all deserving of our desires, of a fulfilling and meaningful life, of true love with ourselves and others, of health, wealth and happiness. I believe it's possible to love every piece of our body and being. I believe our feminine essence has more power for us than our masculine essence. I believe it's possible that we can change everything and actually have only what's important to us in our lives, that we don't have to suffer under the obligations or expectations of others.

I remember when I had none of this. When all of that was a pipe-dream that seemed sooo far away for me. I have been at rock bottom (several times) and I've dipped back and forth since then as well. Now, I've absolutely cultivated all of this for myself in the last 4 years and have become a woman I never thought I could be. I owe it all to what I share with you here in these love notes, hoping to inspire YOU to ignite the spark within you that knows she deserves more. 

The Self Care Challenge is underway and it is incredible. I wanted to bring a little bit of that magic here for you. Women are lovingly pushing themselves to step out of their comfort zone and take care of themselves more, and the results are profound. Healing is happening, bonds are deepening, a-ha's are being had and our quality of life is increasing. I believe self-care is the start of all I shared earlier. 

Success of any kind is directly related to self-worth.

That means it all has to start with increasing our capacity for love by taking exquisite care of ourselves first so we can THEN receive more love from others. You still have time to join us in the free Self Care Challenge, but this love note is simply to invite you tocommit to SOMETHING right here and now, that helps you cultivate more self-love. Think of a role-model that you can guess what she does for herself. Think of what you are missing the most in your life (and I promise you it's not outside of you) and start there. 

How can you begin to show yourself that you are worthy of what you want? Start caring for and loving yourself FIERCELY and CONSISTENTLY

I am here to witness you, so please feel free to reply to this email with any questions, concerns, gratitude or celebrations you have. 

And if you are ready to truly immerse yourself in radical self-care, self-love, sisterhood and heart-centered living, I invite you to join me for a weekend retreat where I will show you how to truly live, love and lead with your heart. This is an intimate and unique group immersion retreat that will help you finally release your blocks, claim your throne as the metaphorical Queen of your life and experience what it's like to operate from a place ofcentered wholeness. This is truly a magnificent opportunity for those looking to godeeper on their path of self-love. Click on the image below to learn more. The castle gates are OPEN to welcome a limited number of women before March 1st. 


...and again, I invite you to take ACTION now. Do something for yourself, for your soul, so your cup is full and you can give your unique, one-of-a-kind genius to the world. CHALLENGE: Do it before or on Valentine's Day! 


Loving you,

Welcome to the self care challenge 2017

Darling, I have a special invitation for you today to something so close to my heart that I believe will positively impact your whole entire year. This once-a-year FREE opportunityhas the potential to change your life and re-direct your energy to a much more soulful, easy, magnetizing and exciting experience in your life and/or business. Consider this your first step into your new normal of ease, abundance and efficiency! 

You are invited to join the self-care revolution via the annual Self-Care Challenge starting tomorrow, February 1st, 2017.


Self-care has been the biggest catalyst for my success and helps me sustain what I create. I learned long ago that this ancient practice profoundly re-calibrates our energy so we have MORE of it, increases our capacity for love and abundance as well as gives us the confidence and connection we are really looking for...with OURSELVES. 

We can’t take care of others until we take care of ourselves, and I know how much you care about others. 

It really is possible to take care yourself and actually FIT it into your busy schedule.
You gotta come first, sista


Valentine’s day is almost upon us, so what a perfect time to get into the swing of being incommunion with ourselves. We gotta get cozy with ourselves before we can get cozy with someone else. It’s only when we are FULL that we can experience pleasure and intimacy. 

If we are bringing our empty cup to the table, we set ourselves up for being drained and incapable of actually giving our greatest self-expression, unique gifts and one-of-a-kind love to anyone else. 

Sign up for the Self Care Challenge HERE


Once you sign up, you'll get all the information you need to participate. I will send you one short video each day for 13 days featuring a new Self-Care Ambassador sharing their biggest challenge around self-care and what your specific challenge is for that day. Every day, you are encouraged to do that challenge AND post it either on your social media channels or the safe Facebook Group (gotta sign up to get access). Each time you post, you'll be entered to win a mystery prize bundle at the end of the challenge. 

I  made a Facebook LIVE video where I shared more about this and planning on doing another today! 

I hope you will join us. Sign up TODAY so you don't miss anything. We start together in sisterhood tomorrow. 

Feel free to SHARE this email as well! Be that synchronistic messenger for the women that need this in their lives right now. 

See you soon!

"The self-care challenge was the best thing - hands down- that I did for myself last year! The lessons and visuals stick with me to this day and I am able to practice self-care much more effortlessly. I can't wait to do it again this year! The challenge and all the wonderful women who are a part of it, help us realize how important self care is and how we cannot afford to be neglected. While I came away the winner of last year's challenge, I feel like we were all winners! Don't miss this free opportunity to care for yourself!" 
-Lauren, Let Me Organize It

What it takes to get & stay MOTIVATED

Let’s talk about motivation. The majority of people who don’t achieve their goals or dreams say it’s because they can’t get or stay motivated to do so, to take the actions needed or to have the mindset that keeps them going. I have been teaching hundreds of women over the last 6 years how to get organized in their home, life and schedule, but I want to share a personal story about motivation that may have a bigger impact on helping YOU get and stay motivated.

Come on a little journey with me…

In 2008 I got in a near fatal car accident, flipped my car over on the freeway and walked away nearly unscathed. The diagnosis was a spinal spasm, which never really got treated because of insurance drama, even though I wasn’t at fault. Over the years I would dabble in chiropractic, massage, core exercise and stretches to help my back, but as you may or may not know, dabbling is never effective.

I have also not had the best relationship with food or exercise, ever, and when that accident happened, I knew something new and powerful was stirred in me. I awoke to a new leaf on life, however, I still didn’t give my body the attention it was screaming for.

When I joined a national networking group, Polka Dot Powerhouse one year ago, my life changed dramatically again. There were powerful, like-minded women owning businesses and working together and having a ton of fun and success along the way. I was hooked! It was then that I met Dr. Nicole, who I immediately fell in love with. She is a vibrant, kind and amazing soul. She is a chiropractor and it seemed everyone in the group had great success working with her. I had always wanted to try chiropractic again, since nothing was working for my back, especially since the muscle spasms were happening every couple of months and putting me out of work for weeks at a time.

But, my pattern was dabbling, so I chose the story that I couldn’t afford it and I didn't need it. I’ll just keep dabbling in getting a massage when my back flares up and going for a long walk once a week. I was and have been avoiding my health, focusing on helping others before me once again. As a Feng Shui consultant, I create balance and harmony within a space to have healthy energy flow in life and at home. It’s ALL about paying attention instead of avoiding or ignoring. I realized I was totally avoiding my well-being and blocking energy flow in my body which of course translated to my life experience. I realized two months ago that I needed to get serious about ALL parts of me, not just my spiritual, mental and emotional intelligence that were in tact. My physical self needed some major love and attention, and beyond the basic self-care practices that I had been doing. 

If you know me, you know that I am all about synchronicities and signs. I never just do anything for the sake of doing it anymore. I allow myself to be divinely guided and only commit myself to something that feels totally aligned and right. Well, how Dr. Nicole and I came to work together was beautifully synchronistic. Her office had a fun holiday ladies night gathering which hosted a plethora of vendors who gave away free services or discounted products, Dr. Nicole being one of them. She was offering a free spinal scan and exam for $40. SOLD. Right then and there, I knew things were going to change. That session was so illuminating and enlightening for me to fully understand WHY my dabbling to “fix” my back had never worked. The structure had to be addressed. She was able to explain exactly how chiropractic can help (everything I had suspected all along but was scared to admit it). I also appreciated her positive energy and intuitive nature, which was important to me.

I also want to share that I harnessed Feng Shui (intuitively) right after this event. I felt the sudden urge to clean underneath my stove which happens to be in my health area of my home. I wasn’t thinking “oh, this is in my health area, I better clean it.” I just got the urge and took action immediately. 


Well, Dr. Nicole turned out to be the exact investment I needed to take charge of my health. In 5 weeks, my strength, inflammation and range of motion has dramatically increased. I feel lighter, more mobile and physically aligned. Plus, I have been on point with healthy nutrition (naturally, without force or deprivation) and self-care that supplements the internal structural reinforcement that is happening. I actually WANT to eat right, move more and stay aware of body sensations. I’m motivated. And I’m getting results all over the place.

My point is, this was the RIGHT leap for me, the next level of evolution in my self-care that drastically improved all areas of my health. It was scary to jump in, but the water actually felt perfect. I honored my intuition and that’s when everything opened up. When I saw results, I felt motivated to keep going, to keep showing up, to try new things, to naturally be drawn to what will support me and to focus on the well-being, body flow and alignment that I had been searching for. It was NEVER this easy, it was always a huge challenge for me to do this. It’s easy now because of the consistent inspiration and improvement I have been receiving for these last 5 weeks. 

We must first be INSPIRED before we can be motivated and take action.

That means we need to deepen the meaning of WHAT and WHY we are participating in. We need to connect what we want or need to do with our core values and biggest priorities before we can expect to be motivated. IN-spiration comes first. We will stay motivated when we see the results from practicing, which gives us energy and faith to keep going. Every little step forward gives you more motivation, and to take each step, we must trust the inspiration, the signs, the synchronicities that guide us. Also, as you can see, Feng Shui helps too ;)

This is why doing things out of obligation, societal “should’s” or from others people’s goals won’t EVER motivate you. 

If you are reading this, something is being asked for your attention in your life. You are now being called to invest in something bigger than you have been, because that next level of you (when you reach your goal) is going to ask you to take a different and more powerful approach than what you have already been doing. What is it for you??

  • Perhaps it needs to be an investment in your health like me through a self-care modality, a health coach, a gym membership or class. 
  • Perhaps you need an investment in your love life by way of therapy, online relationship courses, relationship coaching, more date nights, etc. 
  • Perhaps what is evident in your life is an investment in your career like school, training, or certification. 

What are you being asked to invest in that will up-level your life? The signs are present, my love. 

This is also how coaching works. When I invested in a life coach, life coach training, Feng Shui certification, priestess training and a Queen Initiation retreat, they were major leaps that I had to make which I knew would propel me forward, giving me the exact support I needed to run my business the way I wanted and needed to and keeping me accountable and motivated the entire time. 

What happens in a coaching relationship is incredible INSPIRATION by way of connecting deeper to yourself, identifying and clearing blocks and finding new, soulful ways to achieve your goals. That is why people who invest in coaching are actually investing in themselves by expediting their future. People who allow themselves to be coached experience massive motivation and clarity. 

Would you like to explore if coaching would be right for you right now? I offer complimentary INSPIRATION SESSIONS for women that want to gain more clarity about what is blocking their success and find a new and better way to move forward whether that is with me or on their own. It’s pretty powerful. Click the button below if you would like to claim your personal one-on-one time with me. 

Do you need to amp up your self care? This is the secret to lasting success and fulfillment. Join the #SelfCareChallenge and I, along with the other 13 Self Care Ambassadors will tell you all about it! The revolution starts February 1st, 2017. CLICK HERE to join.

Happy New Year Michelle Powell Coaching!!!

How was the transition for you? Do you feel like you are still transitioning? It seems most people I talk to are, so I hope that softens your soul a bit, knowing you don’t have to be in the momentum/activation energy just yet either. 

If you still need to close out 2016, I created a beautiful ritual for you. Today I want to talk about a yearly theme, introduce mine and share what will be different for these love letters to you from now on. 

Last month, I was lucky enough to receive a special Goddess of the Year reading, which was the goddess Freyja. I feel her as an empowered, sensual and a revolutionary siren of truth. She is what the day Friday is named in honor of. Fridays also represent beauty and love, ruled by the planet venus. For that reason, I’ve decided to move my love letter schedule over to Fridays. I will also be minimizing the amount so as not to add clutter to your inbox and switch over to bi-monthly deliveries. I hope you enjoy this change. Make sure to also check out what’s happening on social media and my upcoming events below!

This year for me is going to be all about LIBERATION. Freyja represents so many beautiful aspects of the feminine: sexuality, freedom and courage, so expect to read a lot this year around those topics. Here’s the definition of Liberation:

“the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.”
“freedom from limits on thought or behavior.”

OMG YES!  free from the imprisonment of limiting beliefs, playing small, holding back, settling for mediocracy and a restrictive body. Free from working like a slave girl, slavery to society, slaving myself away for other peoples causes, from addictive thoughts and behavior and what feels like slavery in my roles in some relationships. Free from feeling oppressed mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually and emotionally. Free to release alllllllllllof this and whatever doesn’t align with my soul. Free to say NO. Free to say YES to pleasure, prosperity and play. 

This feels grandly luxurious and enlivening to me. 

I know I blindly created the situations in those feelings of imprisonment, slavery, oppression and limitations. I am a Capricorn, it’s kinda our downfall. Well, the mask is OFF, the desire is FIERCE and I am fucking ready to OWN IT. 

I know you have felt these before too. We can feel trapped or imprisoned when something isn’t aligned or outgrows us. We can feel oppressed when we don’t have the know how to stand up for ourselves and stand in our personal power. We can all feel like a slave to society, something or someone, when we can’t stand on our own, don’t feel safe or have too much evidence that there isn’t another way in addition to having no support to guide us through it. We limit ourselves based on what we see from others and who molds us as a child. Everything feels out of reach at first until we gain enough evidence that it’s possible. So, my point is, I know you feel me, I know you’re with me in some way, I know how you feel because I have and do feel it too sometimes. My point is, I can help you! I can guide you through the process and into the life you are secretly dreaming about!

There is so much I have planned for this year, so I hope you will stick around for the ride. One thing I have learned over the years is that when you hang around those that are ascending and skyrocketing by taking quantum leaps in their life, you will experience it along with them. 

What is YOUR word, phrase or theme for the year, darling? DO tell!!! Reply to this email to tell me. 

A Soulful End of Year Ritual Gift For You!

wanted to share a special writing ritual that I have been engaged in this past week to really lock in this year with power, inspiration, celebration and authenticity that I think you will absolute LOVE! It doesn’t matter if this year was “good” or “bad” for you, I highly recommend you give this a try. 

ALSO - I’m going to share with you the exact excerpt from my journal on the first question.

One thing that I learned when I started my life coach training several years ago is that to keep us moving forward, growing as a person and overcoming limiting beliefs or blocks, we must reflect on the specifics of our thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs. We must consciously celebrate to truly lock in success, or we will continue to rely on our habitual subconscious patterns instead of creating new, more empowering ones. We must learn from our mistakes or perceived failures as well, and there are ways we can access our deepest truth to uncover WHY it did or didn’t happen and learn that there is always legit reasons for it. From there, we have greater awareness + capability to choose a new way of being or doing. What I know is that nothing will shift until the present is fully felt and embodied. 

These journaling prompt questions are my holiday gift to you. I believe, if you spend honest time with them, that they will bring you much clarity, inspiration, power and motivation. What a spectacular gift you can give yourself going into the new year.

They are meant to ignite deep reflection and prep you for how you would like to show up in 2017, whether that is through resolutions, intentions, year planning or pure openness. Before you can go powerfully INTO the new year to cultivate new goals, you must complete this year by honoring all aspects of your experience. It’s just like the saying “you can pick up something new until you put down what you’re holding onto.”

For this exercise, I would carve out about an hour. You will need your 2016 goals/intentions/resolution/whatever you created as well as your 2016 word theme, if you have one, and of course your journal and pen.

I’ll start us off by showing you what I wrote in response to the first question:

What has your 2016 theme (CONNECTION) taught you? What does it look like to be in that theme fully?

"Connection has taught me that it’s what I really want deep down and when I focus on that instead of having fun or gaining something, it’s way more enjoyable and meaningful. Connection lifts my spirits into joy, openness and a balance of giving and receiving. It’s also taught me how important authenticity is and allowed me to be more authentic, because otherwise, I couldn’t connect. It taught me to look out for connection, notice it when it’s happening and to never underestimate the power of any connection, big or small. All contribute to our soul's desires and destiny. We never know who knows who, and in that regard, we can be prepared for the best connection of our lives at all times from the Starbucks barista to our best friend. Connection helped me bridge the gap between my personal and business life, merging the experience into an unexpected love fest. I built extremely powerful, intentional, successful, meaningful and impactful relationships this year more than any other year. It also encouraged me to shine, grow and create/expand my services in honor of connection, which brought tremendous fulfillment and win-win’s for all involved. It helped me get out of my comfort zone in so many ways. It helped me to USE courage (my theme for 2015) and trust like no other. It was truly an amazing, life-changing theme. Other words associated with connection, that I embodied this year: authenticity, trust, intimacy, courage, receive, give, inspire, joy, desire, grow, collaborate, community, risk, shine."


  • What has your 2016 theme taught you? What does it look like to be in that theme fully?
  • How do you feel when you see what you have accomplished this year?
  • Who are your sisters of significance and main men that have been the biggest impact on your life this year?
  • What goal are you most proud of achieving + why?
  • What was the biggest shift for you in 2016?
  • Where did you fall short + why?
  • What belief was present around the goals you didn’t achieve?
  • What was motivating your goals that you didn’t achieve + how does it relate to your 2016 theme?
  • Why do you think you weren’t ready for the goals that you didn’t achieve?
  • What made the achieved goals work/doable? 
  • What else did you accomplish this year besides what you set out to do and how did you grow as a person?
  • What’s the next phase for your life based on what you accomplished this year and who you have become? 
  • What would you like to devote yourself to in 2017?


Darling, I would absolutely LOVE to hear how this went for you. Will you let me know by emailing me what stood out most in your responses? OR, email me if you need help writing these responses. 


To your new, more powerful, beautiful and inspiring self in 2017.


Happy New Year.

Do you need to amp up your self care? This is the secret to lasting success and fulfillment. Join the #SelfCareChallenge and I, along with the other 13 Self Care Ambassadors will tell you all about it! The revolution starts February 1st, 2017. CLICK HERE to join.

Beauty week 4

Today will be our last beauty Interview featuring Barbara Wayman. She shares how to connect with yourself using beauty and what beauty has taught her about happiness. I also LOVE her commitment to fun and positivity, which is palpable in this interview. 

Barbara is an author, travel writer and PR professional with a lifelong passion for health and beauty. She runs Barbara’s Beauty School on Facebook which is a celebration of self-care, balance and exuberant femininity. It's also is a sharing hub where women from all walks of life and backgrounds can ask and advise on anything beauty related that interests them or works for them. Pretty amazing, huh? 

I hope you enjoy this audio interview as well as week 1week 2 and week 3. Make sure to comment on the video or in social media to keep the conversation going. Let's reinvent the meaning and purpose of beauty, shall we? I want to hear your thoughts and what was most valuable for you. 

Enjoy the last week of the year, beauties! Make it magical and be sure to toast to your magnificent beauty on New Years Eve. I know I will.


Cheers to your endless presence of beauty! 

Beauty week 3

Welcome to week 3 of our Beauty theme focus month. 

This interview is with an amazing local Bay Area artist Ellen Brook. We talked about the magical journey Ellen has been on and how art found her. To me, she blends spirituality with her artwork + clothing by her belief that her work drives beauty through a deeper, transcendent force that is bigger than all of us. She honors where she is guided to create and explore herself as a creative person without boundaries, someone she NEVER thought she could be. I love her perspective on beauty, how she truly embraces the practice of creation as a means to connect more with herself and as a more compelling way for others to connect to themselves. 

Basically, Ellen reminds us to make space in your life for beauty to see what magic can emerge. 

Watch the video now! Then make sure to comment in the video so we can keep the conversation going. We would love to know how this video impacted you. Also, feel free to share it!

After calling many places ‘home’ and traveling extensively, Ellen began her artistic journey in California in the late 90's. Investigations into consciousness and meditation paralleled her introduction to painting.  Following a career in corporate and non-profit communications, Ellen reoriented her life to focus on her art. 

Ellen maintains an art practice and designs and creates original, hand-made women’s apparel and accessories. Her artwork has been exhibited in solo and group shows, and hangs in private collections. Ellen’s artwork and clothing have been recognized in “Uncommon Threads”, a group show at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History; Fiber Arts Now Magazine; on the runway in FashionArt SantaCruz 2013 & 2014 and Pivot: The Art of Fashion 2015; and featured on the cover of “las Aventuras de Pasion’, a Latin Jazz CD. 

Ellen holds a B.A. from Duke University and an M.P.A. from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. She now resides and maintains her studio just south of San Francisco. Ellen is on the Advisory Board of the Fashion and Design Department at Canada College, Redwood City, CA.  

Brook’s soft palette of Eastern-inspired silk apparel creates a semblance of earth-toned fluidity that floats down the runway.”  
-The Santa Cruz Good Times, 2014

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Enjoy your beautiful holiday!

Beauty week 2

We are in week 2 of our Beauty theme focus this month. Are you enjoying it? Have you noticed more beauty in your life both internally and externally?  Have you experienced a bigger perspective on this concept? I'd love to know whatever is happening for you...shoot me an email. One of my clients shared over on Instagram that she had no idea how much she valued beauty until working with me and that it was a huge game changer!

Today I'm discussing beauty with my new friend Paul Julch, a personal wardrobe stylist (AKA Style Coach).

This week, as you embrace a new perspective on beauty through the transformative nature of clothing, you will learn what helps make outfits interesting, how you can subconsciously be hiding and why you gotta put the smile on even when you don't feel like it. In this video, he says so many profound things, especially about having style no matter what. I love that, NO EXCUSES! Watch the video now and soak up his wonderful energy and wisdom.

Paul believes that everyone deserves to feel great about how they look, everyday. No matter a client's lifestyle, body type, or budget – he helps them create a modern, current and versatile wardrobe that gets them through their day with confidence.
Paul believes in personal style, not trends. He works with clients to figure out what works for them, and guides them to that goal. And he believes in shopping with purpose, not buying for the sake of buying. 
Paul works with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, and remotely throughout the country. And when he's not working, he's spending time with his husband, son and two dogs - and on his day off, you may just catch him out shopping for himself.

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Style and kisses,

Beauty Week 1

As you know, for the entire month of December, I will be sharing exclusive interviews with some of my favorite beauty experts for the purpose of revealing the unique power and impact that all versions of beauty have on our success, confidence and motivation.

It's time to embrace a new perspective on beauty, what it means, how it serves us and how it can truly shift our life experience immensely.

I'm excited to share my first interview and it's a great one! Let me introduce you to my dear friend Jennifer Tegnerud. 

In this interview, Jennifer talks about her passion for beauty in so many aspects. She mentions the importance of our thoughts, staying positive and matching the inside with the outside. She also shares what it takes to FEEL fabulous and confident. 

Jennifer is a Stella & Dot stylist, image consultant and confidence coach in the Bay Area.  

Interestingly enough, I am hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show this week with her that you can ALL take advantage of and shop online at here

Do yourself a favor and watch the interview now. Then, make sure to comment below it on what you loved + why it was valuable for you so we can keep this conversation going and reinvent the interpretation and importance of beauty. 


If you know someone that might be into this amazingness, send them this email and tell them they can sign up to get these emails themselves HERE


Cheers to feeling fabulous!


Welcome to 5 weeks of beauty! For the entire month of December, I will be sharing exclusive interviews with some of my favorite beauty experts for the purpose of revealing the unique power and impact that all versions of beauty have on our success, confidence and motivation.

It's time to embrace a new perspective on beauty, what it means, how it serves us and how it can truly shift our life experience immensely. Today, I will share my perspective.

As a Professional Organizer and Feng Shui consultant, I have been working in the homes of my clients for over 6 years, helping them declutter, streamline systems and most of all, what has set me apart from others, helping to make their space beautiful, sacred and full of life! Beauty plays a big role in this. As a Life Coach, I’m still supporting my clients with their home while also guiding them to take more of a self-care focus, which often includes the realm of beauty. 

My signature Energy Alignment System has beauty ingrained in its core as a secret weapon for sustainable success. Enhancing our outer beauty is fun, but our inner beauty, the place that lights up our soul and sparkles out of our eyes is what is truly brings us to a place of satisfaction and happiness. When those are in place, we can set ourselves up for success by having beauty reflected back to us in our environment.

What I have learned is that there are so many factors that play into what feels beautiful in our environment from color to balanced furniture to memorable items. When we surround ourselves with only things that inspire us, we will have the capacity to source our motivation at any moment and take inspired action, which feels easy instead of overwhelming or drudging. 

This whole concept of a deeper meaning of beauty speaks directly to the subconscious mind. What we see with our eyes, the sense we trust the most, we translate into our thoughts, which eventually become a belief. What is closest to us has the most impact on us. So, what is your main environment, your home, office or car reinforcing to yourself?

Beauty has also been a constant theme in my personal life. I have loved fashion and make-up since the beginning, which I know is typical for little girls, but the way it has consistently shown up in my dreams, profession and success shows me that it’s more than an interest. Beauty is part of my purpose, part of creating that sacred space, part of feeling inspired and absolutely part of what makes all that I do worthwhile. Its relevance goes much deeper than skin, and that is what you will find out through these interviews.

I believe it’s ingrained in our DNA/make up as women to cultivate beauty. We are both blessed and cursed to live in this modern world and have access to so many tools that can either help or harm us. There is a tendency to lean more towards the superficial when we talk about beauty, which creates an imbalance and unfulfillment. Shifting gears to a more meaningful and soulful interpretation of how beauty can be present will help balance out the physical focus. I believe it is just a shift in perception that will allow us to do this, which is again, why I have interviewed beauty experts in different professions to show you how. 

This is important not only to help bring more awareness that it’s possible to balance out the superficial focus of modern society, but also to increase your own quality of life and future! I can PROMISE you that if you enhanced your internal beauty, external beauty and supportive elements of beauty in your environment that you will be happier. You will feel luscious, invigorated, calm, present, inspired, authentic, confident, creative, playful and successful. Things will start to get a little easier and more enjoyable. 

My beauty ritual I can’t live without is COLOR. I use it in wall paint, clothing, make-up, covers, decor, website, artwork and more. I use a very intentional approach for every single item. Every color has a certain energy and specific meaning about it, so depending on what I am doing from getting ready to meditating at my alter to designing my office, there is a deep intention and meaning infused in it’s presence, which manifests in my experience. There are countless studies on how color impacts us, so I urge you to research if this intrigues you. Color is POWERFUL. 


I hope you are inspired by now! If you want to keep the inspiration going and get a little more clarity on something you want to shift in your life, book a complimentary Inspiration Session now. 

Be tuned into your inbox on the magical Mondays of December to get the special beauty interviews first! I can’t wait for you to watch them and be even more inspired and aligned with the beauty that is in YOU. 

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